An evil part 2

May 20, 2010
I'm scared. You may not understand but without the Grim Reaper there is no death. One cannot die. You may think this is a good thing but it is really the apocolypse. Mortals will begin to notice that no one has died and they will soon know the secret that we've been hiding about the Reaper's existence. When that happens horrible things will happen. Markus looks at me then says, "Don't be alarmed. There are ways of bringing him back."
I knew that of course. Markus treats me like I don't know what is going on, he's a good brother but he doesn't spend a lot of time around me. "Yeah, I know. Who killed him?"
Any idiot knows that the Reaper can't die of natural causes. "Carter." Markus responds.
Carter is the most fierce demon this century. He is smart, deadly and he is good at bluffing. He has collected so much Mana and Aura over the years it is not a surprise that he would go after the Reaper's. You see, Mana and Aura make you greedy. The more you have the more you want. That's why when a kid of the trio turns 13 he gets a very temporary urge to steal his brother's mana and aura. I'm twelve, one week 'til my birthday.
"Someone must go to find Carter and vanquish him. That is the only way to bring him back," Markus says.
"How do we vanquish someone if there is no death?" I ask.
"We will find a way."
I run up to my room and clean out a gorge in my arm one of the vampires left me. Once I do that I open my book. The Book of Aura. That's what it is called. It has an encyclopedia with every type of demon, monster, banshees or ghost. There is a huge section of spells and rituals and then a 103 page intro on the Grim Reaper. There is even a small chapter on how the potato caused world war two. It is very interesting. I open up to the middle then flip through until I found the page I want. I read then perform the spell. Wallace, my old Newfoundland is lying on the bed. Whenever he wants to he can turn into a hellhound. I've seen top class demons run for there mommies because of him. "Here it is," I say pointing to the spell I want. Wallace moans. "The revival of death."

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bloodninja said...
May 30, 2010 at 12:18 am

this is a wonderful story line but i have the feeling something is missing 

ohhh well can you plzz post the 3rd part oh the story 

thanx and keep up the great writing =)

HeraclitusDRM said...
May 23, 2010 at 11:00 am
Again, fantastic concept (especially the potato causing WW2. Very Vonnegutesque!) But you have several run on sentences. Reread this and add some commas, break apart a few of those longer sentences into multiple smaller sentences. You have a love for this world you've created, and I can tell that by your writing. Keep on writing and improving! 
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