The Seer

May 9, 2010
By damskid96 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
damskid96 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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“…They say that history is doomed to repeat itself, that it is just one endless cycle, but I think we broke that twisted cycle. The year is 5003 aed (after electronic destruction); we call this the Time of Orbicular Wealth. The first 6,000 years of human existence was a time of destruction. Now that it is over the survivors live in a small mixture of colonies on the continent of New Pangaea. We have returned to simple weaponry and rid the accursed electronics of our lives. Our choices led to us taking the government we had believed in and overthrowing it. The world is now a chaotic anarchy and the fight for the crown has begun. Creatures we had only dreamed of have sprung up; the mighty örcs of the North have come with their countless hordes and advanced technology, giants have climbed out of the largest mountains and the mightiest volcanoes with their wooden clubs and fierce demeanor. While the centaurs and satyrs of the darkest jungles have come with their ways of the bow and sword as well as the magical music of the pipes, the goblins have crawled out of their small caves full of hatred and spite with their endless numbers and crude technology, plotting their revenge. The humans have reawakened their arcane powers that wizards possess and saved their race from total destruction, for now. And the mighty elves have shown themselves from within the mighty castles and palaces of the world, they bring their wisdom and their armor lore to the anarchy that has consumed the world. New alliances have been made between us and the elves, centaurs, satyrs, and the very few human wizards. But greed makes everyone; even the closest friends turn on each other, and become enemies. My uncle, Iresius, led the allies, or what was left of them to war against the örcs, goblins, giants and the dark elves that joined the forces that wished to control our war. His victory in multiple battles made the allies victorious and him the crowned king of the world, thus ending the War of Eight Races.” Serium finished.

“You get half credit Serium, you did not even include a single battle your Uncle Iresius fought, now sit down!” The instructor shouted. So Serium walked back to his sitting area with the humiliation of another bad grade.

As the school gong rang, Serium picked up his books and materials and headed for the door.

“Remember children, your magik tests are next Tuesday, warrior training for boys is after school, and the evaluation of life will be held on the first day of the Third Quartile of the year. Now run along and enjoy Plasymton Eve.”

The streets today were filled with merriment and joy, as it was the eve of when the electronic era ended so many years ago and the cosmic energy of plasym guided the people of futuristic Earth to light and helped create their world. The believers roamed the streets with generosity that surpassed any other days.
Serium marched to his small cottage by the valley, as he walked in, it looked odd. The living area was clean, with the lounge chairs and table where they were supposed to be but it was dark, the kitchen was littered with various ingredients but it was as if they were hastily left there. The rooms were empty and there was no one in any other part of the building. Serium’s parents weren’t home, he felt a moment of panic, but he shook it off. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his parents being out to enjoy the pleasures Plasymton Eve holds. With that he picked up his money carrier and left to the bazaar.
As Serium walked through the city Serium peered inside his money holder. There were two fifty twint pieces and five leiars. This money was a mixture of his birth rotations, house helping, and child watching. He walked through the bazaar staring at the delicacies such as the sap of the Merando Tree, or the grinded fang of a horned griffin. From afar, he spotted his friend, Adlai, the magik merchant. He sold arcane spell books and ingredients for a wizard’s brew. Serium walked up to Adlai’s shop when he noticed his father and mother.
“Mother, father, I wish you both the happiest Plasymton Eve.” Serium said as he ran to them. But the second he reached them he noticed something wrong. His mother and father were sobbing and frantically searching around the marketplace. The second they heard his voice, they wiped their tears and ran to him, looking so much more relieved. Both his parents gave me a hug and then began to sob again.
“Your uncle Iresius has passed away on a foreign embassy trip son. We are to report to Lord Tariq’s palace at once.” Father whimpered to him. Serium was awestruck; he just didn’t know how to react to his favorite uncle’s death. He felt a tear roll down his cheek, but he did not wipe it. The tears continued down Serium’s face, and he couldn’t help think about how cruel the world was, to take his sinless uncle away. He realized where they were only after he became conscious that he was in a huge shadow that ran on for at least a kilometer.
He looked up and saw a huge palace, bigger then a million of the regular houses and much more extravagant. The minaret was what seemed to be pure gold and stretched out to half the palace and then had two smaller ones right in front of it at its two giant towers. The actual palace was filled with arched windows and walkways that were full of intricate designs that made his head whirl. The main door was so big, that by the time Serium got to it he couldn’t see the top. The lion knocker was his size and it weighed at least 20 kilograms.
“Father this palace is amazing did Uncle Iresius really live here?” Serium inquired as they stepped through the main door and into the large and jungle looking garden courtyard.
“No Serium, Uncle Iresius’ palace was much larger and grander, this was his show palace.” He replied while he chose a beautiful rainbow rose for Serium’s mother.
“That’s so cool, Uncle Iresius has an even bigger palace!?!? I want to see the inside of this one, come on!” Serium exclaimed while he pulled both parents towards the palace courtyard door. They knocked on a smaller eagle knocker and a servant came to answer the door.
“Good evening Lord and Lady Setoha and a Plsymton of merriment I wish to you all. Please allow me to welcome you to our humble palace. This is where you will wait” the servant said as he indicated the fanciest room any of them had ever seen with leather sofas, lounge tables, a bar, and small restaurant type center. “Lord Tariq shall be with you momentarily.” He finished as he started to walk away.
Serium sat down on one of the sofas and looked down on the ground. The grief he had, overwhelmed him as he tried to focus on the designs of an ancient Prinjean carpet. The lines on the carpet wove in and out of each other, one ended and another began and they span and change colors. He felt dizzy and closed his eyes for a moment. The darkness was a comfort and he felt better. But as he opened his eyes, Serium didn’t see light again.
The darkness was all around him and he realized that he was falling. The wind rushed through his tunic and he felt as light as a feather. He looked down, but there was no bottom, he was just going to keep falling. He closed his eyes again hoping that the light would come back, but when he opened them, strange arcane symbols rushed around him and suddenly there was a light getting closer and closer to him. Serium was going to crash. He braced for impact and slammed into a rocky, snow-covered ground.
The second he landed an excruciating pain overwhelmed him, he couldn’t breath, and it felt as if fire was licking at an open wound that covered his entire body. He wished for nothing more then for the pain to go away. This thought lingered in his head for what seemed like an hour, but ended up being only half, a second and when he was done formulating it, his thought and the pain went away.
He didn’t know if he was dead and the Plasym was leading him to the next phase of his life or if he was just dreaming, but it was a great feeling and it was empowering. Then he felt as if there was a new urge, it felt like he should be looking for someone, but he didn’t know who or what it was. The feeling was growing and when he wished it to stop it grew. The urge turned into a demand and the longer he stood still the more a pain grew in his body. It soon became too unbearable; he had to find this mystery person.
Serium got up and looked around what appeared to be a large grove. He looked under the trees and in the river but nobody there. It felt hopeless, but finally, right before he was about to give up, he saw a light growing in the distance. He started to walk towards it as if he were a mosquito flying towards the fluorescent light of a lamp. As Serium approached it, it became harder and harder to look at. He slowly raised his hand and drew closer and closer to it. His hand began to feel warmer as it got closer and the second he touched it with the tip of his finger, he was falling again.
The fall was much shorter this time, the same symbols spun around Serium again and this time they flew into his heart instead of away from him, and instead of a snow-covered wasteland he landed inside a building. He braced himself for impact again but it never happened. He open one eye and saw the ground. But he wasn’t on it, he was floating. The shock of this discovery made him fall flat on his face and onto the ground. He felt lightheaded as he shuffled to his feet but that was nothing compared to when he looked around him.
Scrolls of all size and age as well as a few of the ancient books littered the scene. The shelves went on forever filled with these documents of knowledge. As he took a closer look around he noticed that there wasn’t a ceiling but what seemed to be an extension of the sky, which faded into the walls. The ground also seemed to be covered in the same arcane symbols that spun around Serium when he fell.
He started to browse what he assumed to be a library and his jaw never closed. Out of curiosity he reached for one of the scrolls and when his fingers met the papyrus, he was trapped in a giant green bubble. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but there was suddenly a man upon me. Serium saw his mouth move and the bubble was gone. The man frowned at Serium; he had a full head of black hair with blue-green, very penetrating eyes. He had a goatee and sideburns; he was wearing a glowing green cloak. The man, Serium estimated was no older then thirty.
“So I have been waiting 170 years for nothing more then some little kid? Typical, power is the one thing that plasym doesn’t guide.” The strange man said. “Well, anyway my name is ???m and I am the magik master and you my friend are the Seer, the plasym has given to you, the Sight, an ability that allows you to tear yourself from one dimension to another and the ability to see anything in your own dimension.” He continues.
“What the hell are you talking about? I don’t want the Sight. I don’t even know what this thing is. It sounds cool but I just want to be me.” Serium replied, not yet fully understanding what happened.
“You really are stupid aren’t you Serium. Tell me, if someone offered you ten million leiars would you accept, of course you would. But that’s never going to happen but this is. So stop being a child and accept the Sight.”
“No, the plasym can take its stupid Sight back, because I DON’T WANT IT, wait how do you know my name?” Serium says to ???m slowly backing away in fear.
“Stop talking before you screw the world over! Now Serium, do you know where you are right now?” Asked ???m
“No I was at the palace of Lord Tariq a second ago.” he said.
“Well Serium you are in your inner mind, because you are in the sensitive stage of the Awakening. Your inner self is realizing its true potential with the help of the Sight and the arcane symbols that went inside of you while you were falling. You are in a prophecy that outlines the fate of the world. You as the Seer are the only one who can rid the world of the evil that the Prinje has brought to this world. You are the only one who can find the Fountain of Youth and bring the light back to the world. As the magik master I can’t tell you more, and I won’t so you must stop the madness and stop Prinje. Goodbye Serium.” The magik master said, and as he did so, he clapped his hands and suddenly Serium was back in the abyssal fall waiting, after a second, maybe two, he was back at the palace with his mother and father, more confused than ever.
“Mother how long was I gone?” Serium asked his mother, who just looked at him like he was crazy.
“What are you talking about honey? You never left. ” She replied. “Is everything alright, are you feeling sick?”
“No I’m fine mother, now when will Lord Tariq meet with us?” Serium asked.
“He is coming down to meet us right now.” His father said as he walked to take a seat next to them on the sofa.
“I beg you to forgive the delay Lord and Lady Setoha I had business with a young man next door. Oh and look young master Serium has come as well. There is no reason to stay here any longer, please step into my office.” He said with a wave of his hand and he led the Setoha family to the largest room in the palace.
The room he lived in was twice as big as Serium’s entire cottage and five million times more elegant. He had stuffed griffins, teagles, and even a slain silver dragon. His walls were covered with swords and other trophies of his adventures, everything, even his knick-knacks were lined with gold. But something about the pictures on the wall was weird. They looked as if they weren’t really there. Serium started to reach for them, but his father slapped his hand away and gave him the “what are you doing, don’t touch anything” look so Serium sat back down on the sofa, stared at Lord Tariq, waiting for what he was going to say.
Lord Tariq, the large, well-built man started to pace his office, his dark gray eyes moved from the family before him to the fire which was being cared for by his servant. His magnificent royal robes in tow behind him were lined with the same Prinjean design as the carpets, and Serium’s head started to spin again. Lord Tariq had paused in front of what seemed to be a large vault. His scepter golden and glowing with the magik contained within it, suddenly, as if by it’s own will, it sent a single flash of light turquoise into the air.
“Master Serium, you seem a bit squeamish, allow my servants to escort you to the infirmary” Lord Tariq said with a concerned tone of voice.
“Yes Serium go on, we will talk with Lord Tariq.” His mother urged.
Suddenly a group of young women appeared from the corner and led him away from his parents and Lord Tariq.
“Don’t worry; we’ll take good care of you.” One of them said
Suddenly a scream echoed through the palace hall, Serium looked back with a terrified look on his face.
“MOTHER, FATHER” He bellowed
“Don’t worry; we’ll take care of you.” They said and they pushed him into an empty room, there was a click of the lock, and he was trapped. Lord Tariq appeared from the walls, laughing.
“Ah Serium, I’m sorry it had to come to this. But being king is more important than the life of a boy.”
He raised his golden scepter, tongues of flame and electricity circled the top of the scepter, and with a wicked smile he brought the scepter down.

The author's comments:
This is the first part of a fictional piece I had written on my spare time.

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