Eyes Like Fire Chapter Nine - The Wait

May 8, 2010
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Even as Cordelia faded back into the water Ethan continued to laugh. I began to worry as his laugh became maniacal and almost… Menacing. The water around us went wild and the wind blew viciously as his laughter continued. Finally he spoke in a voice so great that I was startled to the point of falling.
“So they want me to kill all the traitors do they?!”, between each frightening yell he bellowed with laughter, “Well then! I shall put the fear of me into them!” Without warning he dashed into the forest and I just sat there blinking for a few seconds. Finally I gave chase, which I knew was pointless considering he was a thousand times more athletic than myself. Luckily I didn’t have to chase far though, because a few seconds into the forest he suddenly jumped down from the trees in front of me grinning.

“Mychaela, will you be joining me? In a few weeks I’ll be departing for Wiltshire to fight the traitors. I would like it if you’d come.” I was puzzled, just a few seconds ago he’d gone completely mad and now he was being formal like he normally is. Against my better judgment I slowly nodded my head unable to speak. Ethan smiled wickedly and began dashing through the forest again and yet again I hopelessly gave chase. He didn’t stop this time though, he ran all the way back to the car and by the time I’d caught up to him he was already inside it waiting for me. I joined him getting into the passenger’s seat.

“What’s your deal, Ethan? Have you gone mad?!” He turned his head to me and smiled, “Yes, my love, I have completely lost it and fear I shall never gain it again until I have led the traitors to slaughter.” I sighed in annoyance and asked “and why must you kill them? I mean surely the others could do it.” I ended up regretting that as he looked at me and said through gritted teeth “My father died to seal Aidrian, it must be I who kills him and I must do so with the blade my father wielded, which I have embedded into my own body.” Ok that definitely made sense. Without warning Ethan suddenly sped off and I barely had time to get my seatbelt on.

I can tell you now, Ethan didn’t go back to normal for a week. It wasn’t until a swim meet we had against our rival school that he showed any signs of being his normal self again. “So, I hear that there’s some new ‘champion’ at this school? Where is this so-called champion?” Oh great, Brent, the star swimmer of our opponents was looking to start something with Ethan. It was only a few seconds after he called him out that Ethan showed up with his shirt still on. Brent was not intimidated, he just looked at him and asked “You the new champ?” I knew this would not end well.

“And if I am?” Brent now howled with laughter as Ethan began to unbutton his shirt, all the girls watched him anxiously though I wasn’t sure if it was to see his next move or to see his body, for me it was both. “the little guy thinks he’s people!” I loved how people underestimated Ethan because they were twice his height, Brent was as tall as Raven. I was quite satisfied as Ethan’s shirt dropped and Brent shut up and stared in awe. “So, tell me then, can you top these?” he flexed his muscles slightly, which I won’t lie looked like a lot, and a cocky smile spread across his face.

Brent tried to keep his composure, “Steroids don’t make an athlete you know!” One of the doctors walked up after he said that and put one hand on Brent’s shoulder, “Get off it, kid, you know we do drug tests for steroids, this young man is clean.” Now Brent shut up completely and walked away. Finally the meet began, and I was first. Surprisingly I managed to clench first in my race and was pleased to be able to call it a day. Raven of course got his usual first place in the breast stroke but was then conquered by Brent in Freestyle. It was now Ethan’s turn and the final round, the butterfly stroke, I could hear the murmurs of people placing bets on Ethan, with biceps like that who wouldn’t?

Ethan plowed through the water his arms pushing the water away like it was thin air, he completely demolished every record in the book and won with plenty of time to mock Brent as he swam back. It seemed like it was going to be a good day until Brent decided to be a sore loser. I watched Ethan dry off and saw Brent approach him from the pool. He placed a hand on Ethan’s shoulder and as he turned he met Brent’s fist. Everyone gasped, but not because Brent had punched Ethan, but rather because Ethan didn’t even budge, he just stared at Brent who was now completely wide-eyed.

I had hoped Ethan would let it go, no harm, no foul right? However, he didn’t and once again I saw the more frightening Ethan, the mad one from the forest. He roared angrily, “Insolent whelp!” and using nothing but the flexed palm of his right hand sent Brent flying into the water the air knocked out of him. Everyone crowded around the pool and I was immediately at Ethan’s side, Brent kept trying to swim up but kept sinking back down, as if the water was pushing him. I looked at Ethan and whispered “Now is not the time to kill someone, please!” He sighed in aggravation and stopped, allowing Brent to surface.

To my relief they let it go considering Ethan had been hit first, an eye for an eye I suppose. Still, Ethan was becoming more frightening everyday and I didn’t like it. Two more weeks went by and he became more frightening still. Ethan often meditated in the forest but I could even then see the anger boiling in him. We often got visits from Cordelia updating us on the situation. We agreed not to go to Wiltshire until she commanded and to no surprise Cordelia could see Ethan’s rage as well. One day when she spoke with us I managed to get her alone and ask her about it.

“Ethan has finally been introduced to emotion, Mychaela, mostly due to his relationship with you.” She spoke with slight resentment which made me feel guilty. “Ethan has now tasted the desire to get revenge, he doesn’t know how to deal with it so his instincts are doing it for him. We are not human, Mychaela, in fact we are more like animals than humans.” This brought up a question, “So, what kind of animal are you like? Cordelia looked at me with a warm smile clearly pleased by my interest. “I am like a serpent, the unseen predator, Derryth is like an eagle strong and wise, Selma is like a wolf, protective and loyal.”

I hesitated to ask but knew I had to, “And Ethan?” Cordelia remained silent for a minute but finally answered, “Ethan is primitive. If he is anything he reminds me of a Tyrannosaurus, or a catastrophe, completely unstoppable, he is like a shark, the perfect killing machine able to adapt to anything and I do mean anything. Ethan is the single most powerful entity in the known universe, but because he is so powerful he is that unstable and that instability is what worries me about him. Selma loves him like a mother loves her child and would never allow any harm to come to him, but if you ask me it is my belief that Ethan should be destroyed as soon as his destiny is fulfilled. As soon as Aidrian is dead he should join him.” I could say nothing, only stare at her in rage, finally as she looked at me puzzled the words came. “You would… Hurt my Ethan?!” Cordelia’s eyes turned to fear, and mine to rage. I could no longer look at her though, I simply turned my head to the man whom she spoke of who was now staring at us with confusion in his eyes and I whispered “I will let no one harm you, my beloved…”

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LeeAnn1996 said...
Jun. 26, 2010 at 4:08 pm
This is by far one of the best stories I have ever read.I have read every one of them and each was as enticing as the last.In my opinion is was just as good if not BETTER than most of Stephenie Meyer's boks.So please continue to write more into this story:)
Emo333 replied...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 7:13 pm
R-Really?... I myself never thought so... Thanks, really that made my day
LeeAnn1996 replied...
Jul. 12, 2010 at 3:39 pm
Yes really, you are very creative.You're welcome.Whenever I see a good story, I always tell the author:)
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