Barbie in the flesh

May 13, 2010
By Willow_Craven BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Willow_Craven BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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"We Met and we talked and it was epic. But the sun came up and reality set in."

Rain dripping violently on a window, the memories of the past flooding back to Craven. That one day, where she had lost everything, the day her parents and she went flying off Rockery Bridge. Her parents had been holding hands in the front seat singing along with the radio with her, on their way to Colorado for their first vacation in a long while. But then the rain heaved and the car sped off the bridge sinking to the bottom. Craven had been yanked out by a young man, with dashing good looks, he had blond shaggy hair, electric blue eyes, his navy tee hung close to his abs, soaking wet, along with his drenched kakis. He leaned over her patiently while the EMT’s checker her over, he kept patting her back whispering, “Everything will be okay.” In her ear, her world had become numb. Nothing would ever be okay again, her mother and father were dead, and here she sat, alive and well, all alone. One woman came up pulling the man to the side, the woman had short brown hair that was cut pixie style, and she had on a black skirt, heels, and a blazer with a white blouse beneath. She began talking to him in an animated voice when Craven looked up from the pavement she was only a matter of inches away, she leaned in and whispered, “Come with me.”

Craven sat patiently in the car all the way to LA. Her mind just wouldn’t come to terms about her parents uneventful death. When finally the women turned around, “Hello there Craven, I am Dr. Gray.” Craven craned her head to the side evaluating what was going on when Dr. Gray began talking again, “Would you like to forget everything that happened today? To erase all the pain you have felt? I can offer you a clean slate; all you have to do is follow my directions.” Craven smiled despite her pain and sorrow, it would be an amazing opportunity to just forget and start new, so Craven nodded her head, not being able to force words out of her mouth. With that the young man popped his door open, and came around to open hers. “I am Lucas.” Dr. Gray was already out of the car proceeding towards a tall building that looked office like. Lucas looped his arm through her arm and pulled her towards the entrance.

Once they were inside the smell of mint spiked Craven’s senses as she looked around. Dr. Gray twirled around smiling radiantly, “Welcome to the Dollhouse!” Craven froze stopping mid pace, “Dollhouse?” she looked at Dr. Gray with a challenging look, “What is it you intend to do to me?” Dr.Gray just smiled and continued walking around the front desk and down the hall; Lucas grabbed her arm and yanked her in the same direction. “What is going on?” she screeched at Lucas but he didn’t even flinch. Dr. Gray stopped inches from an open door and waved Lucas in.

Lucas grabbed her arm pinning it to the chair and tightening the brackets around her legs and arms. “Were going to make you a doll!” whispered Dr. Gray looking at Craven like it was the best thing in the world, and with that her world vanished. Craven awoke feeling disoriented, “Hello there.” She smiled at the crowd that had formed around her, “Did I fall asleep?” Dr.Gray just shook her head and helped her out of the chair, “You are officially a doll at the dollhouse.” Craven leaned her head to both sides, “Will someone show me where it is I will live?” with that a young man came through the door, leaning up again the wall. He had dark brown shaggy hair, electric blue eyes, and dimples. He was dressed in black jeans, combat boots, white tee-shirt, and a leather jacket. He smiled at her, “Good morning Ivy.”

He moved across the room picking her up and carrying her farther down the hall. “Why am I a doll? Why me?” she asked in a small voice clearly confused. He smiled, “I’m Slash and I can help you around all of that but first we need to get somewhere, and quick.” Craven nodded her head leaning into Slash’s shoulder. He brought them up to a door; he swung it open with a kick of his foot, bringing Craven inside. “I’ll give you a chance to change out of your dripping wet clothing.” She changed quickly but her finger stopped on a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, a butterfly was there, with Craven wrote in big letters across the top, her finger skimmed it, and her memory came flying back. Craven whirled around slamming into Slash who was facing the other direction, “LET ME OUT!” she screamed in his face, but all he did was cover her mouth and begin his story.

“You were brought here because your parents died, and as far as anyone else in the world is aware so did you, they brought you here because one of their best dolls was killed on a mission and they need a new recruit to place her personalities in. The dolls here are used to create a giant army, to think of nothing but the mission, but there are a select few, who get there memories back and are sent to the attic.” Craven plopped back on the navy couch, “Attic?” Slash nodded his head pacing back and forth, “Once they figure out you got your memories back, they will send you there, they can’t risk being revealed to the public.” She sighed, “What do they do to you in the attic?” he paused briefly, “No one knows.”

With that the door went flying open, Craven jumped up aware of what was going on as a group of soldiers entered the room, they came running for Craven who jumped up, slamming the balls of her feet into one mans throat, he fell back against the troops moaning in pain. Craven took that as her advantage and grabbed Slash as they dodged for the door but it was too late, they were surrounded. Craven grabbed Slash’s hand dodging one direction but found herself with a soldier grasping her arm. “You are not going anywhere.” He hissed at her. With that they grabbed Slash and Craven yanking them up the stairs, when they reached the top of the building they were placed in a square box big enough for her, then a woman leaned over her, it was Dr. Gray, She took a needle from behind her back and jammed it into Cravens arm. “Night Night.” She said just as Craven lost.

Craven awoke sitting next to Slash in a basement that was covered in dust. She coughed a little, “Where are we?” Slash plopped against a wall, “Where in the attic, where I have officially figured out is where your worst dreams come true.” Craven looked around, “Like Disney land, just not in a positive way.” Slash laughed, “You got it.” Craven wandered around, “We have to get out!” Slash nodded, “I know.” Craven kicked and screamed at a wall for a second and got a bright idea. “What happens if someone unplugs us from the outside?” Slash considered it, “It should work.” Craven thought for a second, “What happens if someone notices were gone and unplugs us!” Slash smiled, “Then that would be good.” Craven sat beside him on the ground, “But how can we manage that?” Slash sighed, “I have no idea.” Craven thought really hard, but found that the attic was disappearing, “WHATS HAPPENING?” she shrieked as she woke up. “Good Morning, Craven.” One women whispered, “I’m Dawn, pleasure to meet you. I’m going to unplug Slash and then we all are going to escape, once Dr. Gray gets all her dirty deeds done, she’s going to end all of us dolls.” With That Dawn shot off in the other direction, she had long blond hair, and dark brown eyes. Craven sat up running her fingers through her own black hair to make sure everything was where it was suppose to be. Slash sat up next staring at Dawn, “Hey Dawn, How’s it going?” Dawn smiled, “Saving the world, you know the usual.” Slash smiled as they jumped into action taking Craven along for the ride, they dodged toward the door and found it locked, So the next best chance was the window, they all shot themselves out the window grabbing onto the tree outside, they pulled each other down the tree slowly, but found the army beneath, they ran down the road watching the soldiers behind them, Dawn, Slash and Craven bolted into an old warehouse, dawn shook her head and looked Craven right in the eye,

“When I say run, I mean run, and don’t stop till your in another state!” Craven nodded excepting the fact that her life was totally different, everyone thought she was dead, Didn’t they? But then a thought came bursting through Craven’s lips, “What about the other dolls?” Dawn considered that for a fact, “Their all out here, in 5 seconds the entire building will blow, with Dr. Gray and all the equipment in it, I should have never made the program with her.” With that their was an extremely loud blow outside, Craven shrieked and began running. She was safe, for now.

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