Distance Eternal

May 11, 2010
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I live in an ideal world. Every thought, every action, every word, is perfectly controlled. Crime is a distant concept, a nightmare that expired and became part of the past centuries ago. Envy and dishonesty have not been witnessed since the governmental reign of terror that lasted for thousands of years. Hatred is nonexistent. Choices no longer exist, for every decision is made for us insignificant human beings before we are even birthed into the universe. Pain? What is pain? It is some terror, I suppose, that existed in the prehistoric, barbaric ages of uncontrolled agony and immoral society.
Bland, blissful neutrality is all I ever experienced from the time I was born up to now, and all I shall ever experience. I shall never have to face terror or hatred, will never be exposed to pain or anxiety, depression or the deep untarnished sorrow that now exists only in legends. I will never understand what true happiness is, or love, but such concepts are ridiculous and insignificant. I will never have to face the perils, horrifying emotions and experiences that cause me to shiver with fear in my bed at night, the nightmares that my ancestors were forced to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Life is a simple matter, a necessity. For, if when my time expires, I have lived a good life without causing others any strife, I will actually experience true happiness. Emotion will be a daily occurrence and, unlike it would here on Earth, perhaps it will not exhaust me. I live for the day when I pass from this universe into the heavenly rainbow of emotion that is experienced after death. If suicide were not a terrible, unforgivable sin, perhaps I would let myself now at this moment in order to experience the wonders of well-deserved death.
My name is Amalie 10623 and I am in the midst of a life to serve the Divine Power, the mother goddess that lives in the deep molten center of our beloved Earth. She watches over me always, and I exist for one sole purpose: to follow Her every command and desire, and prove to Her that I am completely deserving of a reservation in the beautiful heaven we call Illusion. I don't quite understand what the word means, but I do know that it is striking and breathtaking, a place and state of mind that no one will ever experience in its true form while still on Earth.
Inside of my skull is a memory card, implanted to record my every thought and memory and ensure that my mind is pure and devoted completely to the Divine Power. The government (The Three Powers) watching over my planet monitors my every thought and checks it for cleanliness, honesty, and focus. Any individual with an impure mind is either disposed of or sent to a Rehabilitation Center; the greatest dishonor possible to be faced with while still on the Earth. A distant cousin of mine was once sent to the Rehabilitation Center, where his negative and impure thoughts were punished by electric and emotional shock devices that affected his nervous system and mental health for the remainder of his life. Often, the Rehabilitation Center does not quite accomplish its intended mission despite its angelic intentions. Those with impure minds have little chance of being saved.
With the aspiration of creating Ultimate Perfection - the achievable form of Utopia - every individual of the universe has been engineered to look identical. Silky mahogany hair, rich tanned Caucasian skin tone, deep hazel eyes, and faces that have been proportioned exactly symmetrical (to the nearest millimeter) are put together to obtain the closest form of Ultimate Perfection that has ever been achieved in the history of humankind.
I was born in the year 2855 in the country of Liayta, once known as Italy. I am currently attending the University of Psychology – I wish to someday study the human mind and contribute to the universe by conducting research that teaches us even more about ourselves. My brother, Victor 279, is two years my elder and attends the University for Religious Study on the North American continent. He has devoted his time on Earth to becoming a monk and serving the Divine Power through the unusual generosity he has possessed ever since his early childhood.
My father passed into the world of Illusion when I was just four years old, and my mother relocated several months ago to one of the lunar colonies governed by the Three Powers. I have spoken with her over a device called LunaVid several times since then, and she seems to be content in her new home. I have heard that there is a fatal epidemic quickly spreading throughout one of the newer lunar colonies, and I am concerned for her safety, but she has assured me that she will go to her personal physician at the first sign of illness. My mother is very lively and one of the most intelligent people I know, so I believe that she will keep herself safe from harm. She is a nutritional chemist, one of the highly trained individuals who provide concentrated food sources and vitamin supplements for the lunar colonies and those who lack the nutrients they would be exposed to daily if they had remained on Earth. Without her team of chemists, perhaps the moon’s citizens would have perished long ago.
Each time I ponder about the times long ago that plagued this world, the wars and pandemics and pain that I read about in my history textbooks at the University, I am filled with a sort of regret for what the human race has done to itself. And at the same time, I am overcome by love and adoration for the founders of today's government, the leaders of the 400 Revolution. They saved my society from permanent harm and protected the lovely Earth. Finally, all of humankind has the opportunity to bask in the metaphorical sunshine of Near Perfection. Finally, we have recognized the Divine Power and Her intentions for the future. Sanity is restored, and nature is conquered, forever.

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mudpuppy said...
Sept. 25, 2010 at 5:13 pm
Wow, this world you are describing sounds so bittersweet. There is no bad emotions, but on the other hand there's no happiness or love. No one is thinking negative thoughts, but free of thought. And no one is different from everyone else in appearance and there is no deformities, but there does not seem to be any indivinality. And death is the only thing that can bring you happiness. You have an in-depth way of thinking. :)
mudpuppy replied...
Sept. 25, 2010 at 5:15 pm
I meant to say there's no free of thought. So, my comment was so long. :)
starxoxo23 replied...
Sept. 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm
That kind of society is exactly what I was hoping to describe when I wrote this - so thanks a lot! =)
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