Fifteen-year-old Guardian Angel

May 5, 2010
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Publicly, I hid my face beneath my dark brunette hair every time he passed, but that would always send Jane into hysterics. “….Anyways, I was talking to her and she was like “Shut up!” and I was all like “YOU shut up!” and she was like…. Azra are you listening to me? Azra! AZRA!” There she goes again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jane; she’s been my best friend since we went to Portland, Oregon Public pre-school together and I stole her Rapunzel Barbie Doll and she stole my moon shoes. Lately, she has been hanging out with all of the gossipy girls in her sophomore class and I have been reduced to staring hopelessly at Matthew Norm, my soon to be love of my life.

Every Friday I take the bus home, but for some reason my Mom’s bright green smart car was parked in front of the school. I climbed in and could immediately sense something was going on. For one thing my Mom’s usually smiling face was wrinkled with worry and her golden eyes flashed, but within the second her face went back to normal and her blonde hair bobbed as she hugged me. “How was school, sweetie?”

“Uhhhh.. fine. Is something wrong?” I pried curiously. She was hiding something; it was plain on her face. My Mom, Cecile Holy, was one of the nicest people in the world, but she couldn’t lie to save her life.

“Of course not. What would be wrong? I certainly don’t think anything’s wrong. Is there something wrong with you?!” That’s the other thing, she rambles when she’s nervous.

“No, you are just acting strange. Why are you picking me up anyways?”

“We are going to get you a fancy dress for your ceremony tonight. It’s not every day a girl turns 15! At precisely midnight you’ll be fully grown!” I grumbled as we drove to Macy’s. I hated these stupid “ceremonies” my family has. We have one every Friday and all of my relatives come to our house. I mean all of them and they gather in the backyard, light candles, and speak to invisible beings or at least they’re invisible to me. I’m not old enough to be included in these meetings, thank God! I guess tonight is supposed to be my coronation. Yuck!

We picked out a silvery white gown that looked “just splendid” on me as my Grandmama told me later that night. I didn’t even want to be here, but family is family. *Good way to think about it, Azra.* I jumped into the air; that was not my voice! Just then my phone rang and I clumsily tried to open it backwards. Hello?” I whispered gloomily.

“Hey girly! It’s almost your birthday aren’t you excited?” Jane sang into the phone.

“Yeah. Sooooooooo excited.”

“Don’t use that sarcasm, silly girl. You need to cheer up. Azra, you have been so out of it lately. Your like a fish without its fins, an actress without talent, an angel without-“

“AZRA!!! Get out here, we are going to set up,” my Grandmama screeched deafly.

“Jane, I got to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.” I hung up and galloped into the kitchen- where everything was a mess. “ What happened in here?” I questioned.

“Cooking, baby doll.” Dad mumbled as he picked me up into a bear hug. “Will you run across the street to Seven Eleven and grab some ice?” I left quickly before I got asked to help do the stacks of dirty dishes. As I walked outside a strange tingling feeling came over me and I felt myself moving towards the park two blocks away. Azra, Azra, Azra…… a whispering voice filled my mind. I saw a five year old boy alone about to cross the street after his Mom. A truck was coming and she didn't see him. He was going to be hit! Meaningfully, I dashed into the center of the road and scooped the boy into my arms just as the Mother screamed in horror at the thought of losing her baby.

“Thank you so, so much!” She sobbed in a Southern accent as she cradled her son.
I sauntered home confused. How did I move so quickly? What were those voices? What if I had been a second too late? “Where’s the ice?” It took me a second to realize this was not inside my head, but my Dad.
“Uhhhh....” I muttered.
“Are you okay?” My Dad asked. I was saved from the numerous questions when someone knocked at our front door. Not a lot of people knock at our front door because most people think we’re insane, so my parents naturally rushed to the door.
“Excuse me, ya’ll. I just moved into the neighborhood and some God blessed child saved my son from a rampaging car. I’m looking for this gal to show her my appreciation. Have any of ya’ll seen her?” Asked the Mother of the boy I had saved minutes before. I walked cautiously to the door. When she saw me, she ecstatically exclaimed, “Gee golly! You are the bravest gal I’ve ever met.” The lady swept me into a hug and my family’s bewilderment grew. “But how did you get there so fast? You were like my Cousin Marine eating ribs- speedier than can be. I am so grateful. Say, how old are you darlin’?”
“She’ll be 15 tomorrow.” Chimed in my Grandmama.
“How sweet! Well, you are going to have to come over for dinner sometime so we can show our appreciation. Thank you very much! Oh, and by the way, my name is Roxanna. Yours is?”
“Azra Holy.” I finally got a word in as Roxanna waved goodbye. I strode back to the armchair and flipped through the channels on TV. My family surrounded me.
“How did you save that child?” My Mom inquired.
“I think it’s time we talk.” Dad added.
“No, Frank. It can wait until the ceremony.”
“I don’t think it can.” My Dad sat down across from me while my Mom turned off the TV. I hugged my Grandmama before she left the house. “Azra, I’m sure you’ve noticed over the years that our family is different than others. We have special ceremonies and have certain beliefs,” my Dad glanced at Mom, “and we think it’s time to share with you our family secret. Azra Gene Holy you are a Guardian Angel.” I waited with a calm expression for my parents to break out laughing or for my Mom to tell me to call an insane asylum to come and get my Dad, but she worriedly looked at me.
“What? You come in here a few hours before I turn 15 and tell me I’m a mythical being!” Hysterically, I yelled at them.
“Not mythical, sweetie. You are a protector, you protect human beings by using your God given gifts…literally.” My Mom explained to me.
“But I would have to be dead for any of this to be-“
“No, our family has been this way forever. God came to the first Holy and sent them to earth to protect innocent people. Every partner who has married into this family has accepted this factor. We have the ability to sense danger and certain powers that help you protect people.” Dad seemed nervous explaining this to me, but he had caught my interest.
“So, say this is all real. What kind of powers would I have? And what are these voices?” I curiously asked.
“You have to discover what your own powers are. This ceremony tonight ensures your entire future as an angel. After tonight you are permanently a Guardian. These voices must be from God.” Dad was starting to scare me. He looked really afraid.
“And if I don’t want to be an angel?”

Mom tried reasoning with me, “Babe, it’s not a choice, it’s who you are, who we all are. Don’t fight it! You are meant to do good; it’s your destiny.” I felt trapped, cornered. I made a dash for the door and broke into the coming sunset. My Mom tried to follow me, but I heard my Dad tell her to let me go. I didn’t know where I was going, but I had to get away from there. I am a reasonable person, but this is plain crazy. I pulled out my phone and asked Jane to meet me at the park.

“Hop in.” Jane drove up and we parked in an abandoned parking lot on the edge of town. I explained everything to her and although she was highly skeptical, she believed me and comforted me the best she could. “Why haven’t we talked like this for so long? I felt like we were growing apart.” I hugged her tightly and assured her that I never wanted to lose her as a friend. She pulled away after a while and asked me, “Have you tried using your powers yet?”

“Not on purpose. I think I used them to save a little boy from a car accident today. I don’t know how they work, though.”

“Try it.” She urged me. I tried, but nothing happened. “ Az, you are shaking. You need to conquer your fears focus on an objective and it will work.” I lifted my eyebrow at her and she explained, “ I’ve been watching Private Practice and Violet has rubbed off on me. Maybe I’m destined to be a therapist.” I took a deep breath, looked around and saw a piece of glass that was sure to have popped Jane’s tire, closed my eyes and concentrated. “ Oh. My. Gosh.”

Opening my eyes, I looked at the piece of glass moving through the air. Jane and I sat with our mouths open staring, neither one of us talking. Minutes passed and I assumed I should check my cell phone. It said 10:23 p.m. and I had seven missed calls and three voicemails. I hastily shut my phone. Be reasonable. Oh no, not the voice. Go home, your parents need you. “No!”

“What?” Jane jumped. She started up the car and we began to pull out. “Why not celebrate your birthday anyways. There’s a party at Matthew’s house tonight and I know you are kind of freaking out right now, but you need to relax and have some fun.”

“You can’t tell a soul about my powers.” I glared at Jane as she pulled up to Matthew’s house.

“Of course not.” She said hopping out of the car and opening the house’s vibrating door. Music blared as I walked in and I realized I was still wearing my white dress. Jane hugged a few friends, but stayed loyally at my side before pulling me into the middle of the floor. There is more to your future than partying. I ignored God, but felt my cell phone ring playing “Bad Romance”. I instinctively answered my phone and went outside.

“AZRA! Where are you?! You are scaring your Father and I to death. I’m coming to pick you up. Is that music?! Azra!”

“Mom, calm down. I’m spending the night with Jane. I need some space from you and Dad. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me until now! I really want to be left alone.” I mumbled.

“No, no, no! You have to be here by midnight or the complete transformation won’t happen!”

“Mom, think of me for a minute. It’s my birthday tomorrow, you’ve kept a secret from me my whole life, and want me to give up the rest of my life to save other people. What about me?! This isn’t fair…I’ll see you later.” I hung up sobbing. I felt a hand rubbing my back and assumed it was Jane.

“Rough night?” Matthew Norm sympathetically asked.

I was so surprised that I jumped, but managed to smoothly muster a “yeah”. He began comforting me, “You know, I’ve always wanted to talk to you. I’ve secretly liked you all year.” He blushed.

“Me too! I mean I’ve liked you all year.” I embarrassingly exclaimed.

“Will you uhh-“ He didn’t get to finish his sentence because Jane’s perfect timing got in the way.

“Az, my parents just called and they want me home. You coming?” Jane seemed immune to the moment she had walked in on. I told Matthew to call me. Jane dragged me to the car and we were driving towards her house when the tingling sensation began in me again right as we reached an intersection. *Accept your future. *The car in front of us was a family of five with three sleeping kids in the back seat and luggage strapped to the roof that made it seem as though they had been traveling. Coming from the left was a swerving car with a drunken man fallen asleep at the wheel. Jane stopped at the red light and I sprung from the car. Everything moved in slow motion like I was running through Jell-O. At the last second I thrust my hands forward and wished with all of my might that the family car would appear a block away at the previous stop sign. I blinked and when I opened my eyes again the car with the drunk driver was smashed against a fire hydrant next to where the family car had previously been. Everything lit up and my brain went blank.

The police arrived and Jane and I were used as witnesses to explain what happened. My Mom and Dad appeared and they showered me in hugs. They didn’t say anything about Guardian Angels. We cried and apologized and cried some more. “But, Mom, what about the ceremony?” I asked.

“What about it? I’m just glad you’re alive. It’s too late anyways. It’s 11:57 and we’ll never make it home in time. I guess it wasn’t your destiny to be a Guardian.” She nestled me smiling sadly.

“Or maybe it was.” I grabbed my parent’s hands smiling slyly, and pulled them towards an alley. I said goodbye to Jane who responded by saying, “Tell God I say hello and I would never say no to an A on my Biology test.” My parent’s gave me questioning stares as I grabbed their hands and closed my eyes. The next second we were home -just in time for my coronation. *Happy Birthday.* Thanks, God.

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Striker said...
May 24, 2010 at 4:28 pm
Very creative. I just loved reading it and it is an interesting idea. Check out my work?
Emma P. replied...
May 24, 2010 at 6:52 pm
Thank you! I would love to look at some of your work :)
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