May 3, 2010
Long ago, there was a battle between good and evil. Satan was cast down, his evil followers with him. God, with his army of angels, reigned victorious. Unknown to all, another battle would be held, decades later. Angels against Demons. But this time, another race would be thrown in. Human kind.

A single prophecy was created. A warning to all who saw.

Oblivious to the darkness,
Yet shy of the light,
The chosen Five shall see,
With nothing left to blind.
Three for Light,
And Two shall turn,
The Truth
They all shall find.
Wings or horns,
Upon thyself
Their wisdom,
Oh so keen.
Good or Evil,
They shall choose,
The Truth
Shall finally be seen…

Chapter one,
The Finding

My name is Saraphenia Roxanne Cambell, Cambell like the soup. Sarah for short. My mom was, for some reason unknown to me, possessed to name me after one of my great ancestors. Her name had been Saraphenia Roxanne also. Its not like I picked my name.. I wish she would have named me something bland, like Jessica. Not that Jessica’s a bad name! Its just, more normal than Saraphenia. I’m only 15 years old for Christ’s sake. I have enough to be picked on for, let alone my name..

My real father died when I was young. I still somewhat remember him, but Nudge was a new-born, so there’s no way she remembers. He had been shipped off to serve in the army. Somehow, he didn’t come back. I never thought something like that would happen to me. Never. But then, when it did, I grew up. The worst part was, he didn’t even die serving. He died in a car wreck on the way home. He was hit by a drunken driver. Ironically enough, my mom soon married one.

Really, it had started like any other day. The sun just waking along with me, the rays of sun just beginning to peak over the top of the horizon line. Both of us were hearing mom whispering furiously at “father“. Again. And, like usual, he was drunk. Need I say more? Dishes were breaking as they’re thrown against the wall. Mom would whisper so she wouldn’t wake us, my younger sister and me. What she didn’t know, was how many nights I had spent awake, listening to their fights. The hours Id spent, contemplating life without them, or, better yet, without him.

My sister, Nudge, (and yes, her name is Nudge. Once again, I have no clue what’s wrong with mom.) had never heard it. At least, not to my knowledge. She lived the peaceful, quiet life of a six year old. All fairytales and princesses. She was still in the caterpillar stage. You know, the time that your in the cocoon, safe and warm. She hadn’t come out yet to see the world for what it really was. But then again, sharing personal thoughts and feelings just didn’t go down in our family. Like the rest of us, she rarely opened up to strangers, let alone myself, so even if she had, I highly doubt she would have told me. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why she was always so quiet..

This time, they were fighting about dads “secret” girlfriend. Well, sorry to tell you “dad”, but she’s not really a secret since we all know. She was one of his drinking buddies. She had been seen many a time with father, flouncing about in her skimpy clothes. Mom knew all about her. They were fighting now about the fact that she had come to the house. Without mom here. She had assumed the normal mom role. She fixed us an after school snack, to which we politely declined, and got us to do our homework. She even tucked Nudge into bed after her bath. Mom was, to say the very least, furious.

“You never should have allowed that, David!” She whispered frantically. It had to have been early. The sun was just coming up. The morning winter air was cold, making my arms and legs prickle with goose bumps.

“How was I ‘sposta know?” He slurred out as a response. He was still drinking. I could see that much from the crack of the door.

“Use your freaking head! That is, if you even have anything left up there! I’m sure its all eaten away by now, with how much you drink!” She replied hastily. Unlike David, mom never swore. He could cuss up a storm and the worst thing she’d say was “freaking”. I admired her for that. Just because we lived in the bad part of town, didn’t mean we had to be bad.

With that last blow from her, he grabbed her. He never hit of kicked. He only shoved and choked. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. Her face paled but she stood her ground. Mom was a fighter too. She grabbed his hands and wrenched them away from her. She shoved him away. Well, lets just say David doesn’t like being pushed around.. He grabbed her by the throat hard, making her gasp.

I jumped out of the bed Nudge and I shared and grabbed my English book. I wasn’t about to let this bully get away with that again. Running towards him, I brought the book down hard onto his back, making him stumble and let go of mom. He turned on me then, eyes angry. He raised his hand and stuck me in the face, leaving a handprint across my cheek. Slowly, blood oozed from my mouth. I glared at him, long and hard, face emotionless and set to stone. He turned, stomping out of the house. I knelt, helping my crying mother up. Slowly, I walked back into my room.

I silently slipped into my clothes and headed out of the back door, out to my secret place in and abandoned building a ways away from my house. I needed a break. A bruise was forming and my face stung. He had slapped me. Mom hadn’t even tried to comfort me. It didn’t matter. I was used to going to school with bruises. Just lie. That’s all I ever did.

I came up to the building, a feeling of unease settling upon me. I didn’t know what, but something was about to happen. Something big.

Walking into the room, I saw the huddled form of a person facing me. I walked a bit closer, my eyes adjusting to the dim lighting.

That was when I had first seen him.

He wasn’t the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Its not like he was even perfect, flawless. He wasn’t. He was tall, a farm boys tan, unusual in the city. His eyes were closed, black hair falling into them.

Laying in the fetal position, his head was covered by his arms, chin tucked down to his chest. His fingers curled, grabbing at his hair. He had a small scar breaching the fine lines of his right eyebrow. His feet were bare, but they were untouched. He looked to be eighteen or nineteen. He didn’t look dirty or hurt at all. Not even gooseflesh prickled his smooth skin. How could that be, him being half naked in the winter? Let alone the bad part of town in an abandoned warehouse..

He was shirtless, wearing white pants. His toned upper body glistened with a faint light, illuminating his entire body slightly. I didn’t know what to do.. I was certainly drawn to him, but he seemed to be asleep..

Well, I suppose I should wake him.. He shouldn’t be sleeping here. It cant be good for him. I though to myself. Really, I was just making an excuse to feel him touch my skin.

“Hey. Boy. Wake up.” I said, nudging him with my foot. He didn’t move. “Maybe I should.. Yeah..” I mumbled, backing away. If he was dead, I so didn’t want to be a part of it.

Slowly, I turned, yelping quietly when I bumped into my sister.

“Nudge! Honey what’re you doing out here by yourself? Does mom know where you are?” I asked, trying to get her out of the doorway and back into bed where she belonged.

She pointed. “Angel.” She mumbled, rubbing sleep from her eyes. Now, don’t get me wrong. Long ago, I had believed in Angels and all that. Nudge still did, but she hadn’t seen the things I had. (Hey, if you believe, good for you. I promise not to do any Angel bashing. Ok? Ok. Anyway.)

“Honey, he’s not an Angel. There’s no such th-” I caught myself short as I realized I was about to strip her of a bit of her innocence. “What I mean is, he’s just a homeless kid. Ok? There’s plenty of them around. He just looks better off then the rest of them.” I said, saving myself from one of her death glares. Sure, I didn’t believe and I sure didn’t think she should, but who was I to stop her? Hm? Nope. Id never do that to her.

I quickly turned my head towards the boy, thinking I heard a noise. When I saw that nothing had changed, I looked back at Nudge. “Come on baby. Lets get you into bed.” I said, picking her up. There was glass out here and she didn’t have on shoes. I didn’t want her hurt.

“Cant you see them?” She asked, fighting a yawn. She laid her head against my shoulder, slowly drifting off.

“See what?” I asked, but it was too late. She was gone, off to dream about whatever it was she dreamt of. I smiled, watching her out of the corner of my eye as I walked back to the house.

Chapter two,
The Awakening

Slowly, I uncurled. The girl had gone. Sleepy, I stood, observing my surroundings. Where am I..? I thought. It wasn’t Heaven, that much was for sure. It smelled of rotting mold and mildew. The air was frigid.

“This is Earth.” a voice said, echoing slightly in my head. It sounded unfamiliar, cold. “Pathetic boy, you have done the unthinkable. You have sinned. Suffer now. Alone and cold.” It said, laughing bitterly at me.

“What? What do you mean?” I asked, still groggy. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, frowning. Confused, I looked around. “Father? Is that you?”

“I am you Watcher. I shall follow you, watching, waiting for you to earn your right to the Paradise Land again.” It said, booming in my scull. I held my head, the pain from its voice deafening.

“What do you want from me!” I yelled, falling to my knees. The voices of the dead echoed all around me, blinding me, clogging my scenes and making it hard to breath. “Stop! Just stop..” I whispered the last. It hurt so badly..

“I only want you to realize your mistake. You have been cast out, Earthbound. There is only one hope for you now.” The voice continued.


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