May 3, 2010
It's raining. A girl walks down the road by herself. She is wearing a heavy black dress with black gloves that extend to the center of her forearm. She has a large hat that has a veil over her face. She holds her black umbrella close to her chest. Her black boots splashed in as many puddles as she can jump into. She glances at her watch, its seven past eleven, time to get to her appointment. She made a turn onto a muddy road. She stopped and looked at all the mud then she lifted up her dress and looked at her boots, then she shrugged and began walking. She didn't walk long before she began to see a professionally cut lawn, then a sign. "Madame Hunches Retirement Home for the Aged." She read the sign then reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, the sign matched what was on the paper. She nodded her head and walked up the sidewalk.
There was a nice garden on both sides of the door that contained daffodils and roses. She leaned over to smell them. They smelled wonderful, especially in this rain. She walked up to the door. She then twisted the bottom of her umbrella and the top fanned together to reveal a black scythe. She then knocked on the door. A second goes by then it opens to an old lady. "I have an appointment with a Margrate Betleman," she said in a professional manner. The old lady smiled. "Oh, how good," she then looked at her watch. "Well your early aren't you?" she asked in a nice voice. "I like to call it fashionably on time." the girl answered. "Well come on in we are just talking about the good old' times. What was your name deary?" she asked. "You can call me Morana." she answered sweetly. They walked into a room full of old people chatting and laughing. "Attention every body!" The lady shouted. "this is Morana; she's here for the appointment." there was a lot of talking and jabbering after that."Im going to need the signature of the attendee." Morana said to the old lady. “well she's right over here." she led Morana to a group of old people who were surrounding someone. "Off with ye she needs to get through." The group separated and revealed an old lady in a wheelchair. Morana stepped forward and kneeled in front of her wile she pulled out the contract. "I trust all the arrangements have been made for the funeral. “yes." The lady said weakly. "Then sign here and I’ll be waiting." Morana said. "Will it hurt, when I go?" the lady asked as she signed. "Absolutely not!" Morana replied. "Now you enjoy yourself." Morana said then walked to the back of the room.

There was at least an hours worth of chatting and gossiping. Talking about first loves and first cars. There was talk about their childhood and there was laughing and sometimes singing. All the wile Morana watched and occasionally laughed at some jokes but the majority of the time she kept out of the way. This was a friend and family thing she wasn't allowed to interact with social gatherings during a job, it was part of the contract she signed, but it was still fun to watch.

Suddenly her watch beeped. She looked at it, twelve o clock, it was time. Morana walked over to where Margret sat. She had passed away already but no one noticed, good, that was the way it should be. Morana tapped Margret's shoulder and she looked up. "Come on margret we have to go." she whispered quietly. Margret got up but left her body on the chair. They then walked to the door, leaving the room full of people laughing and talking. They then walked out the door and down the side walk to the road, where they kept walking, into the rain.

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