The Girl

May 3, 2010
By Veros BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
Veros BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
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Dubito, cognito, ergo sum. I doubt, therefor I think, therefor I am.

My mind was racing as I shifted through all the thoughts around me, it was tedious work to sort through the never ending barrage of scrambled thoughts and daydreams. Passive telepathy had uses sometimes though, often it aided me in learning a language.
Then an image forced its way into my mind, some girl's daydream about me. The fact she had mostly undressed me, at least partly, was odd. Seeing my own platinum blond hair, smooth slender body, and soft skin pressed up against her own, it was almost exhilarating. I couldn't help it, I had to see who it was thinking of me.
As my eyes caught sight of her even from the distance created by the four-lane road with cars scurrying along separating us, I could make out every detail of her. Out of habit, I moved my long bangs out of my eyes as I soaked in the sight of her. She was fairly short, maybe five three, five four with the soft curves of an hourglass figure. Her hair was gorgeous in that obviously well cared for shoulder length straight brown hair way and her eyes were a gleaming blue. Her sleeveless red shirt was pulled tight against her frame almost blending in perfectly with her skirt that hung down to just below her knees, while dangling from her waist was a thin studded belt. Judging by her looks and everything, I'd pin her as either being in her late teens or maybe early twenties. Honestly it was fairly different from my loose button up white dress shirt that I had only partly tucked inside my tight denim jeans that hugged my legs all the way down. We both looked the same age, though I'm actually twenty-eight: the younger appearance is due to my blood, I'm not quite human.
Oh! He's looking at me, her thoughts were loud and crystal clear compared to the various muddled thoughts of the crowded beside her, though she held my attention at the moment, so I thought nothing of it. As soon as she noticed, she diverted her eyes away from me, hoping I wouldn't notice that she had been looking at me. But I did notice.
I couldn't resist, I just had to talk to her. The impulse was far too strong to fight. I glanced both ways to get a good view of the road before I jogged across with no problems. While I was crossing though a person's thought whose car I dodge jumped out at me, What the hell! Is he crazy? Running across a busy street. My reflexes are too fast to be hit by a car.
I walked up behind her and lightly touched her shoulder, “Hey, I'm Montleous, but you can call me Monty.”
She turned around quickly to see who it was, only to spot little old me. Oh hey! He came up to me, what do I do? I could feel her unease, I knew she hadn't expected me to come right on up to her and talk to her when she saw me. “Pleasure to meet you, I am Katherine.” Nice save.
My eyes caught hers and I could tell she was trying to figure me out, even though she kept it from her face. In all good respect, I admit that my reasons and motives that would drive me across a street to greet someone I didn't even know would be apparent, or even the least bit noticeable. I knew she was trying to figure me out, but my pale green eyes would give nothing away—my blood would though. My blood, my heritage would have almost every government on Earth hunting me down, religious folk of all kinds screaming and brandishing crosses and holy water against me, and scientists wanting to rip me open and find out what makes me tick. I am a nephilim, well, actually a cambion—the male offspring of a human and an incubus. I have a human mother and a demon, a fallen angel, as a father that grants me most of my power.
“Gorgeous name, with a 'K' I assume?” I asked even though I knew the answer ever since it appeared in her head when she said her name, matter of fact, it had appeared in very beautiful calligraphy.
Wow, most people assume the 'C' form unless I tell them that it is with a 'K', she thought to herself as I of course listened in, catching the sound of her mental voice that was actually slightly different from her own. Her mind's voice was higher than her speaking voice—odd but it happened. “Yes, yes it is. Your name is pretty unique, I don't think I've ever heard it before.”
I mentally chuckled to myself at the thought, I knew it wasn't a common name in the least but it was the name given to me by my father. “Most people haven't; my father is fond of using unusual names.” And so much more too. My mind quickly dug into her head, shifting through old thoughts and memories trying to find something to pry more information about her. Starbucks—she likes Starbucks. “Want to get a cup of coffee or something at Starbucks? I'm buying.”
Well, he is pretty attractive, and it is not like I need to do anything important today, her mental voice was so much softer and slower than her physical voice though warped in her thoughts was an image of me pressed up against her. “I could use a cup or two, so sure.”
The two of us were standing there in line at Starbucks, the building wasn't all that crowded enough so that if I wasn't so use to my telepathy I'd be dying from the information flowing into my head. Though in all honesty, I didn't mind being in what little crowd there was here or being in the line waiting to order our drinks as much as I normally would despite all the thoughts and images reaching my mind. Images of pets, flowers, work spaces, I just tuned it all out including the thoughts clearly in foreign languages all of which I spoke. As I hovered in her mind, she was almost a bad as everyone else inside the building with her rapidly shifting thoughts, each thought that arose in her head quickly fleeted as another thought championed in its place just moments later. It matched her currently speech though, she kept stumbling over her words very frequently due to her rapid, nervousness induced topic changes. It'd be a bit annoying to hang around in her thoughts for too long right now—I had to do something to slow it down though I had no problems keeping up.
“Katherine, you don't have to talk a mile a minute on every subject you can think of to keep my attention,” as I said that, I wrapped an arm around her waist.
Maybe I feel like taking, it was her soft internal voice again, “Okay then, what do you want to talk about then?”
“It doesn't matter to me,” I shifted my weight slightly as I talked, pulling a bit of my shirt out from inside my pants, but only Katherine seemed to notice since it pulled up on the side that was pressed up against her. She was watching me pretty close, I figure she was attracted to me so I thought nothing of it.
That's what started my talking in the first place, I don't know what to talk about and he doesn't suggest any good ideas. Though he's really attractive and talking to me, so I think it's okay, plus I think he's attracted to me. “What is your favorite band, Monty?”
“I'm gonna have to go with Incubus,” mentally I had to add in a side note—for more than one reason.
“That's interesting... Alternative rock fan I take it?” Mental silence, I couldn't hear the thoughts normally attached to a conversation, but I don't think it means much more then a few people know how to quiet their thoughts even during conversations. I know how to do it, as does most of my associates.
“Fairly, but I have to admit classical music has its moments.”
Interesting... That's cool, I guess. More of a hard rock girl myself.” Shocker, I had already guessed as much when I had searched her memories earlier. All the music that I heard gave it away.
By that point, we had finally made it to the front of the line, and when the teenaged boy with light brown hair and gray eyes asked what we wanted, Katherine ordered herself a venti cappuccino with extra sugar, and soy milk instead of regular milk or creamer. Something fitting for a day of activity.
I personally ordered a banana smoothie, when he told me how much it was, I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and told the cashier to keep the change. Obviously, this got me a weird look from the people nearby, and the cashier called the manager over to inspect the hundred. It was real. I didn't care much about money, due to a partial ownership of my half-brother's company my bank account had numbers inflated to the point of nearing the billion dollar mark so I had no concern over getting change. Even less worried about a human trying to kill me and steal my money.
It took about half an hour before we had finished our drinks and were ready to leave, standing right outside the door, I glance over at Katherine, “Nice talking to you—hope to see you again.” Maybe do other things next time. A smile crossed my face as I talked.
“Okay, you have my number.” She laughed light. No wait, it was a giggle.
Both of us started to walk away in different directions, and just a few buildings down I cut into one of the alleyways between the buildings and followed it awhile so I was out of sight from the streets.
Suddenly, I was thrown against the wall beside me by some unseen attacker that had until then kept their thoughts hidden from me. “For crimes against the denizens of Hell and for aiding the Champion of Heaven, Star Peacefire, and for aiding the chronomancer Veros in acts against the Fallen, you are to be detained and tried by a jury of your betters. Unless proven innocent, you are assumed to be guilty and resistance is punishable by death.” It was Katherine's voice.
Son of a... I reached out with my mind, mentally wrapping it around her and as I started to push her away from me, burning pain flared up my arm where she was gripping me. In my mind I saw the silver streaking across my arm through her eyes, quickly the sight started to blacken and fade, including all the other voices of pedestrians floating around in my head. I couldn't feel her with my mind. Doomed. Now way out of this... With a charge like that, my fate is sealed.
Veros – Chronomancer with stolen divine powers granting him various powers. He has no moral obligations to anything but tries to maintain balance when he can. He fights against both the good and bad guys, and works with both at times as well—though he only does either when one side has a chance of breaking the balance otherwise sticks to himself across time. He has a high desire to learn.

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this as a free write, when the idea popped into my head. I'm not too sure what inspired me to write this, but I think it turned out okay.

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