The Poetry Cord Chapter 1.............cntd.....

April 29, 2010
By BryannaJ. GOLD, Glendale, Arizona
BryannaJ. GOLD, Glendale, Arizona
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- Mr. Crepsley (Cirque Du Freak: Vampire's Assistant The Movie)

He began to laugh aloud letting it echo. "Why?" "Because your human blood. I can smell, see it, hear it, flowing through your vains." "What?!" I gasped, I slightly stepped closer. "Don't come any closer!" Eric yelled putting his hand up just inches from my face. "But.. why?" "Wow you ask alot of questions." he sighed his smile fading and began to walk away. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "Who changed you?"
He turned arounded staring at me. Then he quickly, with vampire speed, took my arm around my back and shoved me up against the wall as a cop would do to a prisoner. "Who wants to know?!" He yelled angrily holding me againsdt the wall so hard I couldn't move any part of my body.
"Nobody! I was just wondering." I yelled shoving him away. "Gosh! Can't a girl ask some questions around here?!" "Oh I'm so sorry Charlet." He walked over to me his face full of sadness and an apologetic frown. "I just have changed my ways and don't like to talk about that. But then again no one's really asked me that." "Why? Why hasn't anyone asked you. or does anyone know that you're..." I hushed my tone to a whisper, " a vampire." "Well a little of both. I don't have any friends no one talks to me."
I sort of felt bad that I acted so rude to him. But he did trty to kill me. "Well will you tell me how you got changed?" I asked a little bit more friendly. "Yes I will." "But before you start, Why are you so protective over all this? Was it that bad." "No it's just I've felt like I'm being watched all the time. And the other vampires if they heard my story they would see me as some sort of wimp." "Oh. Well just tell it to me. I'll see for my self how much of a wimp you are." I giggled and sat down.
"Well if you really want to know?" I nodded my head. "Ok it all happened when I was around the age of 17," Eric sat down next to me but I scooted a little away from him. He began again.

The author's comments:
This is yet another short piece. But soon I will have a longer page for my viewers to read. I will type up a new one soon.

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