Only the beginning

May 6, 2010
Pure obliterating darkness. Thrashing, choking killing waves. Freezing water crashing all around me. My arms flail and my mouth opens, my lungs expanding and screaming as the salt infested water enters. Coughing and thrashing blindly I think. How did I get here? I should’ve known. It was never me. My mind shuts down and I feel my heart beat slower, everything becomes slow, my body becomes weightless, my eyes grow heavy. It would feel so nice to welcome the darkness in, it would be painless, a deep sleep I would never return from. Death was at my doorstep, and it was my time to go. My last glimpse was of the pure dark water all around me, and my eyes closed. The water becomes calm. No more pulses of my heart. No more vibrations from my chest, and after what seemed like forever my eyes burst open, my vision clear seeing everything around me as bright as day. Feeling every drop of water that touched my flesh, but no longer feeling the useless thumps of the heart in my chest. With a feeling of such peace, and such clarity, my wings burst out, ripping flesh relieving a weight I never knew to be carrying, sending massive ripples of water in every direction and blasting me out of the water. No one ever said death was easy, but I say, it isn’t the end either.

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Cooling_Fever said...
May 12, 2010 at 8:07 am
This was great. I like how you didn't flat out say what was happening. You explained it quite nicely.
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