Gifted, Ch. 2 - Change So Thick You Can Taste It

May 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Today seems…different.
Nothing feels the same. Everything I know, or I once knew, seems like it’s going to change soon. Usually when I get these feelings something big happens. It’s like I can feel a new beginning in the air, just lingering around…it’s so thick I feel like I can touch it, taste it.
“I don’t know Tia, I just feel like everything’s changing,” I say as I look out of my window. The nice breeze blows my hair around as I look up at the sun, my eyes shielded with my sunglasses.
Tia and I are driving home now, from my dance rehearsal. She was in the area, hanging with some friends, and then decided to come home with me. I let her drive, even though she’s not quite sixteen, to be nice and get my mind straight. She’s actually pretty good on the road, but I can’t help but feel nervous.
“You’re nervous with me driving?” she asks suddenly.
“You choose now to hear thoughts?”
“No, they chose me,” she answers cleverly. I smile a little, still looking out the window. The sun is setting and just looks beautiful here in Seattle. “I do agree with you, though.”
“With what?”
“About feeling everything will change,” Tia says, “It’s like suddenly the air I breathe is different. Suddenly, my world doesn’t spin in the same way.”
“I’m pretty sure something big’s going to happen with all our crazy circumstances,” I say. I sigh, exhausted from all the dancing.
“Yeah,” Tia agrees, making a left turn, “What was up with your scream this morning? You never did tell me what you were dreaming about.”
“Nothing serious,” I say, “it was just another look at that day…” She knows exactly what I’m talking about.
“Oh, ok,” she says, “Have you been having any visions?”
“Not so much,” I say, “it’s like I’m off my game or something. I’ve just been getting these really powerful feelings.”
“Maybe you should…meditate or something.”
I giggle.
“What? Am I a monk now?”
“Ok, let me re-phrase that into modern America…,” Tia says, thinking and smiling, “Oh. Ok, find your happy place.”
“I don’t have a happy place anymore,” I say, “I don’t know what I want. And there’s no boy for me to daydream about either.”
“Your dreams don’t have to be with a boy all the time.”
“I know…but hey, it’s nice to have one around,” I reply. I roll up my window, take off my sunglasses, and focus on the road ahead of me.
“It still hurts huh?” Tia asks gently, referring to…him.
“Yeah,” I say bitterly, “and I’m p***ed off beyond your imagination.”
“I love how you brought my imagination into it,” Tia says sarcastically. I smile at her effort of trying to cheer me up. Tia turns down an empty road surrounded by forest. She knows I like to take a detour on my way home when I need time to think. She picks up speed a little, noticing the lack of other drivers.
“Yeah, well, you’re more creative then-stop!”
Tia slams her foot on the brakes, my car stopping abruptly. Fog appears around us, giving me goose bumps. In front of us is another black hooded creature, hovering in mid-air. Again, I can’t see what the hell it is, but I’m scared to death. It becomes cold all around us, my breath becoming visible. Out the corner of my right eye, too far for Tia to see, another black creature hovers slowly towards us from the forest. Another one from the left. I look in the rearview mirror to see another one coming from behind. My strength lessens and I become even more exhausted. I can hear our car freezing up as they make their way towards us. My breathing becomes uneven with fear and my body heat starts to drop dramatically.
“What are we going to do?” Tia trembles. I don’t answer because I don’t have an answer. Last time we were able to run, but now we’re outnumbered. What do these things want?!
They start to hover closer, making me wonder if this is the end. I can barely move I’m so cold and my powers have been drained…wait, but not as much as I thought.
“Tia, punch it!” I yell. She slams her foot on the gas pedal, but nothing happens. Raspy whispers start to fill my ears, letting me know that my powers aren’t completely gone. Tia tries again.
“I can’t! I think our car parts have been frozen!” she yells.
“Then hang on,” I say confidently. With the little bit of energy I have, I use my telekinesis to put the car in motion. It works, surprisingly, and I drive the car telekinetically at a fast rate, straight forward. The black creature in front of us stops and right when I think we’ll see green guts and body parts smashed against the windshield, the creature disintegrates into tiny black particles that hover like flies over the car. I keep driving, though, not wanting to look back. I drive at about one hundred miles an hour until I slam on the breaks to keep us from colliding into a truck.
“What the hell are you doing?!” the driver yells. I start to breathe heavily, looking down at my hands. I look up, in complete shock, and then slowly at Tia. She stares at the road, mute. We sit there for a while, not sure what to do.
“Those things…,” Tia says, filling in the silence, “what do they want? What are they?”
“You’re asking the wrong person…”
“What are we supposed to do?” Tia asks, getting angry, “We can’t go to the police or our parents. We can’t fight them on our own. I don’t want to just let them kill us. We need to figure out what they want?”
“So we can give it to them?”
“Yes, no. I don’t know! But I don’t want to be in constant danger!” Tia yells, “We could’ve died!”
“Don’t get angry with me, it’s not my fault!” I yell. Sure, I should’ve seen it coming, but at the moment I’m limited in my skills. Tia doesn’t say anything again for a little while. I open my mouth to speak up, but she beats me to the punch.
“I’m sorry,” she says, breathless, “I freaked out from complete and udder shock. I don’t know what came over me…I just…I don’t know.”
“It’s ok,” I say, “Don’t feel bad.”
“Well, what are we gonna do?”
“I don’t know,” I say for what feels like the millionth time. I’m tired of being confused or unsure. “We should probably just head home.”
“Yeah, but I don’t feel like driving,” Tia says. We both start to get out the car, but before we open the door we think otherwise. We both sigh and Tia leans her seat back, closing her eyes. With my telekinesis, I drive us all the way home, deciding that detours are no longer my ways to get some thinking in. Especially when you’re me and there are no witnesses.


While I sleep, everything becomes a vision.
In space I see a yellow meteor shooting through the sky. The stars around it shine brightly, but suddenly the image fades into more of a background picture and I see myself staring at a huge rock. Suddenly a red beam comes out of my eyes and burns hole into it. That image of me fades away and into a scene with Tia. She lifts her hands into the air and a staff appears in her hands. Skipping some time, a mythical creature comes shooting out of the sky. She smiles with satisfaction as she greats the majestic animal.
My vision goes into my point of view, only in the future, and I’m looking into an old fashion inn in an unfamiliar place. Yet I’m using X-Ray vision to look into the inn, because I’m not even inside it. I can see a lobby, but no one inside.
Next I see me and Tia standing in an unfamiliar place. I’m trying to use my telekinesis on her, but it won’t work. She smiles with satisfaction and I frown, yet you can see that I’m proud of her.
I see Tia in a grassy land, standing there looking into the distance. She takes a deep breath and suddenly disappears. She reappears, though, with a smile on her face.
My vision changes and I see Tia looking down at a cut on my hand. She holds my hand and suddenly a white beam comes out of her palm. The cut heals and my hand suddenly looks perfectly fine.
I then see myself flitting around at a blinding speed in my house. Everything I do, no one else can see clearly. Even little things. I turn off the light in the bathroom and the vision goes into my point of view. The darkness doesn’t affect me and I can see just fine. Everything’s more of a light blue color instead of black.
Then I see Tia bowing to an amazing looking mythical creature with a staff in her hand. She’s dressed up in traditional outfit, too, and she’s got some sort of connection with the creature. It’s like she’s its master…
Next I see myself in a grassy ring with a sword in my hand. I’m battling a man that I’ve never seen before, yet I’m winning by a landslide. My battle skills are unpredictable, but I’ve never touched a real sword in my life.
Lastly I see me and Tia in our living room, sitting on the couch.
“I can’t believe you can actually read minds,” I say, “Its crazy. We’re-”
The image closes in on my right eye as it stays wide open. My gaze isn’t normal, though, because I go into my first conscious vision…
And still, as I see all of these glimpses of the future, the meteor just keeps going in the background.

My eyes flutter open.
I sit up in my bed, wide awake somehow. I look at my alarm clock. It’s six in the morning. I get out of bed end up in my bathroom at a blinding speed. My eyes go wide.
“What the heck?” I say to myself.
I start to walk around the house, but my speed stays at blinding speed. Yet nothing seems to blur around me because my eyes catch everything and are above average. The only way I can tell the difference is because everywhere I walk to takes me a way shorter time than it should.
Suddenly I remember everything that I had a vision about in my dream.
“Oh yeah,” I exclaim. I flit back to the bathroom and go inside. I close the door behind me and turn off the light. I shouldn’t be able to see anything, but instead I can see. The room’s a light blue color, like when it’s daytime, but when the sun’s not out.
I turn the light back on and take a big, slow step out of the bathroom. I take another, and another, until I can control my speed naturally. I walk into Tia’s room and she sits up, startled. I turn on the light, even though I don’t need to, and she shuts her eyes.
“Are you crazy?” she says in a cracking, morning voice.
“Tia, something’s happening,” I say. I wait for her to open her eyes.
“Like what?” she asks, slowly opening her eyes.
“In my premonition I saw us getting more and more powers,” I explain, “Just glimpses, though, but I woke up this morning and now I can freakin’ flit. I swear, nothing was a far walk for me.”
“Are you serious?”
I flit around her room, from one place to another, to prove it to her. When I get back to my original place, I look at her to see her eyes wide.
“Now do you believe me?” I ask. She nods her head slowly.
“What else did you see?”
I run into my room-which of course with my new speed, I’m flitting-and grab my sketch pad and a pencil. I zoom back into Tia’s room and sit with her on her bed. I start to explain everything I saw, while drawing what I say. All she does is nod as I speak, she doesn’t interrupt one bit. When I finish she doesn’t say anything.
“So?” I say, wondering what she’s thinking.
“So…” she says, “our lives really are changing.”
“And do you think all of this could happen?”
“Well, it’s already started…It has something to do with the meteor.”
“Wow,” Tia whispers, astounded.
“I know,” I say.
“I guess I’ll get started with that mind reading,” she says, lightening up.
“And I’ll get started with the visions.”
I get up and leave the room, going to my own.
“Ok,” I say to myself, “Let’s see how long it’ll take to get ready.”
About ten minutes later, I sit down on the couch, completely ready to go. I’ve even eaten breakfast already, which isn’t like me. Usually all I have time for is a to-go bar. I pick up the remote and turn on the T.V.
“…and now let’s talk about that meteor from last night,” the news man says on the city’s local station, “A meteor was spotted at approximately twelve a.m. this morning. It wasn’t coming towards earth, and astrologists say that it was an unusual color...yellow. We got some calls earlier this morning with people saying that some extremely unusual events were occurring in their lives…”
“Hmm…I’m not sure what to say about that,” I say to myself.
I stare at the T.V., not knowing what I’m about to get myself into. I focus hard on it, and squint my eyes a little. The T.V. starts to become transparent and I can see the wall behind it. I smile with satisfaction and start to look through other solids. I blink out of my X-Ray vision a little, but with some practice it’ll become almost natural.
What happened yesterday was out of this world and I don’t know why it’s happening. Well, I know it has something to do with these mysterious powers of ours, but that’s it. Can other people see those creatures or is it just a huge coincidence that they come around when there are no witnesses? Where did they come from and how can we get them to go back? I was scared to death, but I had to stay sane for mine and Tia’s sake. My outburst of confidence and strategy actually shocked me, but I’m just glad we made it out alive. Part of me, though, thinks I’m still in shock. You’d think I’d be freaking out, but with these new powers I feel unstoppable.

The author's comments:
This is the 2nd chapter. Hopefully you think this is way more interesting. I'm kinda struggling with how the story's gonna go, but i just felt the need to get feedback from people other than my sister so...yeah

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