May 1, 2010
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The bird’s song echoed through the many tall mountains and across the aqua shining lake. Tails of many colors protruded out of the surface and made small rippling waves cross atop the water and stop at the edge of the forest, larger than the Red Wood forest, and many small creatures with human like features flew up into the setting sun. Somewhere in the distance a birds cry wailed out making the trees shake and there whisper glide all the way to the top of the tallest mountains tip. The only human being in miles sat at the grassy top while the wind gently shook her hair. She closed her acid green eyes and breathed in the fresh, chilly breeze. Beautiful long curls fell down by her hips like a glimmering black water fall. Long black lashes batted away her hair from getting in the way of the wonderful view of soft white clouds with the peeks of smaller mountains below. She took a bright red flower from the ground that had gracefully fallen from the trees beside her. Her nose filled with the sweet spring smell she loved so much and was taken back to when her and her mother had a garden in the backyard. How she would beg as a young child to go water the roses and rosemary. She shook her head and frowned at her memory of things needed to be forgotten. Things that will never be again… She swallowed the lump in her throat. As the moment went on her ears perked up, hearing something out of the ordinary. She listened harder, and heard the soft voice of someone singing; a soft and slow humming coming out of the large forest. It was oddly compelling and the girl felt the need to follow it. As she stepped carefully down the slope the voice got louder and louder till the words were audible. “Leah…Leah…Leah…” Why is it calling my name? Thought Leah as she set the flower down. She started to travel quickly down, hoping she wouldn’t stumble. As the thought had crossed her mind she tripped on a tree root and slid unstoppably along the mountains side. Leah’s back was burning and she felt the sharp branches and rocks cutting her the longer she went. Trying hard to stop herself she dug her shoes into the soft dirt and it slowed her fall to a stop. She squeezed her eyes tight together trying hard to stop the tears from the pain in her back. Leah shakily stood up and remembered the voice she was supposed to be searching out. She listened but what she heard was running water and the leaves shaking on their branches. She stepped slowly around the tree in front of her and saw a fast running stream and glowing blue water. Heat and steam was coming from it sending puffs of white smoke into the air above. Leah felt the mist on her cold arms and wiped her sweating forehead. She leaned over the water and her long hair slightly touched the surface sending ripples out in circles. She stuck her arm deep into the stream, seeing how long it went and oddly enough her arm kept going down but once it got to her elbows she felt a slight tickle on her finger tips and backed away in shock. She stepped back, but as she did the beautiful voice she had heard said “Hello, Leah”, and before she could stop it she felt herself falling, heat rising to her face as it plunged into the water. Leah gasped awake, heaving great sighs of shock from the nightmare.

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Maryblue said...
Jul. 18, 2010 at 6:55 pm
Your writing is very descriptive and flows naturally. Every detail is beautifully expressed.
MadieArt replied...
Jul. 18, 2010 at 6:58 pm
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