Adored Love

May 1, 2010
Adoreamor Vanessa Mason starts the eleventh grade with her crazy sisters in a week. She has been waiting for this year for a very long time. In that week, MANY things happen. Adoreamor’s brother, Jaime, disappears for a whole three days. The night Jaime disappears, one of his buddies, Joshua comes over and tells them that Jaime will be hiking with his friends for a forgotten science project to look for some unusual animals. Three days pass. Jaime returns with quite a lot of muscle and heat. Adoreamor becomes so confused by the fact that her already buff brother has returned with about five more pounds of muscle and the uncanny high fever. She convinces herself that all the hiking made him buff and that the temperature change was just her imagination. The day after Jaime returns, Dory wants to do some extra shopping the mall before the first day. She calls up her best friend, Serena, and they go to the mall. They also schedule all the plans bound to happen the first day. Adoreamor will pick up Serena in her new car and they’ll go off to their hopefully exciting and non-awkward year as a junior. Everything goes great. On her first day, Dory notices a new student in school who just happens to fall in her category of an attractive, good-looking guy. She is more than anxious about getting to know him this year. Adoreamor welcomes Adin by walking him to all of his classes which they both have together. They also sit together at lunch. After a couple of months of getting to know Adin, he asks her out. Their first date was so adorable and romantic. He took her out for a long stroll on the beach and then they had dinner in a rose covered gazebo. He drove her home sealed off with a goodbye peck on the lips. Drunk off of love, Adoreamor gets the worst news a teenage girl could get. Her mother A few dates later, since Dory really liked this guy, she decided to introduce him to his parents. The day was not at all exceptional. It was amazing. Considering Dory’s mother was a psychologist, she knew they had hope because of all the “communication”. Dory’s whole family loved Adin. Then, Adin did the same with his parents and her. They had the same reactions for the exception of not liking that she is full human. Adin is a fairy. His parents don’t like the fact that she could be in danger although fairies are harmless. But, when one of the members of the MBA catch a winged creature in the forest capturing a human and feeding on one, they search the all the winged creatures houses’. There is only one family of winged creatures in town which consist of three. This makes it easier for the MBA people. Once they get their, they inform the one who resembles the one in the forest the most that they will have to be hanged because they disobeyed the rules. Unfortunately, Adin had the most resemblance. By this time in Adin and Adoreamor’s relationship, each of them were in love with one another. They couldn’t spend a day without being in contact-physically or emotionally-’ The last day Adin had with Dory, he decided to say goodbye to her for the last time. It was midday in spring and he took her where they had their first date. It was a little breezy and the waves were crashing along the sand. They were walking along the beach slowly holding hands. First, he was going to tell her that he was going to die and that he was a fairy. As they reached the gazebo, he held her hands to his chest and told her ‘I love you Dory. I love you a lot’. She told him the same. Adin let go of her hands and turn around. He motioned for her to come over to sit with her. He told her that he couldn’t be with her anymore and that he was a fairy. He explained everything about how he was going to get hanged soon. Dory just looked at him with an “are you crazy or what?” look. Adin replied no and soon then some gold dust fell to the floor, wings sprawled out of Adin’s back, and then he just shrunk. Adoreamor’s mouth fell open and Bobby flew over to close it. She thought she was hallucinating or in a dream. Adin even pinched her to make sure she knew this was real. Bobby returned to his original size but shirtless and winged. He was somewhat muscular. Adoreamor didn’t know what to say so she just kissed him for about three minutes. He resisted and pulled away. He told her he loved her once more and then said he really had to leave. Right before disappearing, he told her to move on with her life. Adin then disappeared and gold dust blew in her face on to the ground of the white gazebo marking it. After Adoreamor realized he left, she started crying and broke down. She ran home hoping her brother would help since Adin told her he knew. She ran as fast as she could with the mascara, the tears, and the eyeliner making it all a blur to her. She reached her house, ran inside, tripped over a shoe, and started crying more. Jaime had heard the thud and rushed down stairs. He helped her up and she hugged his masculine body. Jaime asked her what was wrong. She managed to spill out the words one after another. He pulled her away and asked in a firm voice to tell him exactly what Adin said. When Adoreamor told him, he grew mad and started breathing heavily. Jaime was extremely irritated. Jaime liked having Adin. They’d become best friends while Dory dated him. His face turned red and then all Adoreamor saw was a five foot wolf right in her own living room. She was so overwhelmed and then fainted right on the floor. Serena was coming over to give Adoreamor a shirt she had forgotten the day before in which they had a sleepover. Serena noticed the front door open so she came in and she was disappointed. She was disappointed because she saw a wolf boy in her best friends living room with her best friend laying on the floor. She tried to soothe Jared and that worked. When Jaime transformed back, she saw him naked and covered her eyes and told him to go upstairs and change. Jaime needed to explain a lot of things to her sister. She carried Dory to the couch and got a lukewarm towelette for Dory’s forehead. Soon enough, Dory woke up and started cracking up. Jaime came down and apologized. He explained things in a more comprehensive way. Trying to hide his decoy, he revealed that Serena was a mermaid. Jared had took a cup of water and dropped it on Serena. A turquoise fish tail full of glimmering scales popped out of her clothes. Her dull scarlet hair grew down to her waist becoming full of shine. Her clothes had disappeared also. She was wearing a seashell bra. Serena also apologized and told her she couldn’t say anything unless a human would find out. Dory remembered her beauteous boyfriend that she loved with deep compassion. Dory broke down and burst into tears. Serena, not being informed about anything, asked what was wrong. Adoreamor was too devastated to speak. Jaime had to explain everything which caused Dory to be put in more pain. She ran upstairs and locked the door. Once her parents were informed, they knew what had to be done. They immediately assigned a personal psychologist for her. Adoreamor didn’t like the psychologist idea so she pretended like she didn’t care at all. Deep inside of her heart she pained. Her parents had to leave for a family thing in New York, and they were going to be gone for a month or so. Jaime was leaving off to college but he would be checking on Dory occasionally. Poor thing would be left alone, somber and lifeless. For one week, she lived off of water and juice. Then came the hallucinations. Once she stepped out of her house she saw him. She saw him leaving. Poof. After it, she swore never to go outside again. Then she started hallucinating inside of the house. She caught a glance of one of her childhood scissors and remembered all times when she was happy. She grabbed the scissors, opened them, and pressured it against her wrist. She started tearing up. The tears stung the small slit. In some way, it was her way of relieving the emotional crisis going on in her life. She applied more pressure on to her wrist and made a larger cut. Adoreamor didn’t care about anything anymore. All she wanted to do was be with Jaime. Jaime, her first true love. How could she let go of these memories? With all the cutting, she managed to spell out “Love Is..” on both of her wrists. Another night, another wet pillow. She moved on to darker stages of her depression. Now she questioned herself. One day when the house was empty, she managed to get out of her bed to go get hydrated. She also forgot to pee and the nearest bathroom was her dad’s. After completing her business, she looked at the dark circles underneath her eyes with the thin indigo veins surrounded by the violet background. She opened the cabinet, pulled out her father’s electric razor, plugged it in, and turned it on. The sound of the vibrations got Dory angry but somber because she knew what she was going to do. Dory raised the razor up above her head. Her black wavy locks of hair fell to the cold marble floor aimlessly. A fuzz of blackness revealing her scalp through miniscule spaces is what was left on her head. She collapsed against the bathtub and laid there. She stood there for hours. Jaime now arrived at home. He found her with tears streaming down her face. He became shocked, angry, and had a lot of sympathy for his sister. Hurriedly, he grab the phone, almost crushing it, and called Serena. Serena flashed over as fast as lightning. Soon enough, Serena arrived, Jaime couldn’t resist but change and leave. Serena had an idea of who was behind the accusing of Adin’s “murder”. She thought it was her parents who was behind it all. Mermaids’ scales all mean something. One particular scale, means evil. Serena’s evil scale fell off when she was born. She knew she had to tell Dory but, she just couldn’t. It would kill her, literally. Serena couldn’t hold back. She managed to spit it out really fast. Adoreamor was in total shock. She couldn’t even imagine such a thing. How could a person she knows, do that to someone who she truly loved? Now she really didn’t care about anything. Adoreamor asked if there was anything they could do about it. Serena told her there was only thing they could do which would be impossible, take the scale off. Jared rushed in and told her that they had to stop her parents as soon as they could. Serena already received a message from her parents that they were already coming which meant bad, bad news. They were done with the hanging. She told them everything. Adoreamor rushed up to her room and locked it. Adoreamor was so deeply somber, she was sort of paralyzed in her own way. She came out the room and “realized” that he is gone and that she is just going to move on. One night, in her bathtub she just couldn’t let go of the memories and it was so overwhelming thinking about him, knowing he is dead. “If he is dead I should be dead.“ thought Dory. She went under the surface of the water and just laid there. One, two, three and she was gone. Serena was staying over and went upstairs to check on Dory. By the foul smell to her sensitive nose, she knew something was wrong. She knocked on the slightly ajar door and barged in. She found the faint bloody water and her beauteous friend eyed open and lifeless. Serena drop unconscious on the floor and Jared heard the thud. He ran upstairs and already could smell the smell. He grabbed the almost crushed phone and dialed nine-one-one. The police took a significantly long time to arrive because they couldn’t believe such a thing. Once they arrived, Serena became conscious again, and everybody was shocked. Jaime called his parents telling them to come quick. Jared left out the most significant detail. Once they arrived, late the next day, the police had to personally come over to inform them. After all the commotion, they planned a funeral. Over 100 people attended. One in particular person was there. Dory was now in a place that looked like Heaven. She had the power to do anything. She could read people’s minds, fly, do anything. While she was reading Serena’s mind, a person abruptly interrupted her concentration. Adin. Now what? He was dressed in all black. Serena and Jaime were completely shocked including the many other people there. Suddenly, the room got so quiet that you couldn’t hear a pin drop. He walked up to the casket and looked at her dull face and body. Jared and Serena demanded an explanation. He needed to focus all his energy on Dory so he blocked them out. He leaned into her face, reached into his pocket, and picked out two tubes of what looked like glitter. He tossed them to Jaime. Bobby now reached in closer and the people around where having all faces of terror, shock, and repulse. Adin also had a churning stomach ache at what he was about to do. His lips became millimeters away from the bleak, icy lips. Suddenly, Adoreamor’s spirit was moving away going towards the casket. Adin’s mouth opened and glitter danced from his mouth and fell down to Dory’s mouth. Adin leaned in and stuck his lips to hers. Both of there lips were stuck together. Adoreamor's spirit returned back into its original place, her body. Adin’s lips became unstuck and he let go. Dory’s heart beat was really high. Her heart was beating so rapidly, it looked like it was going to pop out of her chest. Suddenly, her eyes opened. They were a different color now. Her eyes were a majestical orchid color with highlights of violet surrounding her pupil. Her body rose above the casket. She was now standing on air. Butterfly wings sprouted out of her back, a V-neck violet strapless dress hugged her body, and her hair was charcoal black waves springing from her head to her elbows. It was like her beauty was brighter and more bold now. Adoreamor dropped to the ground abruptly. Adin looked at her beautiful eyes and smiled one of those guilty smiles.

“Hi.” Adin said dryly yet naive.
She looked at him with question marks in her eyes.

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