Teleporter Human Association

April 27, 2010
By BostonBoy BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
BostonBoy BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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The day grew dark, as the cherry blossomed trees shaded into a dim of gray. It came to my uncertainty that a storm was approaching. The wind began to pick up, as it roared its way through Northern Vermont on that autumn evening. The wind chime out front began to sway back in forth in an almost sudden motion. It seemed to me it was going to be a long night, as a crack of lighting struck in the distance. To my surprise the doorbell rang, but why this time of day? I was in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest town, and miles away from the nearest house even. Could this be my parents returning from their trip to Montpellier? All these questions ran through my head, like an adrenaline rush. Somewhat fear broke out of me, as I peaked across the hall from the kitchen where I lie guessing myself. The door bell rang once more, and it ranged once more again.

I admit I almost broke out in sweat, as my palms began to clam up. Without hesitation I began to creep up to the door, taking my time. Just about to suddenly reach my distance, I stopped momentarily. Stopping momentarily to ask myself if I should encounter what lies behind that door? A shadow dims behind the curtain to my front door not noticing this at all. The doorbell began to repeat itself with a ring once more and then once more again. My ears began to irritate with the booming sound of the ancient doorbell that remains a part of this house. Without any other miscues of distractions and unsettlements I began to grasp the door handle. It had seemed almost several minutes or even hours since I was in my kitchen, minding my own business. Finally, my hands grasped the handle and now I was staring out to my driveway with no one in front of me? Was I out of it? Did I need to lie down and go to sleep, before any other suppose sounds startle me? But I was fully energized and awake to fall for this hallucination I suppose. Eyes followed to the left and right of the doorway, and still no one seemed present. Quickly I headed back inside, until I noticed within the blink of an eye something passing the side of the house. Quickly I began to grab the closest weapon I could come across from inside of my house. Hands clenched onto my rusty, yet fearless aluminum baseball bat. Closing the door as I follow the side of the house, steadily I crept to the very side of my house.

I peaked carelessly to the right of the house, seeing just the abandoned swing set I use to know and loved. Thunder cracked just a few miles away, as I felt wetness from up above. Rain skimmed upon my auburn hair simultaneously and yet again. Fear was what rushed through me at the moment, and it bothered me even worse with all this thundering. Hence, it was like a scary scenario, myself out in the dark, home alone, hearing the doorbell ring numerous times, opening the door to find myself alone, as if nothing ever rang the doorbell. Was it just my imagination, or was someone really here? Just the thought of it made my body numb. Hands sweaty from all this nervous tension brought upon me, like I am the one who has brought this weight on my shoulders. To double check, I scouted out the back and front of my house several times to make sure nothing was there and I was right at the moment. The woods fell back to the distance of my backyard and that was the last thing I would be caught checking for someone to pop up at me. Slowly, beginning to go back inside and my hand still gripped around the end of my bat I walked back into the safe spot. My house was after all a safe spot from all this nature around me, a safe spot that would keep me sheltered from all this bad mountain weather in northern Vermont, because that’s all this part was, full of mountains and nature, right?

Yet I wish my parents were here to take all this nervous pressure of my back and actually be myself. But my conscious wouldn’t let me be myself, due to the fact my mind is playing tricks on me that someone or something is outside waiting for me. Come to think of it, maybe that someone or something was inside in my house. Suddenly, I heard shuffling across upstairs. My stomach began to drop, as if I was on a 500 foot rollercoaster beginning to take on its course from its fearful drop. Serious now, I begin to grab another weapon I could lay hands on. My right hand was consuming an aluminum bat, and now my left hand was clenching a 6 inch steak knife. I wasn’t playing games anymore, and I sure as hell didn’t want someone to be upstairs ready to pounce on my instant mistake.

Did you ever been in the situation that you were home alone, out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Vermont, and that something or someone was inside your house playing games with you? Well right now I am in this dreadful situation and scared to death of what waits for me on the next floor. Too bad the next house from mine is 3 miles up the road for me, and yet that house is abandoned. Leaving me out of ideas to escape from this nervous feeling I have inside me. The telephone sat there on the kitchen counter, without further action my hand grabbed it and began to dial my mom’s cell phone number. As it happens to appear the power was out 3 seconds later, before the telephone could make a call to my last chance of help and comfort.

The clock struck 8 and that meant 3 long hours left till my parents would reach me. Another shuffle once again crossed the floors of upstairs, and this time louder than before. Beginning to gulp, shaking off my fears and being tough was what needed to be of me right this very second. Cautiously I rose from my awkward position and began to take slow baby steps up the floor of hell. Rain pounded against the house, like several buildings collapsing due to a demolition. It felt like Armageddon out there and it felt like hell in here. To my surprise I was about two steps away from the surface of upstairs. Still clenching the two weapons I have in my hand, fearlessly I began to walk and view the area of my surroundings. Upstairs consisted of one bathroom and two bedrooms, one bedroom being mine. I opened up my parent’s room with a jolt to find nothing but a neatly made bed and an empty room consisting of a lamp, hope chest, drawers and a mirror. One less weight off my back as I came across two doors left to search.

Nearest me was the bathroom. I opened this door furiously with a loud bang. Quickly I shoved the shower curtain and found my eyes staring at an empty shower head and tub. This is exactly what I needed, a nice hot shower to take away the tension that holds within me. Lastly was my bedroom, it seemed almost yesterday I was laying down it. That was exactly what happened last night and I couldn’t picture myself in it tonight. Once more, slamming open my bedroom with force I peered upon emptiness. But I wasn’t too satisfied with myself, looking to the right of me stood my closet. The closet I noticed was slightly open. Sweat broke out and began to trickle down my face endlessly like a waterfall. “Who is there?” I questioned nervously. No answer was all I got. Taking action, I drew near to the closet. With my body in a batting stance and my hand in a striking position, my feet kicked open the closet door. A figure struck me in the head, before I even could make a move.

My eyes began to open slightly like garage doors opening up to the driveway, yet to find nothing. I awoke to nothing, emptiness……….My body began to shiver and my head was aching of pain. I realized I was downstairs in the kitchen, lying down on the floor. Before I could even get up, a hand pelted against my body. Terror struck me; it almost felt like I was stabbed in the heart. A devilish, dark, mysterious figure stood over me and watched through its dark eyes. It was as if I was a present under the Christmas tree, with dazzling colors printed across it wrappings and yet that’s how this figure was feeling. To weak to move or even think. “Who are you and what do you want from me?” I questioned the stranger. The figure felt confused, like I was speaking a totally different language to it. “I came for you” the figure replied.

Tears trickled down my face, my spine began to tingle, legs glued to the floor and my mind in shock. Trying to pinch myself severely, thinking this was all just a scary dream. Yet this wasn’t a dream at all, but there couldn’t be anyone more messed up than this frightening figure hovering over me. “Why do you need me?” The question echoed all around me as it seemed. “You are chosen to kill the bad ones”. “What do you mean bad ones?” Confusion was brought to my suspense, and I couldn’t believe this was all just happening. “The bad ones are the ones who don’t deserve to be in this world, the ones who live normal lives, the ones who pollute and destroy this so called Earth”. “What is so special about me really, I am just an average human being, who is sixteen and lives out in the middle of nowhere, during the summer with my parents who aren’t even here at the moment and you come to me?” Still lying on the kitchen floor, scared, confused and tormented by something I couldn’t even name. Peering towards the clock hung above the refrigerator and across from the figure. The numbers beamed back 10:23. Thinking to myself that my parents should be home within a half an hour, and yet how could they illiterate all of this going on? “You need to come with me now; there isn’t anything else I can explain to you at the moment” the figure demanded. Without any hesitation the figure grabbed me by the legs with full force and dragged me outside easily.

Struggling to fight back and screaming as hard as I could possibly scream. Thinking back to it, no one and I mean no one was even close to hearing me scream my lungs out furiously. Pain struck my leg like a bullet, as I continuously began to slide across the ground heading towards the woods. Trying to catch my breath in this cold Vermont air was hard to compete. Drenching with sweat and fear, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Suddenly not realizing it, I stopped momentarily. Looking around my surrounding and all I could see was the pitch darkness. “You need to come with me boy, and I don’t mean to frighten you this way, but I have to take these orders”. So I wasn’t going to get killed after all, but on the other hand I wanted to go home. “Why am I not average, and how come you have to take me this way?” Silence broke into several moments, before the figure could reply back. “Your parents weren’t going out to dinner”. My mind was racing with questions and was starving for the truth or maybe he was just lying to me? “How do you know this?” I questioned dramatically. “There is alot you do not know my friend” the figure said. Was he right or was he just playing mind games with me? The question was still up in the air and so was my mind, because confusion struck me with a major headache. “Hold my hand, and I will tell you everything when we reach are destination” the figure claimed.

That is what I did, not even hesitating, my hand clenched the mysterious figures hand and we disappeared into thin air.

Chapter 1

My name is James and I am sixteen years old, just an average kid who lives in the middle of nowhere Vermont during the summer with my parents. Today my parents who are average, ordinary, bossy just like any other typical parents, unless your one out of every gazillion people who have the complete opposite. Well, it all started off when my parents went out for dinner in the city, while I was left home all alone. It had only been several minutes, before the creepy stuff began to unwind. Scared and frightened, I was attacked by a mysterious figure of my upstairs bedroom, which acclaims that he was sent here to collect, because I was considered “special”. Dragging me and forcing me he brings me through the rainy, dark woods of Vermont, teasing me with unanswered remarks and questions that leave my mind racing. Without momentarily I grab his hand, promising me for an explanation later? Feeling dumb and still yet frightened of what is going on, I leave without any trace. Wondering how my parents would react if they showed up with me gone and untraceable. Yet this mysterious figure who I don’t even know, I somewhat trust? Now back to the story……..

With a crash I landed face first right into the moist soil below. Getting up to my feet slowly, my eyes come across a whole entirely new world. Not seeing anything like this in my life, yet still feeling that all of this is one big dream I am having. City like buildings, large fountains, regular human beings walking down the street, but some disappearing into thin air like me and the figure did moments ago. What was all of this? “James follow me; we need to get to the tower, before I can explain everything” the figure ordered. Following the figure through lengthy side-walks and stony streets we reach a huge tower. This tower was by far the biggest thing I have ever seen in my entire life, it looked exactly like the buildings back in the ancient Greek times. “How did you know my name?” The figure looked back at me with no intention of answering me, and he continued to walk the steps that lead to a huge door of the tower. Considering this must be the entrance, I was ready for answers that still puzzle my mind. As we entered the tower coming across several other people roaming around the huge lobby, we stop at a desk containing a man with jet-black hair, young and well-built. “May I help you, sir?” the man at the desk questioned. Looking around me, my eyes come across a big sign to the right of me reading: Teleporter Headquarters. Teleporter, was this what everyone was a teleporter? Glimpsing all around me, picturing out several people disappearing with an instance no where to be seen. “Yes I would like to see the Director immediately, it’s involving the project” the figure replied seconds later. “Yes certainly sir”. Moments later, I follow the figure and the man across the hall towards an odd closed in area. “Hold on to my hand” said the figure. Once again without any hesitation I hold onto his hand. Within a flash we were standing right in front of a dark man like the figure, whom had a noticeable scar across his left cheek. “Well, well, well is this James who we have here Drake?” the man asked with timid eyes. Drake was the figures name who harassed, yet sassed me to this new place, that was something out of a fantasy book. Drake nodded towards the man and pushed me up towards the dark mans view. “I assume you must be filled with questions on what’s happening James?” The question echoed in my head, over and over again. “Yes, I want to know every single detail on why I am here, where are we and who are you” I proclaimed with frustration. “Easy now boy, I will tell you, but first take a seat”.

Chapter 2

My eyes began to gaze into the dark mans eyes and yet questions filled my head with a complete headache. This has to be a dream; it just has to be one. From the very beginning just minding my own business in the middle of nowhere; to being abducted of some sorts by this figure named Drake and now in some new world I couldn’t even explain. “So why am I here, could you answer that?” I questioned dramatically. The dark figured glared at me like I was a piece of chocolate full of sweetness and delight, but it seemed like he wasn’t ready to take a single bite.

“You really want to know, don’t cha James…..” the mysterious figured confronted. The dark figure began to leave his seat and circled around my presence. “Yes, I do sir.” I responded. The area around was very spacious, with random picture acquainting the area, providing it with a feel at home type thing. Some type of coconut refresher filled the area, and it made me quite nauseous. Looking back at this dark man, who in my mind looked African- American descent, glanced back at me closely to make sure I was paying attention to him. “Well…..where should I start Drake?” questioned the dark figure. “Well it wouldn’t hurt to just tell him your name, its not like he is one of the others”. “Hmm…..” the dark figured nodded in agreement. “James, you probably want to know why you’re here, so I'm just going to keep it short and sweet then.” “My name is Alex, and I am the director. In most cases the head of THA (Teleporter Human Association). “So everyone here in this town or whatever this place is called, can teleport?” I questioned back in a curious tone. “Frankly, yes we do have the ability to teleport. It was about 20 years ago; we established our own city called “Hope”. This city isn’t located anywhere in the world, but only we can get to it…….meaning only teleporters. The reason why we can teleport was because back in 1985 a meteorite crashed in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. Not just any meteorite, this so called meteorite held some type of toxin that affected a person 20 meters away, and I was the first to be introduced with this ability. I found this meteorite off the highway in the middle of a field, and it went from there. For some odd reason, there were about 30 others that acquired the ability also. This was like a sign of some sorts, and after I came across this meteorite….I just ended up finding others who have gotten the same ability off this one meteorite. All 30 of us started this organization and your parents ended up being two of those many people.” Astonished by the information I was absorbing, it began to make sense why I was here. “I am assuming the reason I am here is because I am a teleporter too? I questioned back excitingly. “Not quite I am afraid, but you do have the DNA from your parents, which allows you to acquire this ability. But, it comes naturally and you will soon be able to do it.” It had only seemed like this was all a dream to me, with my parents being able to teleport and all. For some reason, this felt like it was reality and I had always dreamed of being superman or spider-man when I was a kid. Finally it seemed like maybe there are people in the world that have certain abilities like those of super heroes. “Where are my parents and why am I here?” “Just wait my friend let me get to that. Your parents are kidnapped by the bad ones. The bad ones are the teleporters that betrayed THA and started to rebel against us and many others in the outside world.” “We have to save them like right now!” I demanded with fear. My heart began to pound like a set of drums, being smashed in rhythmic tone. “That’s the only thing, we can’t save them.” The answer began to echo all around me, repeating the words one by one like a set of dominoes falling in one single motion. “To complete your question, the reason why we brought you here is because you’re the only one that can save your parents.” It almost seemed like the world was turning on me to save the world and it began to sink in on me, that it was the only answer.

The author's comments:
This is the first two chapters of the short story I am writing. Please tell me what you think so far, thank you.

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