Sparrow (chapter 1)

April 26, 2010
By katniss SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
katniss SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
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Did you eat my socks

I reach out to the bed next to me "Dove." I say longing for my younger sister. I reach out once more still not willing to open my sagging eyes. "Pip." I say once again. I wonder were she is gone. Then I remember …. Its Wednesday she will be gathering in the town with the other 12 year olds, they will all be ready to help build the chamber to test us in or ship us. It is only 7 hours until the inspection when they will watch our eyes then cheek our backs or at lest mine.

I sit up unwillingly, and look around, and I am grateful to find that I am the only one awake. I creep over to the hiding spot were I keep my pants and good walking shoes.
I had learned to wear pants in the woods the hard way. The first time I went out to test my wings with my brother my only good dress was demolished. But you win some you lose some. Because that day I learned to fly.

You probably are wondering why I said wings and fly. Well it’s the plain truth.
I was borne with wings. My mother apparently thought that this was great news, and not a horrific curs. So my name turned out to be Sparrow.

I think I’ll visit Hawk we have known each other since I could fly we had ended up meeting at ten thousand feet. I am pulling on my shoes just as I hear the voice….. The mayors wife her words are “Surprise inspection…..Starting now”

The author's comments:
Lets go weird dreams that turne into a okay story!!!!!!!

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