A Dead Man Can Still Walk

April 25, 2010
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“How sad” said Demour; as we passed by the old river bank. Today is such a calm and relaxing day; a warm spring breeze, and fresh cherry blossoms gliding across the clear blue sky. “Hey Demour why is he always by himself?” I said quietly so that he wouldn’t hear. “Well I heard he got kicked out his grandmother’s house about a week ago” said Demour. “Who’s his granny?” I said sort of confused. “You know Miss Debbie the crazy cat lady who lives on Elms” said Demour. “Oh that one I know okay go on please!” I said. “Yea” she said in an annoyed voice maybe because I interrupted her story. “Any who, yea, His name is Timmy, and he is around nine or ten, his parents both died in a freak accident; before all of that he was a normal little boy always playing and breaking stuff.”After he moved in with his grandmother the only joy he really had was her, she was bipolar, and the old toys his parents had bought him”. “You know a week before the accident was his birthday, he got loads of gifts I am sure”. “Do you know how it happened?” I said curiously. She replied in a sort of confused voice like she didn’t even believe what she was saying “Everyone says that his mother had a spontaneous combustion while cooking and his father died trying to save her.” “Really I thought that was just a myth?!” I said stunned. “Yea so did they” said Demour in a gloomy voice. “Well that’s not the end of his bad luck, one day he was climbing a tree to get his favorite airplane kite that had got caught in the old maple tree in the front yard”, she said looking down and twiddling her thumbs and then going silent for a moment. Then she slowly began again, “Well you know that saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”, well it does”. “Miss Debbie had been yelling at Timmy for a few minutes now telling him to get down before he hurt himself”. “You know Miss. Debbie’s new cat, Odem, was in the tree and Timmy not knowing reached up for the kite; when he did so Odem got scared and jumped, that dump piece of crude missed and landed softly on the plush green grass safely”. “For Timmy it was a totally different story, well she scared the life out the little boy naturally with her being a pure bread Cimices cat and all.” “For a moment he lost his grip but soon caught it again; he still didn’t give up and climbed higher to get his cherished kite.” “Unfortunately the morning dew had not fully left and the soft moss was soaked so when he put his right foot on it, he fell.” “When he did I am sure he broke a bone or two he laid there crying then looking up at his grandmother through his teary eyes not surprisingly his grandmother was stiffly making her way over to him arms open, tears streaming from her eyes”. “When he reached up thinking she was going to cradle him in her loving arms; she reached down right below him hugging the ground below where he laid”. “Bewildered he looked down at her; I guess that Miss Debbie prize winning Fat cat ,Kimmi, had been passing by and got sort of caught in the cross fire” she said bursting out in laughter. “Oh yes, I made funny” she said staggering to catch her breath and crying from laughter. Apparently her joke wasn’t that funny cause she was the only one who got it; after she realized she was laughing alone she gave me a stiff look and proceeded with the story.“It was mid-morning and most people were out walking their dogs or jogging so they made a big scene”. “There was blood everywhere and it was chaos for about twenty five minutes or at least until the ambulance came”. “Miss Debbie didn’t allow them to take Timmy no one knows why though”. “The next day she kicked him out and ever sense then he has been living all around town”. “Why won’t anyone do anything about it?” I said in a kind of angry voice. She replied by saying ,“Well most people around here don’t care and the people who do are too scared to mess with Miss Debbie; you know she has a reputation; my dad says she has been to prison before no one knows about that either, but rumor is she killed her husband for breaking her favorite fine china”. “I would talk to him but my mom tells me not to” she said sympathetically.

Dear diary,
Today was as nice as yesterday maybe even nicer. I saw a raccoon in the front yard dad says we can’t keep him because they have Rabies. Demour and I went to Anna’s house today you won’t guess who we saw. Timmy! He was sitting by the old bus stop in the same position as usual head crouched down smuggled in his lap. I started to go up to him but Anna’s mommy stopped me. Oh well I guess it canted be helped.

Dear diary,
Wow today was so hot I am pretty sure it was above ninety degrees. Demour and I hung out at my house toady trying to stay cool after church had ended. Around two my mother and I went to the grocery store. ON the way I saw Timmy he sat motionless on the old rugged curve in the same position. You know I never noticed but he always wears the same clothes a thin Hawaiian shirt and baggy jeans. I wonder if he was hot I know I was.

Dear diary,
Today at school we learned about numeric values and what not trust me uber un-fun. , But in art we did learn how to draw a house. I have always been curious about Timmy and school. So today I asked the teacher and he said he came for a while and then stopped maybe because of a mental illness or something and that it was none of my business. On the way home I saw Timmy by the old abandoned ware house but today it was different. I saw his granny, Miss Debbie knelt down beside him saying something to him and then giggling. I didn’t see very much because the red light changed to soon. But it was pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Dear diary,
Sorry I didn’t get to write in you yesterday but I was way busy. Mr. Nick gave us a pop project. I mean really we all know about a pop quiz but a pop project, who in their right minds would do something like that. So I work all day on that and went to bed late. But today after school it was raining hard and Timmy was by the old fair grounds sitting at the gates. I couldn’t believe it he was drenched and he just sat there as if nothing had happened. Tomorrow I promise ill go talk to him something has to be wrong.

“Ok today is the day today is the day when I talk to Timmy” I thought prompting myself as if it were going to be a big ordeal or something. Today Timmy was in the park, sitting alone as usual under the old peach tree. I slowly began to approach him, looking around to make sure no one was around to stop me this time. As I got closer I began to smell something disgusting; “the sewers must be backed up again” I thought scrunching my nose then moving forward. Finally I was in arms reach of Timmy; I stretched my right arm out to his left shoulder. I couldn’t believe it my arm was violently shaking and everything seemed to be going in slow motion; “why am I so nervous?” I thought “maybe it’s because of the rumors but they’re only rumors so there is nothing to really be afraid of rite?”. And before I knew it I was touching his shoulder lightly with my finger loosely gripping him. “Uh, Timmy, Timmy are you ok” I said in a quivering voice. After he didn’t answer I felt kind of awkward so I began to softly shake him while calling his name, “hey Timmy do you want to come to my house for a while and take a bath or something” I said softly trying to be as soothing as possible. He still didn’t reply and I was getting even more nervous by the second so unconsciously I shook him harder and looked around saying Timmy why don’t we go somewhere else it’s a really nice day to play” I said. As soon as I turned back around to look at Timmy he fell to the ground, apparently I shook him to hard. For a moment I could quit understand what was going on I just stood there bent over staring and then reality hit me. “ahhhhhhhh” I yelled terrified as I fell to the ground. I just sat there screaming and screaming looking at Timmy and then crying.
“Extra extra read all about a Daily Wonderer in Twinkle Ville” yelled a news boy on the corner.

Twinkle Ville Gossip
Daily Wonderer
Warning: contents may contain graphic details and or descriptions, please be warned this article is not censored
KefvhvhdbdbwjbbjfbhbbjnfenejhfghdjgdggdjhgbdsfzdszkjphgdswewswsfjppresdfgHklpptresfhjqwwertyuioplknjnhbgvffxdsaqwswededfrftgtyhuyhujujklpohyfokpkcfgdcaosokjhfgffhaasfhfhdbfhdfhdgbfhgdhhvhfdfdjhnjkbjgbshghdfgfsdagfdafddhjjhhahfgdfsdadmhgkhughfdfsdaesafggliuyftrrewesdrsaesdfdfjdrseaedgfvhyjffgddrsreaewshthkghfjddfsadghhgukjydfhdrdsresrtffygukgyftfdrtfduggyhfytftrdggffffiifdsssf says Maggie. A detailed description of the boy was terrifying in its self just to hear. Maggie tells us his face was carved out completely and replaced with the formally deseeded cat Odem’s face stretched across the skull. There were maggots and flies inside the boy’s body as well. Apparently he had been this way for about two weeks now. He has been identified as Miss Debbie’s grandson, Timmy, age 10, parent deseeded as well. Miss Debbie has been already charged for the murder of her husband in the late 1900’s and now of her grandson. During her hearing one of the only statements she had for the judge was“an eye for an eye”. Apparently she would move him around every day to places that best fit her mood saying that the cat Odem would be avenged. It’s said that she began to cry in court then laugh about the situation and mildly shrugging it off; many say it’s because of her illness that she committed such a crime and should be placed in an institute. But unfortunately she has been sentenced to life in prison. Neighbors say they knew something wasn’t right but were too afraid to do anything about it. Hhfsgdgfsfhgdgdgsghkfgvyhhefhgdfhgfhgfhfgfgjfghfghfghfghfghfghfghghghjggghggghhggjujudujgdgfujgffbgfjfjfjfnfbfghbjgkbrgbjgbjgvbjnvbkdnpwqjoywkwgjvfghfvhvfvfjvbfgjhuvgbfhvhjfvbjjsksknbdnvbdfvhfdvhvbfjhfdjbfwklbndklbdjnmfvhjhj,fvdjbknkjvbdhjvfdghdchvdjsbj.dbjhvdhdhchvjh.v,fvhvcfhhjffhjkp

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