United We Stand Divided We Fall

April 21, 2010
Narrator: All of the animals lived peacefully in the forest until one day wolves attacked one of the outer animal towns in the forest. All of the surviving animals fled back to the Forest Stronghold. All of the leaders met there to devise a plan to protect themselves from the wolves.
Bird: We simply cannot stand around and let these wolves terrorize our fellow animals. We have a duty to protect each other. My flock barely had a chance to take off before the wolves came in and slaughtered my less fortunate comrades on the ground.
Monkey: I was up in my tree when I heard screaming. I looked down and saw countless wolves chasing other animals. I tried to help by throwing stones at the wolves but there were just too many of them.
Narrator: All of the animals on the council began chatting amongst themselves until the Bear King came to a decision.
Bear King: Silence! The only way we hope to have any chance at fighting off the wolves is if we all unite. Bird, I want you and a few of your fastest flyers to head out and warn the other animals before it is too late. Tell them to make their way to the stronghold.
Narrator: So the birds set out to gather all of the animals and get them safely to the stronghold where they had a chance of holding off the wolves. The stronghold had high walls and only one entrance. Meanwhile the animals began to plan their defense. A few hours later everyone was in position and the birds had returned with more survivors. The monkeys and birds were all in the trees with stones and other objects that they could throw down in an attack. The bears and lions were on the ground because they were the strongest of the animals. The next morning the bird scouts reported sightings of wolves heading toward the stronghold. A few minutes later the wolves reached the stronghold.
Bear King: All animals prepare for battle!
Narrator: The wolves charged but they weren’t able to make it over the stronghold’s walls. The bears stood in the entrance and began to fight off the wolves.
Bear King: Launch counter attack!
Narrator: The monkeys began throwing sticks that had been cut and crafted into the shape of javelins and sharp rocks. The birds flew out with bags of rocks attached to them and released them over the wolves.
Bear King: The wolves are retreating! Hold your posts!
Birds: No! Chase after them! Kill them all!
Narrator: All of the animals started shouting different commands and no one knew what to do. After the battle, another council meeting was held. The Bear King was furious with the other animals for disobeying him.
Bird: You and the bears did nothing! If it wern’t for us birds the battle would surely have been lost!
Monkey: Hey what about us monkeys? We were key to winning that battle!
Bear King: You are all fools! If it weren’t for the bears, the stronghold would have been overrun!
Lion: Without the lions you all would have been slaughtered!
Narrator: The argument continued until eventually all the different species of animals split up, refusing to work together ever again. The birds flew north. The monkeys went back to their trees. The lions ran west. Later that night the wolves attacked the stronghold again. But the bears could not hold them off. They were strong but the wolves were many and soon the stronghold was overrun. The other species of animals tried to make their own strongholds but when the wolves attacked them they could not hold them off. One by one the leagues of animals fell. The moral of the story is united we stand, divided we fall.

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