The Escape

April 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Her breathing quickened. Her Blue frozen eyes clouded over with endless days of misfortune. The Walls around her showed no remorse, no forgiveness. Just memories of a lifetime of pain.
She never considered her self a bad person, just a good person caught up in an unbreakable net of bad things. She knew they were coming -the people that wanted her hung infront of queen and country for what she did. Her heart was racing. Explaining her side of the story hadn't gone down to well, slaves weren't showed the same kind of equal justice as the Slaves owners. Her eyes flew do the depths of the great black door, imposing itself in the centre of the echoing darkness of the cell. The hatch scraped open, then scraped shut. Click. Behind the opened door a man with no face stood holiding a blade the shined powerfully into halo's eyes. She began squiting, trying hard to keep what eye contact she could on the shadow of black engulfing her door way.
It marched forward thumping it's feat down on the ground as if the damp, cold floor itself was a victem of the hang-man. The calmness evapourated. She wasnt guilty! Throwing her self violently, she lept up from the ground and threw an accurate fist into his face. Halo felt the bridge of his nose crack. So he is human...
She didnt have much time, if she was going to escape now was the chance, and she's have to do it carefully. Halo was clever. The Lifetime of years she's spend as Dakoda's slave had left her with something at least. Her best chance of escaping was to quickly and quietly kill the Hangman. But he was the hangman. Perhaps a person most accustomed to death, he would be no easy target.
The hangman made a grab for Halo missing her by nothing more than a second. But seconds were everything. In that one second Halo grabbed hold of his neck with both hands, pierced her nails into either side of his tracea and squeezed the hardest she could.

The author's comments:
A probably rather rubbish piece that I just cooked so I could contribute to the website. It probably could've done without this little 'marvel' like, but toh well... haha

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