Celebrity Jeopardy

April 21, 2010
“Welcome back to "Celebrity Jeopardy" It's been an exciting first round. That being said, let's take a look at the scores. Sean Connery has negative 16,500 dollars,” says Alex Trebek
“We meet again Trebek,” Sean Connery says while clearing his old man throat.
“Yes… Yes, we do. Are ready to continue with the game?” Alex says back really fast.
“The real question is, are you ready?” Sean asking Alex with a big smile on his face, it was creepier than funny looking. Alex knew something bad was going to happen today. Plus they were on an elevator. Who knew who was going to go on the elevator for the second round.
Ding. The elevator doors slowly open; Alex’s eyes are half open….
“HEY IT’S FRED!!! Is this a game show?! Oooooh I wanna play! Ooohh can I, oh can I please?!?!?!”
Sean said to Fred,” just shut the kid up and let the boy play.”
“So let’s start.” Trebek fixes his note cards.
“Can we get on with the game already? I have my woman waiting for me in room 122.”
“Wait a minute… Mr. Connery, please don’t say that’s my mothers room.”
“Ahahahh, you bet it is.”
Alex looks the other way and back to the players,”Anyways tonight categories are… famous love movies, animal sounds, fast food, and high school sports. Mr. Connery you get to pick first.”
“I will pick Famous mothers for 500!”
“What! No! Where on earth do you get mothers?” says Alex.
“EWWWW that’s gross!” Fred Said really loud.
“Fred! Where were you! I was looking all over for you, come in the room now!!”
“Fred you better go, your father is calling you.” Mr. Connery tells Fred.
“That was not my father silly that was my mom! Well see you guys latter!!! BYEE!!!” Fred skips out of the elevator.
“Well I guess it is just me and you,” Alex says to Sean.
“HA, you kidding me, I am going to room 122!”
“What no, you can’t!” Alex follows Sean out of the elevator the two man fight back and forth like an old married couple.

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