Leave Me Alone

April 20, 2010
By twilight111eclipse063010 BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
twilight111eclipse063010 BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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“Leave me alone, Mom!” I said slamming the door in front of my mom. I put my back against the door. I wait to hear the creaky floorboards before I break down. Why was it that my mom always expects so much of me! I head towards my bed I look in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. I take some time to think before I go searching for my much needed item.
It’s not like I will miss much of life, nor will anyone miss me. So why should I continue breathing? I’m just a waste of space.
The tears start pouring down as I grab the knife. I reach for the upper part of my arm, closest to my shoulder. Then there’s knock.
“Sissy… can I come in?” says the little voice that is my three year old sister.
I quickly put the knife back in my nightstand and shut the drawer and pull my sleeve down. “Yup, you can come in.” I smiled.
“What were you and Mommy fighting about?” she asked.
“Oh, it’s nothing. Just silly stuff.” I said.
“Wreawy?” She said. “Cause you two are awways fighting about the swame stuff. “
“That’s true, but it’s meaningless stuff.” I said.
“Wike chwores?” she said.
“Yes. Chores.” I nodded.
“Wewl ten. Bwye!” she said running out of my room and into the TV room.
The only reason for me to live… my life is held onto by my little, three year old sister.
“Dinner!” My mom yelled.
“Coming!” I said.
I tidy my room up from the little mess Miranda made and then left to go eat dinner. Hopefully we could last this long without fighting. It’s hard having no man in the house to help anyone settle anything. That was left up to Miranda, unfortunately.
“Hello.” I say entering the dining room.
“Good to see that you’ll join us today.” My mom says. Every time she says that it makes me think she knows.
“Well why wouldn’t I be joining?” I say walking over to Miranda and giving her a big hug and kiss.
“You never know.” Mom said.
“Whatever…” I said taking my usual spot by Miranda.
“Stop it!” Miranda shouted.

That’s when I came to realize. I can’t live like this. I don’t want to move out angry at my mom, never to see her again. I want us to talk long after I’ve moved out. If she woke up finally, though, I’ll never know. Until it’s too late.
“Why do you have your phone with you?” my mom asked.
“I forgot about, oops.” I said putting my phone on silent.
“Who was that?” she asked. She was probably wondering, who in the world would be talking to her.
“Didn’t look.” I said.
“That’s a first…” she glared.
“What!? That I didn’t look at who texted me or that someone wants to talk to me!”I yelled.
“Ugh just go to your room!” she yelled.

I gladly did as she said and grabbed my plate and walked to my room. I found the stereo in my room and blasted it. She could yell as loud as she wanted I wouldn’t be able to hear her. I’m glad. I splayed myself out on the bed and remembered to look at my phone. It was a stupid forward … of course.
It read:
FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: When do you think SHE is going to wake up and shoot herself? Text (489)555-5408 with your prediction.
Wow, good to know that people in the school care. I knew it I am just a waste of space. The phone number was Marie, too. No surprise there. She was the head of the school. Teachers’ pet, good grades. I bet she threatened them because her daddy signs their paychecks.
Pound! Pound! “Mrmph mphath phown.”
“What!” I yelled.
My door flew open, “Turn that stupid music down!”
“Whatever!” I said going towards my stereo.
Of course I didn’t turn the music down. I used it to muffle my scream. She didn’t care who I was no one did. I want to see what would happen if I died… right now.

“Sweetie, sweetie?” “Come on sweetie, wake up.” Said a voice that sounds familiar, why was she slapping my body. She put two fingers on my neck. What was she doing? Moments later she was crying. Why would she cry?

“Mwommie.”A little girl said tugging on the crying woman’s shirt. “Why are you crwing?”

“Oh, it’s nothing sweetie. Go to your room and play with your toys. “Said the woman.

“Okay Mwommie.” The little girl said walking back to her toys.

Little girls never asked questions when their mom tells them to do something. Then they grow up and that’s all they do.

“Why. Why!” the woman screamed. She looked around the body, my body. She saw a knife. Covered, in blood right beside me. She picked it up, “Why, why didn’t you say anything. You could have told us you needed help.”

She left the room, finally. I don’t like seeing people in sadness, it pains me. No one cared if I was though.

Why can I see my body anyway? If I am what I think I am, I should be somewhere else. I should be happy, not sad.

“Hello?” said the woman. “Yes, Pastor. Can you come down here please?”… “Thank you.”
Nothing exciting happened for the next ten minutes. The woman continued to cry, the little girl kept asking what was wrong, woman wouldn’t give a direct answer she just kept changing the subject and then the bell rang.

“Yes, thank you. Thank you so much for coming on short notice.” Said the woman to the man with a black outfit and a little white spot in the collar of his shirt.

“Yes, no problem. So what is the matter?” said, what I am guessing is the pastor.

“Follow me. “Said the woman. She led him into the room that she was in previously, where my body was.

“Oh my.” The pastor said.

The woman couldn’t think of anything to say she started bursting into tears again.

“It’s okay.” The pastor comforted.

“No, it’s not. How can you say such a thing? My daughter, MY daughter KILLED herself!” said the woman.

No! No! No! This must be my mom. She never cared. Why is it now she cares! I killed myself! She shouldn’t care! She should be happy! She won’t have to deal with me anymore. No! She shouldn’t care! I’m dead! People don’t care about the dead, especially when they killed themselves. They cry for those murdered they shouldn’t for those who killed themselves. No one cared! Ever! I know the school won’t care, I bet they’ll be happier than ever.

The cops arrive; the pastor thinks it’s a murder. Since when can pastors make those kinds of calls? It’s not like he majored in psychology or any of that crud. Even though I do think that it is common sense that this is suicide, though. What am I saying though I’m the one floating up in the air?

I follow the cops around. They think that the pastor is just wasting his time by calling them; they already know it’s a suicide. I’m sure the pastor thinks that I was possessed by a demon and it killed me trying to escape, so we have a demon out on the loose.

At my body’s house the woman is still freaking out. She is making arrangements for a funeral. Talking to the newspaper to get it in the obituary telling them about who I must have been. She wants it small, she seems embarrassed and ashamed. I don’t blame her either; I wouldn’t want to have a daughter that killed herself because she felt that she had no one to run to. She tells the newspaper that I was a sweet girl; she hasn’t told them that it was a suicide they are making them believe that it was an unknown disease with undetected symptoms.

Over at the school it looks like everyone is happier than the way that I remember them. I don’t really remember talking to any of them, but I’m sure that’s why I am up here, because I didn’t care and didn’t have anyone holding me down. No one is pushing or shoving. The school is now united, all because I am gone. Wait what! Someone is crying in a corner of the bathroom stall. Well, um, first of all… why am I in the men’s bathroom? A boy? Crying over MY death. Puh-lease!

“Hello?” the boy said his voice echoing throughout the bathroom.
Uhhmm… yes? I asked wondering if he could see or even hear me.

“Are you…” he asked.
Yes.. I am the girl that killed herself. I used to go to this school.

“I know. I just want to know why.” He said.
I will tell you why, once you explain to me why you can hear and see me…

“I don’t really know why exactly. I was kind of born being able to see ghosts. Have you ever seen the Sixth Sense?” he asked.
Umm, not that I know or remember.

“Oh, of course. How could I be so rude? Most ghosts or spirits as I’d like to call them, have no memory of their past life, unless of course they died of natural causes but they usually move on…” he said.
Does that mean-!

“No, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to move on to the other side, you’ll just have to figure out why you are still here. If you’re lucky maybe, God or whoever you believe in will give you a second chance. Of course that will have to be before your body is buried, unless you want to be reborn into a cow or something.” He explained.
So that means I only have a few days in order to get my body back!

“Unfortunately, yes. I would have loved to get to know you. Do you know when your body’s funeral is?” he asked.

“Is anyone making calls?”
Yeah. A lady that lives in the same house as my body.

“That is probably your mother…”

“If you would like. I could help you since I am one of few people that can speak for you.” The boy said.
Um, sure. I don’t even know your name though.

“Well I don’t know your name either…” the boy joked,” My name is Demetrius.”
Hmm…sounds familiar… You sound like it irritates you.

“No. I like it, it just kind of irritates me.” He grumbled.
Not quite sure why. I mean no one would forget you… my name must have been not very original since I don’t even remember it.

“That’s the thing…. Everyone will remember every little mistake I do.” He explained, “Well, uh, we better start trying to find your body and find out how long it is until the funeral, and try and delay it.”

Do you know if ghosts, spirits, or whatever I am sleep?

“Not really sure. I’ve never spent this much time with one, or any person..”Demetrius said.
I think I know how you feel. I mean,um, I must not have had that many friends I mean you are the only person I saw crying. Why were you crying anyway?

“I’m not a big fan of death…”he said his face was getting red like he was ashamed of it or something.
I get what you mean. Like no one is. Well except for a few people…

We neared up to the house of my deceased body. I could see the faint dark blue aurora around the house.

“Is this your house?” He asked.
I’m pretty sure, I can see an aurora around it.

“What color is it?” he asked.
Like a dark blue, not navy blue but close.

“That’s probably your house.” He said.
Don’t forget to knock I’ll see you in there later.

“Yeah…” he said walking up the steps and then pushed the door bell once. He was definitely different than the others…

“Hello?” My mom asked at the door.

“Hello, my name is Demetrius. I was a friend of your daughter’s.” He said. Why didn’t have flowers with him, the house was full of them. Within two seconds my mom turned around and there was a bouquet of lilies in his hands. “I wanted to give you these.” He said his voice quavering with confusion.
“Hmm… Demetrius… She never said anything about you.”Mom said grabbing the bouquet of lilies from Demetrius.
“Yeah.. “he said… his stance showing his uncomfort for the situation.
“Well what more can you expect, she didn’t like to talk about the people in her life.” Mom explained putting the flowers in a vase filled with water placing them in the middle of the table.
“If you don’t mind me asking, when is the funeral?” he asked.
“I’d like to know myself. I want to get it over with as soon as possible, but I’m not ready to say goodbye.”She said her eyes tearing up, “I’m sorry, could you please leave…I can’t handle this right now.”
“No, it’s fine I totally understand.” Demetrius said closing the door behind him.

“Did you help me out there?” he asked when he saw me appear next to him.
I’m not quite sure if I did…I was thinking something and then there it appeared.

“The way you act is like you’ve been a spirit before… maybe in a past life?”
If I have I don’t know about it.

Dem…Demetrius? Yoo-hoo… are you there?

“Whoops, yeah I am… Sorry about that.”Demetrius said waking up.
No it’s fine. You were just about to fall backwards onto the sidewalk. And I don’t think that my hands will help they’ll probably just make the fall faster.

“Yeah... you’re probably right…”he sighed.
What are we supposed to do now? We don’t know when the funeral is, so… Are we supposed to just sit on our butts and wait for something to happen.

“I don’t know… I’ve never done this before…” he admitted.
What about your mom or dad? Do they have the same gift that you have? I mean you must have gotten it from somewhere.

“I’m the only one. There is no history of my family… It’s all been burned, destroyed, or smeared.” he said.
Well, do your parents know any-

“No.”Demetrius interrupted.
Okay… well than we should go and try and find things about your family.

“Yeah… where, though?” he asked.
Well since most of the papers are unreadable maybe it is on the internet.

“Oh dear…”Demetrius said hanging his head in shame.

“Nothing… just the thought…”he said. I can see that he is hiding from me.
Should we go to your house, or what?

“Umm… sure… we can go to … *gulp* my huhuhaouse.” He quivered.
Is it haunted or something?

“No…”he whispered.
Inviting a girl into your house? I’ll have you know, they techniqually won’t know I’m there.

“Um… yeah…”he said, “Let me go grab my car…”

Within moments and a little bit of concentration a silver Mercedes appeared right next to us.
“How did you do that?” he asked.
No, idea. Didn’t even know that this was your car.

“I still have to go and get my ke-“Demetrius said hearing the sound of my car’s engine turning on.
Stop looking at me!

“Okay… we are here…”Demetrius said.
Wow! You live in a mansion! What do your parents do anyway?

“My father owns an oil company and my mom is an English professor…”he said.
You should have told me!

“What that my parents both make a lot of money while the rest of the country suffers, yeah oops sorry forgot.” He grumbled,” Let’s go …”

“Okay my room is upstairs and take a left and it is at the end of the hall.”he whispered.
Okay. She said following my directions before she disappeared.

I went into his room and saw his computer. Not quite sure what he wants me to do, I don’t think that I can type or anything. I seem to float right through every solid object.

“Hello, son.” A man said. Wait, why was I hearing this?

“Hello…”said a familiar voice. Get away from me you don’t even know who I am anymore! You treat me like one of your servants!

“How was school?” the older man asked.

“Just peachy…”the familiar voice, that I believe is Demetrius said, “I’m going to my room now..”

What was that all about? You know… with your dad?

“You were listening in!”I shouted.
Well, it was kind of loud.

“We…we…we weren’t shouting.” Demetrius stammered.
I guess maybe it was just loud to me. I did hear something shouting and it sounded a lot like you.

“Umm okay then. Well have you found anything yet?” Demetrius asked avoiding the subject.
Not really just found you. Did you know that you have over 15 million hits on Google?

“Did you type in my full name or just my first name?” he asked.
Just your first. You never told me your last name.

“Hold on.” he said grabbing a chair by my computer and typing his full name in.

From peering at the screen it looked he was typing in Demetrius Lockwood. Strange last name, definitely a unique one, but it also sounded familiar. I must have heard of his father’s oil company before. Not quite sure where it just sounded… familiar.

“There I think that narrowed it down.” He said. “3 million hits…”
That’s still quite a bit to sort through, how about middle name.

“Umm… sure. I’ll do that.” He said. Clicking in the search bar and typing in Demetrius Quimby Lockwood.

“What?” he asked.
Oh mphk it’s mphk… noth ing.

“Sounds like it. What’s so funny anyway? Did you make bunny ears appear on my head?” he asked.
No but that’s a good one. I pointed out.

“Then what is it?” he asked.
Don’t take this offensively plea-.

Is that your fa-.

“Yeah.” He said.
Ugh! Even when I’m dead I’m still being interrupted! Flames were coming out of my ears, or at least it felt like that. Before I knew it there was a drastic change in scenery. There was no bed, computer, walls, or…. Demetrius.
Where did he go? Oh please do not tell me I passed on! I couldn’t have! I’m not at peace! Heck I am in less peace then I was before. Where did everything go! God! Please! Let me back down!
What seemed like hours was only a few seconds and I saw trees and grass. No people yet. Oh dear God where did you put me!
Why can’t you answer me! Please! I just want a second chance at life! I’ve realized what I have done wrong! I want to fix it! There is someone that I actually love and care for now! I won’t ever be able to see him here. Why! Why did you send me to this hell!
…..I’m hearing crickets now…

A sign of life!

Thud! Umm… okay. Wait! Why am I feeling grass on my feet? Oh dear! Where are my… oh there they are!

There was a pair of black Converse hi-tops, my fav! A plain hot pink tank top, dark wash skinny jeans that faded at mid thigh. Who sent these? Whoever did seems to know who I am. Only people that I truly confide in know this stuff about me.

Um… God. If you are listening to me, which I think you are, do you think you could take me to Demetrius?
… nothing. Um yeah well er… thanks God? I guess I’ll walk and thank you for the clothes and such.

“Why is it that nothing can work the way that I plan for it too. I don’t even think this is my own body. How would my mom react if my body was gone.” I grumbled to myself. “Stop that!” I scratched my sides, “Seriously knock it off!”

The author's comments:
I am hoping that I can get enough writing out of this to make it into a novel.

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