April 19, 2010
By PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
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Hello and thank you for reading the Daily Metropolis Newspaper. I’m reporter Daniel Smithan, and I have been given the great pleasure of reporting to you the recent happenings of the last few months since the arrival and disappearance of the Claxians.

The year was 2020 and mankind was facing the toughest problems mother earth could throw at us. Pollution was reaching the up most levels of danger, more than 20 species of animal have gone extinct and we were facing the largest depression in the history of man. It was no more than April when global intelligence received a signal from outer space. The massage read as follows,
"Greetings and salutations, we are a peace and knowledge seeking race of beings and we wish to study your species in return for our knowledge to better your planets condition."

It seemed that the whole world rejoiced. G.I. sent a replying message to the approaching vessel, along with a diagram of the Vitruvian Man to show that we accepted their help. In return they sent us the exact place, date and time that they will be arriving to our planet. To our surprise they were going to land right in metropolis town square. The town put up timers all over the city in celebration to the approaching alien species, but there was a lot of people who didn’t think that having the aliens land would be a good thing. The military decided, for the public’s safety, to have armed forces present at the arrival of the landing.
June 13, 2020 9:00

The day of arriving is here and town square has never been more crowded. There was more people here then on New Year’s Eve. It seemed like people from around the world have come to witness this amazing arrival.

It seemed like there couldn’t be any more people in town square. At least twelve other news reporters were here and filming. They posted a large timer on the largest screen in town square. There is still no sign of the ship in space. But there was still at least an hour and a half left.

G.I. has received information from its radar that a large diamond shaped object has entered the atmosphere. Ten minutes left. The timer on the giant screen is now flashing.

The whole crowd in town square has started their own count down as the giant diamond made its way downwards.

The ship has stopped its decent. All is quiet. A moment has gone by and nothing happens. There is a loud hiss and a blue ball of light exits one of the panels of the ship. It floats down to the stage and then explodes into dust. I almost thought that everyone in the crowd flinched. Standing on the stage are three people that look just like us. Two of them had green eyes and were dressed in a dark blue jumpsuit. The one in the middle had a flat white mask with two eye slits and has on a white jumpsuit. She is obviously the leader. She brought up her hands and in them there was a small golden sphere. It stopped halfway to her face and she began talking into it.
“Greetings, we are the Claxians. I am Tempest Mariva. These are my accomplices.” She gestured with her hands. “We have traveled the galaxy in search of knowledge and to spread our beliefs and technology to species who are ready and understanding. We have watched earth for some time and believe you are in need of our help. So in return for your knowledge we will give you some of ours.” After her speech the president stepped up to the stage and they shook each others hands. The deal has been made.
The months to follow have been extremely successful in the Departments of Science and Global Intelligence. We have already cured most of the toxins in the air and have found a new energy source. It uses nano technology and solar power technology. We were surprised that the improvements in science didn’t cause any problems. The Claxians were easily accepted into our religion because our beliefs were so similar. We both believed in one god but they called him Carivion. They also had their own native tongue. It was pretty easy to pick up since it was based on only seventeen characters that could be put into a million combinations. They even had some of them living among us.
Not long after, we were allowed to enter the Claxian vessel. It was considered the most honorable acceptance. It showed that they trusted us. I was astonished to see the structure from the inside. Surprisingly for the vessel’s diamond shape, it was circular on the inside. The walls were white with a gold line that ran along the bottom and ceiling of the circular hallways. So far I learned that the Claxians wear color clothes to show what rank they are. Another discovery I made wile on the ship is that the Claxians had no weapons.
Months go by and Global Intelligence receives another discovery. There is another vessel heading towards Earth. They talked to the Claxian Tempest and she said that they are the only ones who came here. This made the G.I. very worried and they tried to communicate with the vessel but they were given no answer. The Claxians all headed to town square and stood beneath their ship.
The other vessel came into range of our atmosphere. The ship was much larger than the Claxian’s and it had an insect like look to it. All of the Claxians on earth were gathered beneath their ship and they all looked up. The other vessel had stopped right above the Claxian’s. “We are the Martivians,” the voice seemed to come from all directions. “You are such a pitiful race of beings that we have decided to give you a mercy kill.” The three points on the Martivian's ship glowed a bright yellow color and shot a beam of light towards its center. The lights collided and gathered together forming a giant sphere, just as all of the Claxians opened there mouths and their eyes started to glow. Their bodies started to break into a greenish mist that swirled around the tempest's body. She inhaled all of the mist and shot it out of her mouth, in doing so her body broke up into mist. The mist traveled up to their ship and disappeared. The Claxian ship began to melt into a gigantic sphere and shot up towards the Martivian’s ship. On impact the two ships imploded and disappeared into itself.
The whole world was speechless. The sky was a purple and blue color, then sparks of light started drifting down.
No one has been able to explain the happenings of that day but some people have had ideas. But what was important is what they did to help us. They will never be forgotten.

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