What If.

April 18, 2010
By Anonymous

There are times, times when I think people must be watching me. When I feel surrounded, when no one is even there. It frightens me to think that there are secrets out there. Then I think what if, yes what if some of these secrets are that people are out there watching our every move. What if death is not really an accident but carefully planned out? Then does that mean that right now I could be doing something that those people out there watching us will plan my death in a weeks time? What if just for thinking these things .... but that would mean they must be able to look in to our minds and see our thoughts right? Another what if to add to my list. What if technology is a lot further along then out government lets on! What if. My mother always told me I ask to many. But what if one day some one out there will be able to answer my what ifs ? Or maybe I, myself will be able the find out. What if by asking so many questions about the world, I can help change it?

The author's comments:
This piece of work is inspired from every humans constant feeling that someone is following us, watching us.

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