The Stranger

April 23, 2010
By Rocco BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
Rocco BRONZE, Waterford, Connecticut
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The Stranger made his way to the hologram room, afraid that he was being watched. He was. A small spy camera was recording his every move. “Ah… The Stranger,” said a deep voice.
“What’s my mission,” replied the Stranger.
“Okay this is it; you are to break into the DVP labs, navigate your way through the labyrinth of tunnels, take out any opposition, steal a lichen sample and escape via a helicopter pad on the roof,” the deep voice said, “you will be given a camouflage suit to sneak in and it also makes you immune to any disease.” With that he left. I must destroy a corrupt company that is making toxins to destroy life, as we know it. Sacrificing as many people to meet their “scientific needs.” The enemy’s formidable, but I have a strategy: get in, get out. Thought the Stranger. With the lichen sample secured our scientists will create a vaccine to destroy the parasites the DVP have put into their test subjects during mutation. My chances are slim to none. Quarantine zones have been popping up like crazy, but I must save the galaxy from tearing itself apart. If I fail, everything we know will be gone. Not to hard. I am, after all, the Stranger.

“Open up file name: the Stranger,” spoke a tall, evil man.
“File opened,” said a computer voice.

“The Stranger”
Age: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180 pounds
The Stranger has exceptional fighting abilities. He is a renegade. He works alone. Although he is a rebel hero, little is known about his past. No knows his real name. He is referred to as “The Stranger.”
The Stranger strode towards the armory. On his way there he noticed the spy cam. “I wonder where this little b**ger came from,” said the Stranger. With that he slowly reached for it. He crushed it like a bug. “I have got to look out for anymore,” said the Stranger as he headed for the armory. In the armory he grabbed the camouflage suit, an EMP gun, a tranquilizer gun and his “lucky” knife. After suiting up, the Stranger headed for the hangar bay. He hopped on a speed cruiser and was off. Only after a couple minutes the Stranger noticed he was being followed. There were five Mark-12 heavy cruisers. Two of them veered to the right of the Stranger. Two to his left and the other one stayed back. Suddenly two small explosions erupted in front of his cruiser. The two cruisers to his right turned sharply in an attempt to drive him off the road. It didn’t work. Instead the Stranger fired the EMP gun at the two cruisers. They both sputtered out of control. Two down, three more to go, thought the Stranger. The two to his left didn’t make the same mistake. They split up and smashed into the Stranger’s cruiser. One jumped on the back of his cruiser. The Stranger quickly dispatched him. The other he threw his knife at. Although the ship turned it hit his engine that blew up along with the driver. The last cruiser sped away. "Probably to report to his superiors," thought the Stranger, "not good." From that moment on, he moved with caution. Before long he arrived outside the DVP laboratories.
“He’s here,” said the evil man.
“Who? Sir,” the computer voice said.

“The Stranger, who else,” said the man.
“What are you going to do,”

“Welcome him with our experiments,” laughed the man.


The Stranger noticed two guards and multiple security cameras surrounding the entrance. The Stranger targeted the two guards with his tranquilizer gun and opened fire. They automatically hit the ground with a thud. “Now for those cameras,” the Stranger said. He activated his camouflage suit witch instantly turned his body invisible like a chameleon. He stealthy moved under each camera on the outer wall. When he got close to the cameras he took them out also. He then proceeded into the fortress. Two guards suddenly attacked him. The Stranger sidestepped them and attacked. He twisted one guard’s arm, leaving him inoperable. The other guard rushed him. The Stranger didn’t turn fast enough. He took a hard jab to his chest. The Stranger whipped out his tranquilizer gun and fired two shots. The guard was out stone cold. After only a couple of minutes he got lost. The walls were all a sterile white color, filled with little information of where anything was. Even Sacagawea would get lost. He contacted the rebel base. He downloaded a hologram map of the DVP labs. Before long he was back on track. He soon found an armory. After he cleared it of guards he restocked on ammo and picked up a pistol. He then headed for the mutation labs. When he got there he was horrified by what he saw; people’s faces horribly disfigured, missing arms and legs, and pus-spitting worm like things sticking out of their flesh. “We have been expecting you,” said the evil man.

“Who are you?” Asked the Stranger.

“I’m David Venn Proctor,” said the evil man, “welcome to my home.”

“So you’re the one who has been making these atrocities,” said the Stranger.
“They are not atrocities, they are the future of mankind,” said Proctor.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that,” said the Stranger.
“They beg to differ,” said Proctor pointing to the zombies who were just waking up with expressions that said they were out for blood. “It was great meeting you, but it looks like your time is up.” As if on command one zombie lunged at the Stranger. The Stranger pulled out the pistol and shot the zombie twice in the head. It fell. Two more threw themselves at him he dodged the first zombie but the second jumped on his back. He grabbed the zombie by the neck and flung it into an operating table. The Stranger picked up a vile of acid and when the zombie came back he threw the acid in the zombie’s face. The flesh melted away and it died. The last two were vanquished shortly after. After the Stranger grabbed a lichen sample he headed for the helicopter pad. Once he got there was a helicopter waiting to pick him up. He jumped in and the head of the rebel’s coalition congratulated him on a job well done.
“With this we can cure the horrible disease that the DVP created,” said the rebels general.”
“I just wonder what happened to Proctor,” said the Stranger.
“I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him.”

After studying the lichen sample extensively rebel scientists developed a cure for the DVP disease. It was distributed to all quarantine zones. The Stranger was praised for the years to come. Yet he didn’t like the fame or the fortune, he was only glad that he saved the galaxy for generations. He still went on missions, but none ever equal to the one where he took down the DVP labs. No one knows where he is now, but rest assured if trouble ever comes calling you know that the Stranger will always be there.

A lone fighter ship drifts through space. “How could this happen?” “I was on the top of my game. Yet a lone person was able to take down my whole company. One day I will have revenge. For my name isn’t David Victor Proctor. One day Stranger, one day.”

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