Nine Feline Lives

April 1, 2010
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These are the only ones which save me. I am the only one who ignores them. Nine feline lives with buried purposes and unknown factors; like me. Nine who save me without regard. Nine trustful spirits watching my every move. They watch me, yet I ignore them.

Their intension is secret. They drive safe thoughts into my head. They see left and they see right, grasping my life in their wispy embrace and yell with ferocity the bad-men and never cease their yelling. This is how they stay.

Let two loose focus of their motive, and seven would accommodate, like sand in water, both with shifting presence, yet separate souls. Quick, quick, quick they are to save me. They watch.

When I lay and am too hurt to keep going, when I think my last breath is upon me, they lift me up. When I have no hope and no thoughts. Nine watch me despite my ignorance. Nine who keep safe and don’t stray. Nine whose only purpose is to protect the unworthy.

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