My Monster

April 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Crackkk!!! Thunder strikes outside of a castle on a stormy, rainy night. Heavy fog rolls around a dark castle on a dark night. Rainwater flows from the top of the castle onto the floor as the wind whistles a high-pitched sound. The castle lies far outside of town from the rest of the homes and gives off a dark feel during this storm.

Deep inside the castle lies a creature lying in a dark room, as if a human was frozen alive. This creature is one like no other. It appears to be human but is much too large. The creature lays cold and stiff. The hair on top of it was stringy and not well placed. The eyes were closed and were much too big to seem to be that of a human. The lips on creature were a dull greenish tint compared to the overall greenness of its body. A very distinct odor surrounded you if near the creature. This odor consisted of raged corpses and of rotten flesh.

As thunder strikes once again, I walk in to check on my research and life dream. My work looked like perfection. All that I had worked for had given me my creation, my monster. As I inspected my monster I got more and more excited. I got so excited to the point were I began to become anxious. I went against my better judgment and decided to let me creature come to life and reveal him to the world earlier than I planned. I still felt there was more work and tests to be done on my creature by I decided to let that go. I ran to my fuses and connected them to the large, green, and cold head. I flipped the rusty, old, metallic switch and watched electricity run through the body of my creation.

The skin of the large body shifted from a pale green to a dark, full green. The eyes of my creature began to slowly open during a time of silence. Thunder struck once again as the eyes became fully open. A feeling of life overwhelmed me as I saw my work come to life. A slight cracking noise was made as it lifted its sternum up and slowly glazed at me with a look of curiosity. Soon after a deep screech rolled out of is mouth. After that moment I grew a slight bit scarred. I watched as my creation stood slowly and stumbled out of its chair and broke its chords. I stood in both shock and amazement as I watched my creature stumble to me. I was still holding my switch as my creature walked extremely slowly. The legs of it were so big and dense that it appeared too big for it.

The last remembrance I had was the loud thunder strike as my creation slowly put its hand upon my shoulder. After I stared into the eyes of him and he stared into mine we opened his mouth and let out a deep growl that sent shivers down my spine, and that was my last remembrance of the day my work came to life.

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