April 17, 2010
They were the only ones I could trust. The only ones who understood me. I could trust only them with my life. You see, I was a mistake, I’m not supposed to be alive, but these… creatures nurtured me back to health and took me under there wing even though they didn’t have to be the ones to do so. These creatures were quite friendly, and will probably always be a secret to everyone else in the world. They were different though. Much different than anyone could imagine. For what I didn’t know was that they just might be the only ones that could save the world.

Alone and lost, I could not yet make my thoughts into words, so all I could do was cry out; hoping deeply that someone would hear me. After a few days, I realized that I was completely, and utterly alone. That I had no way of having help come and save me from myself. All I could do then was close my eyes, and wait. Wait for someone, or something to come and save me from dying.
I awoke to the sight of two, big green eyes. I gave out a scream and flashed out my hands, hitting the green eyed creature. The green eyed creature backed up, shook its head, and snorted. I stopped screaming and smiled at the creature, not knowing exactly what it was. It came back slowly and started to sniff me and I laughed. The creature stepped back and lowered its head to me. I tilted my head to the side and let out a confused noise.
Other creatures that looked scarcely like the green eyed one, all crowed around me in my small basket. I had completely no idea what they were doing. All of them lowered there head, and closed there eyes. I didn’t exactly know what they were doing, but it seemed as if it was a greeting of some sort, so I did the same.

These creatures didn’t talk much, and neither did I, for talking was not in there nature. They communicated through movements, expressions, and occasionally they would talk, but it would be through there minds. Sometimes I could hear these conversations between the creatures, but it was very unlikely.
Some of the creatures trained me in the art of peace. I learned how to avoid and evade each movement they tried to throw in my direction. Stepping around, and moving in mostly circles to get around the enemy, instead of going head on.
Others trained me to be aggressive and powerful with fighting. They taught me to look for the opponents weak points, and strike them there instead of using full force, and not wasting time on trying to hit the stronger points of the body like the stomach. It wasn’t before long that I was ready for my first fight against the creatures.
I had grown and learned much more than a normal child has ever imagined. My extensive background of hard training with the creatures had made me much stronger and faster than almost any human before.

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vanillatwilight1020 said...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 9:23 am
definatly not finished yet. hoping to at least get halfway through by the end of summer.
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