my life as a twin teen Zombie

April 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Manual High. Home, to the Thunderbolts. A school with ugly uniform shirts, and two zombies. Don’t stare like an idiot, yes, we do exist. Only most aren’t forced to go to a school with idiotic girls named Bill. We are the only zombies in Denver, other than our family of course. Why is the human school so filled with people who are so plain and boring? Why are the humans just so caught up in their boring ways of life and too into fitting in? Why do they only concentrate on one thing, and get mad over stupid stuff like certain colors? The list goes on.
“It’s the first class of the day and I already want to go home,” my brother Sid says. I nod my head in agreement, as I finish up my math homework. Stupid math.
“Everything in this school is so blah and mundane. The lockers, the students, the teachers. Well, at least some,” Sid says sitting down.
“EWWWW! I smell dead people,” Bill says, while walking into the class room and glaring at my brother and me. That’s one thing about being a zombie, ignoring all the idiotic, stupid, rude remarks made by ditzy cheerleaders, ugly math teachers and scared out of their mind teenagers.
“I knew I smelled a rat, got any perfume? You need it. And the living dead don’t stink, the dead dead does, idiot.” Sid touches my arm, telling me to stop. I will. Until lunch that is.

“Lunch my favorite period!”
“It’s more like a break if you really think about it,’’ Sid says, staring at me. His orange eye bobbes out and hangs on its last tissue strings.
“Who cares, as long as I am out of that stupid school and away from the teens in that place.”
“I think you only like lunch because you start fights, and get us kicked out.”
I smile at him, as I poke his round orange ball of an eye.
“I don’t start them. They do, I finish them. You don’t have to join, you do know. AH! Right o time!” I say, as Bill walks over to us.
“Scum ball dead people! They think they can just can come here and take over,” Bill says, standing by the picnic table. I stare at Sid, as Bill threw out more insults. Ten minutes of nothing, from me that is, wow! A new record.
“You’re an idiot- GEEK!” Bill says, while slapping my brother across the face, who only stared at me.
“HEY ONLY I CSN HIT AND CALL MY BROTHER STUPID MEAN NAMES!” I yelled at bill as Sid’s orange eye bounces around on his strings.
I hear sis doing the breathing techniques they give you in anger management to calm down, but it wasn’t working. His green Paley, flaky skin turned red, as Bills hand touches his stinging cheek again.
“STOP IT OR-,”I start to yell, but it’s too late. Sid punches Bill in her face, and the two starts to fight, rolling around the picnic table. Sid never let her touch him again.
He hisses at me. It took some time to get him off of Bill. He stands next to me, panting as the principal makes his way to us.
“I’m so sorry for her rude behavior! Please, don’t tell your dad!”
Sid glares at him, as well do I, god do I hate humans.
“Whatever, I’m out of here,” Sid says, while walking into the school, as the principal lookes at me.
“OH MY- I’ll tell him not to get mad!” I yell as I walk away.
The principal suspends Sid, Bill, and I for three days.
“I’m sorry,” Sid says after walking three blocks in silence. I shrug and poke his eye.
“Don’t worry about it, bro. Better you then me.”
We were almost home, when Sid stops short, turning to look behind us.
“Gumdrop, we’ve got company,” He says, voice sounding happy yet uncertain. I turn around to see Bill, with five men, some carrying chains, brass knuckles, and knifes.
“Ah crap. Nice. Just nice. I’m going to have to beat the crap out of her s second time,” Sid mumbles folding his arms
“Get ready for it, it’s about to get bloody over here. God, I hate the human race.”
Bill points over to us and the crowd of peole closes in around us. Time to-

The author's comments:
it was a class thing... so yeah...

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on Apr. 30 2010 at 12:54 pm
PrimaryColors SILVER, Tacoma, Washington
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very funny and perceptive


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