April 14, 2010
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Book 1: Zombie Attack
Bobby awoke in the early morning hours. He was a sixteen year old junior in high school. He had brown hair, and blue eyes; he was pretty skinny, and tan from the summer. He lived in the small town of Jacksonville, Florida.
As he turned on the water for his morning shower, he couldn’t help but notice that his house was too quiet. His mom would be up making him a big breakfast, and his dad would be leaving for work. After his shower he went to his room and put on a brown t shirt, a pair of black jeans, and a black hooded sweat shirt. He walked to his parent’s room to see if they were sleeping. They weren’t in the room. He looked outside to see if their cars were still there. They were.
“Dad, Mom!” Bobby yelled but with no answer.”Bang!” a loud sound came from down stairs. “What the Heck?!” Bobby exclaimed looking down the stairs. He slowly walked down ready for anything. Stepping into the hall way he heard the sound again. It came from the hall closet. Approaching the closet with caution, he laid the side of his face on the wooden surface of the door. In side he could hear faint but quick breathing.
“Bang!” another sound came except this time from the hall bathroom. Bobby moved away from the closet door not knowing that the handle was turning. He was walking to the bathroom when the closet door flew open. “Boo!” yelled a kid Bobby’s age. He had black thick hair and a tan. He was Bobby’s best friend, Jake Johnson.
“What the heck man!” Bobby yelled.

“What’s up?” Jake asked.

“Nothing much. Why were you in the closet?” Bobby asked, but before Jake could answer Bobby heard a low moaning behind him. Bobby turned around to see what appeared to be a man opening the bathroom door.
“Hey who are you?” Bobby asked. The man turned and what Jake and Bobby saw scared them half to death. Half of the man’s face was gone. It looked like it was eaten away by some animal.
“What the Hell!” Jake yelled running into the kitchen. Bobby stood there in disbelief. The creature approached Bobby. It reached out for him, and grabbed him “Crunch!”

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