The Poetry Cord Chapter 1 continued again......

April 14, 2010
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"But you're lucky you're not." Eric said frowned. "Oh, and why is that?" I asked curiously. "Because I was waiting for you to awake so I ...well this most definently sounds wierd now..but..uh I was going to drink your blood." he slightly chuckled under his breath. But I could still hear him and he knew that.
"You were going to kill me in other words?" "Well when you put it that harshly, yes. But that's why I asked you to close your eyes before, so you couldn't see." he chuckled again. "So you fought for me just to kill me your self?!" "Well..yeah." He smiled at me. His blue eyes twinkled. "And you think all of this is funny, don't you?" I yelled, glareing at him.
"Yes I do 'cause I still want to kill you even though you're a vampire." To Be Continued...

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Starfire said...
May 4, 2010 at 4:26 pm
I have 2 more on the way. I promis I will type up more soon. I mean if you are really interested in this story if not that's fine I'm just glad you took the time to at least look at it. So yeah... Oh and if you perhaps have anymore time on your hands could you comment on this article? Please And Thankyou To Anyone Who Has Read Or Is Reading My story. Oh and one last thing. I'm almost done writing it I just have to put my story on here. lol.
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