Return of the Gluckons - Letter 1

April 14, 2010
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Ms. Katie?123 Whereami Road,?Mudokon Lines, Oddworld 49869??
Dear Ms. Amy

I missed writing to you, although you rarely wrote back. This is why I have decided to write you another letter, other reasons apply, too. I do have friends here in the Mudokon Lines, but Abe has left again and I am alone. I feel the need to write to you, for you are the only friend I remember that resides in the Other World.

So last night Abe woke up from a nightmare. He told me that it was about his ancestors that were buried in an Ancient place. I guess their bones were getting dug up by a company called Soulstorm Brewery. Once again, the Gluckons were running it. Gluckons! Their insatious need for money and power is insane! It reminds me of humans! I mean, come on! The reason I left your world! I think that's the reason at least . . . Regardless of my confusions, I'm still angry that once again the Gluckons have ruined our peace - not to mention our sanity. Abe left this morning with a band of Mudokons in order to find the spirits that haunt his dreams and at about noon today the Big Face told me that he arrived in a place called Necrum Mines - a place where the Gluckons mine the bones of ancient Mudokons. Ugh!
Perhaps I should stop wailing about my grievances concerning Gluckons.

Perhaps I shall tell you about my life here in the Mudokon Lines! Yes, Yes I shall. Here life is simple and happy, I am - was - with Abe, and that's all that matters, right? Also, I have just come into possession of a large empty plot of land which I intend to use to create a Paramite Sanctuary. Although the Gluckons of Rupture Farms stopped farming them to make Paramite Pies, the paramite population is dangerously low. I have made it my purpose to help their population return to normal levels! Lemonjellow told me that he likes the idea too, and that he misses being in the wild with his Paramite friends.

Also, before I end this letter, I'd like to let you know that your current form of mail is not fast enough for my purposes. From what I have seen, you are using Snail Mail - is this correct? I would really appreciate it if you would use a different form of letter transportation, for snails are one of the slowest creatures in your land, and it takes ages for me to receive you letters.

Your Friend,


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