April 13, 2010
By TrappedInMoonlight BRONZE, Alameda, California
TrappedInMoonlight BRONZE, Alameda, California
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"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- myth is more potent than history -- dreams are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience -- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death."

The desert was bare, nothing in the vast sands of yellow, excluding the breach of one palm tree. I opened my eyes. Everything seemed unnatural. What is this place? Why am I here? I realized I was laying on the ground so I lifted myself up. Sand fell off of me as I raised my hand over my eyes to see ahead of me. I then realized that was unnecessary. It was not bright out, in fact there was no sun, well there was daylight, But there was no sun, no source of light, instead there was a light blue moon, dully resting in the sky. Nothing seemed unique, this place is a paradox, and all my mind could do is just ask more and more questions. My senses were still in tact, I could see, smell, hear, taste, and touch, but there was nothing to intake. Memory then flooded to me. Realization came to me like someone turning on a light. The remorse of my life, my family dead, that's all I remember. The faint feeling of steel in my own mouth. Did I kill myself? As soon as I asked this I heard a noise. I heard something. The pad of paws on earth. Then my favorite animal appeared to me.

The large white cat prodded towards me. It's eyes shone blue, like the clearest crystals. It's coat gleamed white, with chocolate brown strips slicing through the snow white coat. I didn't feel fear. Something about the cat seemed familiar, like if your reflection in the mirror were a seperate entity. It was when it came to me that I realized the cat was unusually large, it csame up to my shoulders when standing. The tiger sat on it's haunches, and then did something that surpised me. It put it's face closer and closer to mine, large emerald eyes coming inches away from my face until I felt it's nose touch mine. A blinding form of light filled my head. My questions were answered in a flash. I am not dead, I was brough to this realm to serve a purpose. Certain people get brought here before they die, to find a certain point, aspect, idea, or theme. When I find that, I willed be awakened, and my realization will be born. The tiger is my concious, my guide, all my good memories to guide me to the point. My own voice spoke to me. It said, “This is Oasis. Your best nightmare.”

I sat on the ground and let my thoughts collect around me. It's an amazing feeling to have my thoughts back. So I sat. With the horse sized tiger intently watching me with it's glowing eyes. I reached my hand out to the creature and it nuzzled me with it's nose. I asked a simple question, “Where do I go?”. “ Anywhere. It honestly matters not where you go, as in direction. This world is mental. The Oasis is anything you think of it as. In your eyes it appears as a desert. Maybe due to the fact that you feel isolated?” The tiger asked with a cock of it's head. “Now imagine water, a deep endless benthos of an ocean.” I obeyed the tiger, and sure enough the vision I saw faded. I was underwater, although it felt, sounded, tasted, the same, just looked different. An elaborate illusion of dumbfounding lengths. “I want to remember more, please.” I asked the beast. “You will find things, objects, or anything along the way in this place. They are called nodes. They are each a piece of your memory, and as you find more, you will remember more, and get closer to leaving. I was your first node.” The tiger said, as if it was saying wasn't something out of a twisted fantasy video game. As if on cue, a small red item appeared floating in front of me. It was a tiny red hair clip. I reached out to it with wariness. As soon as I touched it the flash came. I have long black hair, that falls in curls to my shoulders. I also remembered I was a female. “Very well. Let's go. Let's see what we can find.” The tiger and I started walking. The world shifted from an ocean to a foggy green forest.

Step by step I trotted through the lush forest. I expected crunching of leaves, birds singing, or even to see occasional wildlife, when I remembered yet again I am not in a regular forest. I am in this damned netherworld. My conscious in cat form walked along beside me. Then up ahead I saw someone, a figure, the only solid form I have seen since the tiger. As if reading my mind, the cat explained, “You are not the only one here. You will often meet others who are looking for their point, but you will only see people who have relevance with the discovering of your point.” I tried to get a better look but there was nothing to look at. The person was a shdow, the head aimlessly looking around. Then, I heard a large flapping noise and saw the biggest eagle I have ever seen land beside the figure. With a massive sense of Deja Vu, I saw the eagle touch it's nose to the figure. The figure fell to it's knees. I sighed, and walked to the figure, prepared to explain the horrible wonders of this world.

The author's comments:
This piece of work was inspired by, yes you guessed it, a day dream! I know it needs some editing story wise, so submit ideas! Thanks for reading. :)

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