April 13, 2010
Silia looks at the hole in the ceiling and stared at the blue sky, waiting for the siren to start signaling the next shift in slaves. She wasn’t asleep anyways. Carcania was once a beautiful and prosperous nation. There was freedom of speech, freedom of expression and other five dollar so called commandments. In secret the nation’s government was in peril. It was constantly having changes in leadership. A year ago the whole system crashed leading to war and eventually slavery. Technology was banned from the common people. All rights that we had were taken away. Many people formed rights movements and rebellions but were silenced with nukes and other assorted torture devices. Eventually we just gave up. But silia’s parents were once developers of machines and had a plan to end the slavery of there nation. In secret her parents were stealing tech and building a machine. Some of the other slaves know about this and pitched in to find devices and parts. Soon they said it will be ready and we will win back our nation. All we need is an energy source and a z-chip. The only place to find a z-chip is in the main building of the slave masters. The siren’s pitch woke her from her daydreaming and the speakers out side blared with the master’s voice. “Next shift!” it screamed, and mother came in and pulled me out of bed. “Come on Silia, we have to go.” She said. My muscles ached from moving tech to the junk yard yesterday, but she got up anyways for fear of what happened to the last person who didn’t work there shift. They were executed in the most inhumane manner, they were dragged to town square, electrocuted and shot for the public eye to see. She walked out side to join the crowd of slaves as they walked to the town square for directions. Silia followed behind her mother and father in the cramped street. They passed several destroyed buildings on there way to town square. A school, a bank, and the burnt remains of the mall nothing was left. The smell of sweat and dirt filled her nose. Slaves were allowed a bath every three days. A stranger walked up to her parents and started whispering in her father’s ear. Her father nodded to something and the stranger handed him a small chip then walked away. Her father looked around and stepped back to say something. “We finally have the z-chip, but he thinks the masters are on to us.” He paused. “They’ve tortured one of are friends to get information so be on your guard and don’t draw attention to yourself.” I nodded. We finally stumbled into town square and surrounded the center. All along the circle there were slave guards. Men dressed in black with gas masks to hide there faces, long black boots and a large black gun to each guard. Some of them had blue electric whips. In the center of town square there were at least twenty more and they stood beneath our nation’s broken statue of our once leader holding the globe. Now all that’s left is half the standing figure. Beneath the statue there was a man with a black and red vest with a long black stick and he stood behind a box with microphones. “Today we have received shocking information, some of the slaves have been steeling tech,” he paused. “Now I must inform you that in result, the ones responsible will be found, shot and killed for this act of incivility.” After saying this he gestured with his stick and some of the guards pushed through the crowed towards Silia’s family. Her father quickly turned to face Silia and handed her the chip. “Run Silia, take it to the machine and inset it into the head!” he shouted as guns went off and her mother fell to the ground. Silia took off and headed home. One of her parent’s friends ran with her. They almost made it home when the man was shot in the back of the head. She kept running and made it to the back of the house to the shed. She pushed the door open and ran to the covered figure. Pulling off the cover she was surprised that it had the head structure of a dog. She gazed at its design, with wires and metal parts that flowed together in its sleek form. Shots fired outside startled her gaze and she quickly walked to the head of the machine and inserted its z-chip. It did nothing she remembered that it needed an energy source. She remembered that the human body is a natural source of energy so she pulled the energy plugs out and stabbed them into her body, and finally the last one she stabbed into her heart. The wires glowed as the machine became alive draining Silia of her energy. She eventually died just as the machine gained consciousness. The machine looked around then its gaze landed on the being in front of it. Scans showing that it is dead. But its conscious mind didn’t like that. It needed a name for this being that obviously gave it life. It searched its databanks for a word or name for this being and found only one. “Mother.” It said in its digital voice in hopes of reviving it. Nothing happened and it searched its mind for its capabilities and found another way of reviving mother. It sent energy through its plugs to mother. She flinched. He did it again and mother inhaled deeply. She looked up at him. “Mother.” It said again. Just then three men ran into the room and stopped. Mother turned and he could feel her anger towards these men through his plugs. He quickly ran towards them and battered them to the wall. Mother walked over and grabbed his large metallic hand and led him outside. The light blinded his glass eyes and he adjusted them. He saw a destroyed world and he knew what mother made him for.

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