Eris Nox

April 7, 2010
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I looked up from my table, only to meet his eyes again. They were huge, dark and glowed like orbs in their sockets. I tried to be distracted by the buzz of voices and the clattering of feet and chairs, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t tear myself away from him. His gaze never faltered. I ran a free hand through my fair black hair and made myself rip my eyes away from him. I tried concentrating on the scriptures and ornate paintings, but I felt my eyes water. They burned a little, too. I looked back, knowing it was his glare, piercing my blue irises. Suddenly, pent up rage blew its way out of my head and into his.

-- I don’t know what it is you’re talking about.
-- Every time I look away--or even every time I blink, your eyes are on me. What. Do. You. Want. (I enunciated the last four words crisply and precisely).

Not once did I meet his glare. I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and my HomeCenter came on. It controlled all of my functions, droid-wise and other. I willed my mind to change the color of my irises from blue to black, and after, took a deep breath. I opened my eyes again and turned my head towards him. I looked him right in the eyes. My corneas started to burn, but I ignored it. The air rushed out of my lungs, out of the room. He had changed his irises from dark green to black emerald. They were dark around the outside, but began to turn green and then yellow toward the center. The dust particles stopped flying around and he squinted his eyes at me. I held my gaze, not about to back down. My pupils dilated and I analyzed him. His thermo levels, his respiration patterns, blood pressure, pulse, etc. I blinked and the screens changed.
The usual trivial facts came up: height, weight, age, birthday, hair color, eye color, and so on. He was 6 feet, 4 inches tall, weighed 197 pounds and was born October 13, 2001. (He is 19 years old right now, as I write this in my log book. The year is 2020.) He had black hair cut short with a faux-hawk style. His eyes were originally all white (just like mine). We were both born droids. Our minds work faster than any other race on the planet. Our speed is as fast as cheetahs. Our strength is like that of many oxen. I am able to read minds and move objects by telekinesis. He is able to absorb, detect and alter feelings, and can destroy an individual with his mind. I had never known his name before. No one had ever even talked to him, he was a complete loner. He kept to himself. I looked at him fervently for a long time. I thought to myself,

- hmm… he looks like he could be a--

- Just call me Rafael.

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Jynxx said...
May 9, 2010 at 2:07 pm
Love it! Great! This was awesomeness!
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