April 11, 2010
By alex1120 BRONZE, Commack, New York
alex1120 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Dear Diary,

It was dusk. The sun had just set behind a row of trees, and left the sky a menacing dark purple of mystery. When out from the trees, I heard a cry. It started off soft almost like the wind then turned into a shrill that no one could ignore. It sounded as if someone, or something, was in trouble. So I picked up my pace and started to run to see if I could find the poor wounded animal. When I found the source of the wailing, I gasped in fear and shock. These two animals were almost ripped apart at their torsos. They must have fought over whose territory it was. One animal was a jaguar who seemed to lose all consciousness but who was still struggling to move. His mouth was open slightly enough so that I could see his jagged fangs behind his spotted fur. The other animal was a wounded wolf whose howls I had heard earlier. As I approached his eyes locked on mine almost pleading me to help him. With that, I decided I must help these poor creatures. I knew that they wouldn’t hurt me, they needed me.

As I was carrying them back to my car I realized that I Doctor Von Slankenspeil may be able to make the first and only hybrid animal. The thought seemed appealing to me, I could be famous. As soon as I got them to my lab I knew I’d have to work fast. The animals were almost dead and if I could save them, I could change lives. So I got to work as soon as I got home. I sterilized all the tools I would need and called my assistant, Inga for more much needed help.

After many agonizing hours of surgery I was able to get the animals stable and comfortable. However there seemed to have been some technicalities during the brain surgery. We were unable to find a wolf brain to use so we had to use one of the spares in my office, a human brain. Inga and I would have no idea what the effects of using this brain could be until the new species of animal awakened. This however would not be for many hours or even days. However I was pleased with the work that I had done. I knew that no one had tried to do that before and I felt very accomplished.

After two long days, the creature finally awoke with full force. It was strapped down to a table just in case something like this happened. It was flailing and crying like I had never heard before. I ran down to it and tried to calm it. After the confused creature realized that I would not hurt it and only wanted to help he calmed down. Still dazed and confused from all the anesthetic, the animal opened his mouth and talked! I was shocked! Honestly, how can an animal with a human brain talk? I didn’t think this was possible and I am the first one to discover it? It’s incredible. My life’s work has actually paid off. I must tend to the animal now so he can get strong again, gosh what an adventure!

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