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April 10, 2010
By LLaisney17 BRONZE, Northport, New York
LLaisney17 BRONZE, Northport, New York
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"the question isn't what your country can do for you its what you can do for your country"

September 7, 2536
I am on the colony ship Adelon. The people of my world are in despair and grieve. Yet I have nothing to cry for, as Krantol never offered anything for me. I was once a great captain in a large fleet, but I am no longer remembered. As the days pass the world that was once my prison shrinks into the decrepit wasteland abyss of the once glorious dual starred solar system. I grow weary of the sleepless nights filled with the lamented cries of passengers.

September 20, 2536
Though only days have passed according to the ship’s calendar, months seemed to have run their course. The solar systems that have been passed are devoid of life and minerals. The crew and passengers have begun to worry about the ever dropping supply of food and the strange occurrence concerning the movement of the ship. We seem to be moving sideways at a speed that is growing exponentially. The areas that are passed are increasingly unfamiliar. I fear the worst and wait for the end to come.

September 30, 2536
Yesterday it happened. The ship began to shake at first; the vibrations were slight and hardly noticeable. Throughout the day though, they became increasingly violent. The siren blared and everyone aboard the ship was ordered back to their quarters. I was on the far side of the ship and rushed to return to my room when I noticed the strange sight from one of the lookout stations. From my perspective the stars seemed to be blurring around an area the size of a grapefruit. I was overcome with awe and was jolted back to the moment when I realized that the area was growing gradually. There was only one thing that I knew could do this: It was a wormhole. I stumbled back to my room and held onto the small coffee table which was bolted to the ground when suddenly a screeching of metal on metal sounded throughout the ship. The airlock doors simultaneously slammed shut and my arms were strained as the g-force ripped through the ship. I must have passed out from exhaustion for I do not remember anything else. I awakened in the crowded infirmary of the ship to find that we had shot through space faster than light speed and arrived in an alien galaxy. The captain and the officers had disappeared when the bridge was breached and the ship is drifting off to nowhere. I know with all my heart that we are doomed unless I step up to my position and redeem myself from my captain days before the nuclear war.

October 15, 2536
I assumed my position as captain to save the lives of people I owe nothing. I am constantly at my post due to the fact that the auto pilot function was not operating at the moment. The solar systems here are spectacular. One of the solar systems is amazing; it has two stars like back home. My new roll as captain has brought back the joy of commanding a ship as I used to in the armed forces on Krantol. The planet we have found has been named Trent after the lookout that discovered the world. It is filled with life and minerals; several mining and gathering bots have been sent down already.

October 31, 2536
Trent is bountiful and as beautiful as Krantol was before it was destroyed by nuclear warfare. Several passengers were sent to build up camp down by one of the large lakes that pop up everywhere. The food supplies and fuels have been replenished and the passengers of Adelon have finally begun to lose their homesickness. Although my body and mind are at ease, my soul screams in frustration at me. The dead seem to have come back to haunt me. The people would never even have been homesick if my war plan hadn’t been put through. The losses the death, they were all my fault. The people do not know me and I am so ashamed, I will never be happy with myself.

November 17, 2536

The message that came back from the camp down on Trent is a good one. The colonists have successfully created a camp and discovered animals as well. Unbelievably the survivors of the war that nearly wiped out the human race are thriving. Although none of the animals seem dangerous, gathering bots have found devoured carcasses a number of miles away. The sight of the ripped flesh made my skin crawl. Meat was a substance that was rumored to have been eaten many hundreds of years ago. There must be a beast out there waiting to pounce, but I must attack it before it attacks me. I shall lead an attack party out to destroy the vile beast as soon as possible.

November 22, 2536
I have assembled a force of twenty men at arms and three scout bots. Last night I circled Trent with Adelon and discovered the location of the beast. It was several miles southwest of the camp, lying submerged in one of the lakes fast asleep. At first I had thought that it was dead, but when morning came and I had almost completed circling the planet, I saw the beast rise out of the lake and slink into the forest. Now that I know his lair, I shall find the amphibious creature.

November 24, 2536
My men and I have reached the beast’s lair and are prepared to destroy it. Unfortunately the creature has hidden in the water, and we are unable to reach it. We wait until morning and plan to ambush the beast as it leaves for its morning hunt.

November 28, 2536
I was so stupid I let the beast slip through my fingers. It rose out of the water earlier than I had expected, and attacked my men while we were asleep. Half of my fighting force was killed and I myself was wounded; our weapons have no effect on the creature. Our explosives only seemed to have stunned the creature; now as we make our getaway, it follows close behind, hungry for our blood. We have passed several large caves that we used to take shelter. I am afraid for my life and the lives of my men, but I am hatching a plan that would likely involve my death. If it is to redeem myself in the eyes of the people I shall do it.

November 30, 2536
I had informed my men of my plan, while leaving out a few of the most worrying aspects. My men worked beautifully and quickly arranged the explosives in a large cave. It was growing late and we could hear the creature howling an eerie howl all that was left to do was lure the beast into the cave. It came crashing through the trees and stopped to smell the air. I quickly threw a stone and caught it square in the eye. It bellowed in pain and chased me; as I ran into the cave, I dodged to the side as it barreled past me and ran to the back of the cave. I realized that this might be my only chance to destroy the beast obstructing the human race’s chance at survival. I hardly know what happened, but I vaguely remember taking out the grenade and throwing it into the pile of explosives. The cave exploded sending me flying out the mouth, while trapping the creature inside. I had actually defeated the beast. Humanity was saved, and when I returned to the people, they greeted me with open arms.

The author's comments:
I had to write a short story in my English class and this popped into my mind as a different point of view to something that cauld be an action story. I really hope that you enjoy my story.

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