Black Curtain

April 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Putting on sunglasses was only going to help a little. My red nose still showed i was crying. I know falling in love with danger wasnt going to help me at all. NOw look where i am Lost in the forest what a perceft place to breakup with someone in the middle of nowhere. I finally got to the big field green field which right now was replusive to me. I walked to my car and left the park. My red long hair smelled like strawberry the first thing i would get ride of. I look for a good cd to get my mind of.. i cant even say his name. Put there he was in my car a picture of him Embre i couldnt help but think of how perfect he was for me. His long hair that reached his ears his tan skin he was so much taller than me. Well not that tall but still perfect. what a dump excuse he gave "it's not you It's me". But i still couldnt help it. Think of him. He was so beautiful well is. I guess this day would come but not know he was acting wierd around me. He was very protective he was always there when i was in danger. He told me he loved millons of time which was wierd how could he love me and then just leave. "Michelle!" i hear some one scream at me.I looked out the window to see Embre right next to me calling my name. What the hell. I drove offgoing faster untill i hit the beach by then I had lost him i got out my truck to sea the beach full of people i walked down it untill i was away from people finally after what seemed hours i came acroos an empty place i sat down and for whatever reason stared at the sea. It was blue and beautiful.Michelle" i heard again it was him when would he leave me alone. I got up and started walking away from him forward i didnt know where i was going just way from him. Then he was jogging to me. "what the hell" so i started walking faster soon he was running so i ran untill i noticed it was getting dark and i didnt know where i was. I turned back off the sand and onto the pavment then there he was stoking me i started running so did he i goit to my car jumped in even though i didnt want to leave. I just hid in my car the he was at my window "Michelle we need to talk" he said out of breath. "Ofchorse" i back out of that parking space as fast as i could but my car ran out of gas Great. I just sat there waiting for some mircale.The i found one. "ran out of gas?" it was embry. I nodded "Thats what you get for running away from me get in my car we NEED to talk" his voice was calm. "No thanks I would rather get eaten by wolfs" i reasoneded sourly. "well you havent eaten since breakfast and now its dinner so your really not a prize" he laughed. "what do you want" i asked mad. " i need to talk to you badly" he opened the door the drivers seat. "well get out" he said. "Close the door" he went in for me and picked me up to put me in the passangers seat of his car i was to weak to fight back. "are you crazy do you know how many things could have happened to" he said agarly."why do you care"
"becuase i love you and i dont want anyting to happen to you i didnt want to get carried away with you so i let you go before you did something you would have regreated" he responded. I held his face in my hands. "my only regret would be letting you go" i said.Then a power came over me that i couldnt control myself so i grabbed him and started kissing him he kissed back i felt it was his will to. But then he pulled away.

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