Boys In a Box

April 1, 2010
By lizzyrenning BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
lizzyrenning BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The three boys scurried into the elevator frantically; a Jimmy John’s delivery driver,
Hitler and Justin Timberlake. They were all late for an important meeting only 1,987 floors up. As they
were waiting patiently Justin had started rehearsing for the big show, “La la la la la la If I wrote you a
symphony, just say how much you mean to me.”
Hitler then glared at him in awe and said “silence ye youngsta, before I go on and do it myself!”
The Jimmy John’s delivery driver stood cowardly in the corner with a sandwich in each hand and
looked at his watch. “Oh no! I only have 32 seconds before my deadline and those gourmet sandwiches
are late! Yo, I can’t keep my guests waiting! They’re expecting freaky fast bra!”
Hitler then looked over at the delivery driver and goes “Oh my, we never had those mighty fine
sandwiches like that in Germany. Boy ye’ better scurry those over to me before I steal them away from
The Jimmy Johns delivery driver started pacing frantically around the elevator and
contemplates this situation; the guests not getting they’re sandwiches, or Hitler decapitating him.
“Dude you like totally can’t steal those sandwiches from me yo, you’re so cruel man”
Hitler then pulled out his Hello Kitty squirt gun and starting showering the poor delivery driver.
The delivery driver cries and hands over the gourmet sandwiches.
Justin starts to laugh and busts out, “cry me a river man, they are just sandwiches.”
“Dude you don’t understand. I’m freaky fast; like my boss will totally not be chill with this yo”
Hitler chuckled and said, “if you were not aware child, liars are also magicians.”
Justin tries to comfort the delivery driver. He looked down at him and said, “dude don’t worry,
what comes around goes back around”

Hitler had overheard what Justin had said to the poor, innocent delivery driver and unwrapped
the sandwiches he had confiscated. He devoured them one at a time. Just as he was on his last sandwich
the Club Lulu, something happend
The delivery driver snapped. “Noooooooooooooo, not the Club Lulu! Dudddeeee so not
awesome man”
Hitler chuckled and as he was on his last bite, he choked. His face had started to turn a purplish
color. His eyes looked like they were about to explode, and his face looked of pure agony and defeat.

Justin nor the delivery driver offered to help.

Hitler was on the ground with his eyes closed and an empty sandwich wrapper at hand. He had a tear on his face and evil look in his eye.

The war was not over.
The elevator doors opened.

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