Eternal Bond

March 31, 2010
By BeaMac2300 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
BeaMac2300 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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The sun was streaked with fire--ruby orange and purple--as it set over the plantation horizon.
The bride and I ha finished dinner, and another day had gone by on our snug southern estate--quite an out of the ordinary day, by the way. I decided it was the perfect time to head down to the quarry. After all, I couldn't just let those dang heathen goblins make off with my wedding ring.
What were goblins doing in Georgia, you may ask? Honest to God, I have no idea, and I really don't care. I'm speculating on old Southern black magic or voodoo, but I digress. All I know is that those little toads stole from me, Elijah Atticus Hampton III, and ain't nobody from here to the Mississippi can steal from me and live to tell the tale.
I could've bought another ring of course, seeing as how I've penny pinched my way to prosperity. Sure, I could have easily went down to the jewelers, picked out a piece of cold, hard gold and moved on with my life. However, I could never replace the strain, desirea nd passion that went into that nineteen year-old busboy's sallery to earn that everlasting symbol of commitment. Not to mention, those thievin' sarptoothed, overgrown frogs stole from me!
I knew the only way to take back what was rightfully mine was to sneak into their lair (the quarry that is), and beat the pulp out of whoever's slimy hand it was on.
"Adieu, Maggie," I kissed my wife goodbye. "I'll be back before long."
She wished me luck, wrapping her fair skinned arms around me.
"You know I don't approve of this Elijah, but you're gonna' do what you want anyways." I heard her say, as I walked off the porch steps. "Just bring that pretty face of yours home to me in one piece, okay?" Her dark eyes were filled with anxiety, but I was certain she had nothing to worry about. With one last kiss, I then walked to the patch of grass where the Packard was parked and climbed in.
The drive to the town's quarry was rickety, uncomfortable and most of all dark. The road that extended away from the town had no sign of life. It was as if the whole world went mute. No crickets, no frogs...nothing moved except the occasional flicker of fireflies who lit up the Spanish Moss.
I felt as though I was sanding on the edge of a knife while the Packard rolled closer, and closer to the quarry. But, I gave a promise that I'd get that ring back, and like hell would I let a little thing like spine tingling fear get in my way!
At last, I was able to put the car in park about a half mile away from the quarry. I couldn't give myself away just like that, now could I?
Adrenaline pulsated through every micrometer of my body, as I closed in on the goblin's territory.
" goes nothin'..."

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