What Happened To Lucy...

March 31, 2010
By MrRaaflaub BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
MrRaaflaub BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a princess named Lucy. Being a princess was very hard for Lucy. She was proud of her royalty but not the responsibilities that came with it! On a warm and sunny day, Lucy decided to go out for a ride on her horse, Rose, to get away from the “princess life” for a while. She did not return home at her curfew (as she normally did), so her Mother and Father became extremely worried and made their guards go search for their lost child.
“Oh no Rose, how am I going to find any food for us since it is so late in the fall?” Lucy said while hopping off her white spotted Appaloosa horse. “I have no clue where we are!”

Lucy and Rose found a small, clean river where they drank. They spent the night at the river, where Lucy stayed next to her horse for warmth. Later, Lucy woke up to find her stomach growling.

“I am so hungry!” Lucy moaned. “Let’s keep moving, maybe we can find someone to give us food!” With that, Lucy and Rose went off through the day. After a quick rest, they rode off and later spotted a tiny old house in the middle of the great, big forest. Lucy whispered to Rose, “What is this little old thing doing here?” Lucy was a bit suspicious wondering what a house would be doing here.

Lucy hopped off of her horse and told Rose to wait. Lucy walked up to the house and knocked on the door. “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.” Almost immediately the door creaked opened. The person who opened the door made Lucy step back a few steps in fright and shock.
The woman Lucy was staring at looked like a wicked witch. She had a long nose with many warts. The witch’s face looked deformed as well. The witch cackled, “Are you lost poor little girl, why don’t you come in?” Lucy got a brain freeze from fright and didn’t say anything.

The witch laughed some more and forced Lucy into her unwelcoming home by grabbing her arm and yanking her inside. Inside the house, Lucy saw skulls, big pots that were bubbling, a broomstick, ingredients for potions, and other things…Evil things. Lucy was freaking out, especially when the witch closed and locked the door and pulled the moth eaten curtains over the windows. The witch cackled again and told Lucy, “Your life will end here.”
Lucy started whimpering and mumbled to the witch that she wanted to leave, but the witch ignored Lucy’s pleas. Then the scary witch asked and demanded to know why Lucy was lost. Lucy quickly explained that she had just taken a ride on her horse to get away from being a princess, having servants, and dressing fancy all the time and that she had somehow wandered off the path. Lucy watched the witch with disgust, and there was a long silence. Then the witch said it was time to eat dinner. Lucy saw what dinner was and almost threw up. On the plate containing the meal was a big serving of eyeballs! Lucy tried to look away from the drink but when the witch took a sip, she saw a red liquid dripping from her chin and knew straightaway what it was...BLOOD! Lucy was not hungry anymore.
When the witch was done eating dinner, she fell asleep. Lucy was so happy, and thought it would be a great time to escape. She hoped Rose was still okay and waiting nearby so they could quickly escape if the witch woke.
Secretly, and, quietly Lucy tried to figure out how to unlock the door. She saw a handle-like knob and reached out, twisted the knob, and then pulled. The moment she pulled the knob, a liquid that was so smooth, but very smelly dumped all over Lucy, making her scream in shock. The scream was so loud that it woke up every animal in all of the forests around. Trembling with fear, Lucy turned to see the witch holding a small pot. Lucy scanned her body where the liquid fell on her. Warts began growing all over her arms and the rest of her body. Lucy was so scared that she started crying like mad. She didn’t even notice the witch grabbing her by the collar and dragging her disfigured body to a cell in the cold, damp basement. The princess knew she was doomed.
The King and Queen’s guards were still searching for Lucy when they heard the scream. Everyone figured that Lucy was the one who screamed and started moving in the direction of the scream.
A few more hours later they found the river where Lucy and Rose rested. After closer inspection, the guards found horse tracks made by Rose and followed them. Several miles later, after following the tracks, the guards found Rose at the place where Lucy told her to stay. They saw the little house too and assumed Lucy was probably there. Some of the guards went and knocked on the door. The witch answered the door expecting the person knocking to be a little lost girl or boy like Lucy, but it was the guards.
The guards froze in shock at the sight of the witch, but then quickly ran into the house and started looking everywhere for Lucy. Lucy heard the commotion and started making odd grunts, but it was hard because of warts in her mouth. The guards went down to the cold basement because they heard some kind of noise (Lucy’s grunting). All the guards looked in the cell and didn’t recognize Lucy because of all the warts on her. Lucy saw them and couldn’t say anything except weird noises, because the warts were growing in her mouth. The guards soon recognized Lucy and broke open the cell door and demanded the witch to stop the warts from growing anymore.
The witch cackled and said, “If you want the warts removed, you must make the potion yourself! You need to be a great potion maker, like myself, to be able to make a potion that complicated!!!! It will probably do more damage to Lucy if you make it and she drinks it!”
So, very carefully, the guards concocted the potion they found from an old potion book labeled “warts.” The witch started getting extremely worried because the potion looked exactly how it was supposed to be, and the witch didn’t want that. Finally, the last ingredient was added and then it was finished! The witch tried telling the guard making the potion that the potion was wrong, but the guard had a feeling the witch was lying. Lucy was a little frightened but drank the potion. Almost immediately warts were disappearing with a little pop! POP, POP, POP!
After returning to the castle where she lives, Lucy decided that she would never get sick of being a princess. She wouldn’t get sick of wearing fancy dresses. She also wouldn’t get sick of having servants. She would always ride with a companion when she rode the path, in case she would wander off the path again. If she ever rode again, she would know that she shouldn’t go knocking on a door in the middle of nowhere. So now, Lucy is safe and sound. Who knows what could have happened if she never screamed?

The author's comments:
Took forever to write!

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