A Blessing In Disguise

March 31, 2010
By Bob_Smith BRONZE, Corinda, Other
Bob_Smith BRONZE, Corinda, Other
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Things began to go wrong when I bought a new Apple Laptop. When I bought it, I noticed there was a green triangle symbol on the top right hand of the screen. I wondered what it was. Eventually, I convinced myself that it was just part of the computer. But I was wrong.
The next day, as I walked sleepily into the study room, I spotted my new laptop was missing. “Aargh! Who stole my laptop?” I screamed, running frantically around the house. Suddenly, I froze when I heard another voice. “What did you say?” the voice asked. Abruptly, I spun around. In front of me was an alien. I tried to scream and run away, but I was rooted to the ground and my mouth was frozen with shock. “How did you get into my house…where did you take my laptop?” I suspiciously asked.
Just after that, things seemed to connect together. The distinguishing green triangle was on the alien’s forehead! “So you are the laptop!” I shrieked, when I could finally pull myself together again. The alien nodded happily. I, however, was infuriated. “Why would I need you in the house?” I asked. “You’re not worth two thousand dollars- You’re probably worth less than a cent!”
As the days passed by, I became more and more annoyed. The alien had turned into my TV (that’s why it kept switching channels randomly), my stationery and even my food. Though I tried to kick him out of the house, he kept returning with the same excuse: “You’ll need me one day.” He was right.
It was a usual sunny day. I had just woken up and was eating breakfast with that annoying alien, which by then I had named “Exasperator” after the word “exasperating”. Exasperator was carrying out his daily irritating job. This time, he turned into my juice which I nearly drank up until I saw that green triangle floating in my drink. I spat the juice out with great annoyance as he turned back into his usual form, an alien.
Suddenly, there was a deafening rumble as my house and trees shook violently. Power lines were cut off and paintings crashed onto the floor. It was an earthquake! Instantly, a large helicopter appeared before me. I clambered onto the helicopter without hesitation and it flew off itself without a pilot. At once I knew what it was- Exasperator.
As we escaped from the confusion below and into the bright, blue sky, I thanked and apologized to him for being so nasty. I tried to change his name to something more pleasant, like “Helper”, but he seemed to be happiest retaining his notorious name, Exasperator.
Since then, Exasperator had been my only companion. We earned money by performing a famous, popular show every week. Exasperator conducted funny tricks and transformations. Everybody loved it in our new country. Exasperator was my car, my mobile phone, my computer and most importantly, my companion. He was worth much more than two thousand dollars.
In fact, he was priceless.

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