He was a Brunette

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

“Why am I so different, Mommy?” Jeremy asked. They had already discussed this multiples times, because it bothered him greatly. It presented many problems. A few of which being that he was ostracized by fellow classmates, and looked down upon by adults. The only place he could escape from his harsh reality was his home. What was this reality you might ask? Well, Jeremy was born in a town where everyone born had blonde hair, and he was born with brown hair. Jeremy having brown hair may not seem like a big problem, but in place where they had annual contests to see who had the best blonde hair, it was huge. Blonde hair was their legacy to the world, the way they made a name for themselves. It was a very elite place, and everyone knew it. Hence, making them stuck up and snobby. No one who wasn't born there was allowed in, and no one that was born there was allowed out. Which made Jeremy's situation much more helpless. Jeremy's “condition,” as they called it, had never happened before, and people deeply wished he had never existed.

One particularly tough day when Jeremy was about four, Jeremy's mother came home crying. “They were gossiping about Jeremy,” his mother told his father. Between sobs, he heard her say the family couldn't live any longer like this. “How about we dye his hair?” his father pleaded. This plan would work, if hair dye wasn't illegal due to the blonde hair contest. They also tried to leave town. However, they were stopped and not allowed to exit. After those attempts at making Jeremy fit in, the family gave up. Jeremy would have to live his life being the outcast of the town.

So Jeremy grew up, having anything but a normal childhood. He was banned from playing high school sports, plays, dances, and attending sports games. However, he made the best of it. Jeremy's optimism led him to dream big. He hoped that one day his town would allow people of all hair colors to inhabit it. Of course, he never breathed a word to anyone about this all the years he was growing up. He was already labeled as weird, he didn't want them to think he was mentally retarded too.

The day he turned eighteen was the day he decided to take action. After all, he was now a “man,” according to the spiel his dad had given him. He thought the wisest and most effective thing to do would be to hold a meeting. But how would he get their attention and make them attend? After much thought, time, and effort, he came to a conclusion. Jeremy would open the meeting by singing and dancing in front of them. So he posted as many fliers as he could around town. On telephone poles, stop signs, and store windows. He didn't know it, but his actions were soon to be rewarded.

“Na na na na na,” Jeremy sang as the song ended. Initially, the room was dead silent. Peoples' blank faces gave no hints as to what was running through their minds. All at once, there was a single clap. Followed by other scattered ones. Soon, the clapping around the room grew into a thunderous applause. “Yes! I got their attention now!” Jeremy thought. He told everyone to come back next week for another performance, and then a speech afterwards. Which was the whole point he started this, he remembered. By the spectators' visages, he knew everyone would return.

The next day while he was at the post office, he overheard people talking. “That Jeremy has a real gift,” one man commented. “I'm ashamed we ever ignored him,” the other man replied. When Jeremy heard this, he was ecstatic. Now people might not only hear him, but they might listen to him! His plan was now that much closer to becoming a reality. He rushed home with a big grin on his face, and began preparing for his meeting.

When he arrived at the meeting, it appeared his work had already been done for him. Everyone's hair was now brown as milk chocolate! “How did people even get hair dye?” he asked himself. He learned the mayor had made brunette the new hair color in appreciation of Jeremy. “This is great!” Jeremy thought. To him, the fight was over. However, Jeremy didn't know that now, the town would discriminate against blondes. His objective had been to make everyone equal and accepted. Well, at least to him he can sleep with a good conscience.

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