The knight of forgiveness

March 30, 2010
By TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
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In the distance I could hear a horse neigh and rear to a stop. I looked over where the sound was coming from and what did I see? I see man sitting on a horse and looking around for his next victim to take to the king. I walk slowly over to a nearby rock and crouch behind it, hoping he would not see. My hopes were crushed when he began to ride over towards the rock where I sat. ‘Please don’t see me, please don’t see me!’ I thought. Sure enough he trotted right by me on his horse. Suddenly, a flock of birds take off for flight and fly right above my head giving away my position. Discovering me behind the rock where the birds flew he straddles me to the back of his horse and heads back to the castle. “You shall be the Princes wife.” I looked frightened but I tried to act brave. “If you refuse, then you shall be put in the dungeons and fed only bread and wine for the rest of your life.” I gasp and say, “I will marry him. You don’t give me much of a choice do you?” The knight sighs and stops the horse. “I will spare you. The king’s son is most insufferable. I wouldn’t want to marry him if I was a woman.” I smiled and said, “So, you don’t like who you are working for?” The knight shook his head and said, “No, I sometimes wish that I could just quit being a knight and become someone normal for a change.” I grin, “Why don’t you and I run away together?” The knight looked as if he were considering the idea. After about five minutes he responds with, “Sure, Where do you want to go?” He then begins to take off his helmet. Beneath the helmet he reveals a handsome man with bright blue eyes and medium length wavy hair. “Wow, you are so handsome!” The knight blushes and sticks out his hand. “My name is Tasuke, what is yours?” I move my eyes around thinking if I want to say my real name or not. Finally I decide to say my name, “My name is Shaorin.” He smiles and says, “That’s a beautiful name!” I blush and I look around trying not to show that I was embarrassed. He laughs and pulls my head toward him. “Don’t be embarrassed, you are beautiful. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” We look over at the horizon and see the sun coming up. “We better take off before the sun rises and the king’s followers awaken.” He lashes on the reigns and the horse begins to gallop into the sun rise. She smiles and takes a deep breath to smell the dew on the freshly damp grass. After twenty minutes of riding they come to a beautiful cave. “Let’s go in there!” I squeaked. He smiles and turns the horse toward the cave and we begin trotting inside the dimly lit shelter. I look around flabbergasted at the sight! There were green gems hanging from the ceilings and red gems that made up the cave floor. It was as if I had entered a dream. I found the man of my dreams and riches beyond my wildest imagination. As I was stepping off the horse Tasuke says, “This is AMAZING isn’t it?” My eyes light up and say, “Oh my GOSH! It’s Beautiful!” He smiles and turns around to look at me. I blush and turn my head a little so I didn’t have to look at him. He takes his hand and turns my head toward him and looks into my eyes. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m doing something that I should have done a long time ago.” He replied. “What is that?” I asked. He smiles and just presses his lips against mine. I close my eyes and blush. After what felt like hours went by he finally pulled away and I stood there, mouth agape thinking, ‘Did this really happen?’ He looks at me with a hopeful face and I just responded with a hug. He sighs and sits down. I walk over to him and grab his hand. “Are you ok?” He nods and then puts his head on my chest. Shocked I let out a faint squeak and then I begin to run my fingers through his black flowing hair. He falls asleep and I lay his head on my chest after I lay down. After the sun rose he wakes up to me sleeping in the floor. He gets up and sets my head in his lap as he begins to cook the leaves around us for food. I open my eyes to the smell of fresh dew on the grass outside and begin to sit up. “Morning Shao.” I rub my eyes and say, “Good morning Tasuke.”

The author's comments:
Its just something i wrote when i was a freshman.

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