Lioness Calling: The Beginning

March 29, 2010
I could feel something in me. Something powerful boiling up. It crashed through my system. Held me close. Tried to take control. I loved the feel of it. It was amazing! Something I hadn’t ever felt before!

I could tell this wasn’t all of it. I was terrified to be on the streets by myself but…that feeling. That undeniable feeling. It was as if I was both human…and beast.

I felt a twitch in my expression. I heard a snarl in the back of my head as I continued to wander alone. The streets were getting darker as I felt the cold sink in. I zipped up my jacket and pulled on my hood.

The snarl came again. Louder. Angrier. My fingers twitched as I walked towards the restaurant. My friends were all there. Eating. Laughing. Not realizing what was boiling up in me.

“Hey girly? You lost?” some guy asked me as I wandered over to the restaurant.

I stopped and looked at him. The snarl came again. I smiled wickedly at him. “Nah man. I’m just headed inside that restaurant there. Came out for a bit of a break.” I told him as I held out the cigarette pack for proof.

“I see. Mind if I join you?” the guy asked.

The snarl came back again. This time, however, it actually escaped my throat and he heard it. His eyes bugged out and he stared at me like I was some kinda bat outta hell.

“Get lost!” I growled at him as I tried to control the beast within. I could feel it. It wanted to rip out his throat. He was just a bit of fresh meat. Prey to be eaten…or killed at the very least.

The man was gone in a flash as I got the animal within to calm down. I went into the restaurant, lit the cigarette, and took a long drag. I needed to calm my nerves and this cig was my vice.

“Yo Lynn! Where ya been girl?!” Tayevo called as I came in. Nobody knows what his ethnicity is. He’s just an all around mutt. But he’s a dang good mutt! And my closest friend.

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Ashlynn_Starr said...
Apr. 12, 2010 at 9:49 pm
I woulda given more but i'm just not sure where the edited version went. lol Sorry.
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