Run Home

March 29, 2010
By Sally SILVER, Albany, Other
Sally SILVER, Albany, Other
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The cool wind blows through his long tangled mane and the afternoon sun warms his back, he stands on a hill watching over the herd that will one-day be his for he is the only son of The Silver Stallion, the leader of the herd. The long grass is as soft as duck feathers under his hooves and the sweet air fills his lungs it smells like, like freedom. Footsteps walk slowly up behind him, strong but soft, quiet but powerful. Then there he was, The Silver Stallion!
As he turns to face his father, The Silver Stallion steps up beside him and with a light but firm tone, lets out a…
“Steady with’m men!”
He jumped back with surprise then opened his dark brown eyes
“Not day dreaming again are you Diablo?, that’ll get you know where as a military horse!”, said one of the stable hands.
Poor Diablo, it was only a dream, a memory. Afew weeks ago Diablo was taken from his family on a cold, dark, rainy night. He tried to lead the men away from the herd but he realized that some of the men were after the others. As he turned he felt something pull his neck, he was caught in a lasso. The military had enough cavalrymen but not enough mounts so they decided to round some of the wild horses and make them part of the military.
Diablo was very uneased in this strange place, surrounded by strange horses and weird two legged creatures that he had never seen before, but the fact he couldn’t see any horses he knew was a good thing because it means that none of them were caught. That made him feel a bit like a hero, it made him feel brave but he was also angry. The stable hands had noticed Diablo’s fire and hence named him Diablo, which meant fast and unpredictable.
He hated this place but most of all he hated the man that always tried to break him in. From Diablo’s point of view this man was a rat but Diablo was a snake, able to change like the wind. Once he was in the ring with that rat and pretended to give in but as soon as the man relaxed Diablo jumped up on his front legs and kicked up his rear ones up. That rat went fling over Diablo’s head like a bird then hit the ground like a rock. Now it was even, they both hated each other just as much
Early one morning all the horses were awaken by the stable hands pulling them out of their stables. They were led out of the stronghold type building and then all roped together from nose to tail in a line.
“Lets move it along now!”, ordered a man from behind.
Diablo thought it was the rat but couldn’t really tell. He felt a heave lash across his rear from a whip forcing the line forward.

Late in the afternoon they stopped they stopped to water to horses at a small lake. One of the stable hands had come along for the journey and was always kind to the horses and felt sorry for them. This afternoon he had loosened the ropes that looped the horses together like a walking train, to rest them more. Early next morning, when it was time to set off, the stable hand had forgotten to tighten the ropes up again.
Diablo stood there hardly awake, eyes fluttering, head nodding, until he saw what had now become his worst enemy. It hung off the saddle of a old military horse, long and black, it reminded Diablo of a rats tail since, it was owned by that rat of a human.

It was a whip, and as it struck his rump Diablo realized just how much he really hated that thing, he decided that it was the last time that thing would ever touch his skin again, and then in a rage of anger he let everyone know.
His eyes lit up like red-hot coals and his ears stood up straight upon his head. He leaped up and started racing around like he’d just been hit with an iron straight off the fire, all the others joined in with his jumping and running then thanks to the stable boy, the ropes came undone.
All this happened in just afew seconds so confusion amongst the men was great. As soon as the horses were untied they all spread out and ran as fast as fire spreads. Diablo raced off on his own, away from that rat, away from that whip. He suddenly slid to a stop when he realized something, two words appeared in his head, Freedom and Family.
He started up, twice as fast as before because now he had different words in his head, playing over and over again.
Run Home Diablo, Run Home!!

The author's comments:
This is actually a really old story i wrote so excuse the immaturity =) not sure what it would go under either..

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on Jul. 22 2010 at 8:39 pm
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Sally, Sally, Sally, wowowowowowowow i love this story and i miss ya, having fun in Fiji?

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