Leon, Charlie, and the Magic Cape

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Leon was walking down the street one day and he saw a piece of fabric swaying in the breeze. It was clinging to a smelly garbage can. It was very interesting and it looked a lot like a cape.

“I guess no one wants this,” Leon said curiously.
He was thinking of taking the cape but he didn’t, Leon continued to walk, the thought of the cape he found still in his mind. Leon decided to go back and pick it up to take home. He knew that the cape had something special about it that he couldn’t place yet. So, he raced home and took it up to his room. When Leon was looking at the cape he looked at it with wide curiosity. He was thinking of what he was going to do with the cape. It was just a plain, old scrap of maroon fabric but it felt different. Leon felt like he had to decorate it. Leon took paint pens and little trinkets from his room to do the job. Once he was done decorating the cape he placed it on his back. He felt that there was something different that the cape gave off some kind of energy running through his body. All of a sudden Leon was lifted up into the air with ease. Leon was airborne and he had no idea what was going on.

“ Oh, My… ” Leon said with a frightened tone. “Help!”

“What is going on?”

Suddenly he came down to the floor with a thump. Leon was stunned with what just happened to him. Leon was so excited to tell his friend Charlie that he ran down the stairs and out the door to his house. When Charlie answered the door his eyebrow went up with confusion all over his face with a stutter he said, “What’s up?” “What are you doing here?”
Leon breathed heavily from exhaustion and explained what just happened at his house to Charlie. Charlie was confused and flipping out. He was thinking in his head
“I think Leon is on drugs! What is he talking about?”
“ Show me, Let’s go to your house and show me.”
So, Leon took Charlie back to his house and put the cape upon his back once again. Once again, Leon was lifted in to the air, and Charlie stood there with a surprised look on his face. As Leon was in the air, he had smile from ear to ear.

“What the heck! How did this happen?” Charlie shouted.

“ I don’t know! I just tried it on and this happened,” said Leon.

“That’s so awesome!” Charlie said with a smile on his face.

“We have to find out how this happened and why,” said Charlie. “We should go to that fortune teller down the street.”
Leon and Charlie went to Madame Majestic. It seemed as if that was the only way to find out what was truly going on and what was the purpose of Leon finding the cape. Madame Majestic was already standing at the front of her shop waiting for them.

“Hello there,” she said with a creepy tone. “What can I help you with?”
Leon and Charlie both explained to her everything that happened. Madame explained that the cape has chosen them to fulfill a mission. Madame Majestic looked into her crystal ball of what the future held for the two boys during the journey. Their mission with the cape was to find the diamond necklace -- it was stolen from Queen Lola. Madame said that they both had to return to where Leon first found the cape. That is where the starting point of the journey begins.

“Good luck!” she said with a booming voice. “Look out for people with bad intentions.”
Those were the last words of wisdom she told them before disappearing into thin air. Leon and Charlie had one thought flowing through their head. “Is this going to be bad?”

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