Letters To Amy #5

March 26, 2010
By yoga_wolf SILVER, Park City, Utah
yoga_wolf SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Ms. Katie
123 Whereami Road,
Paramonia, Oddworld 49869

Dear Ms. Amy

Well, Amy, it seems that this will be my last letter to you. I am no longer in need of assistance because I am no longer in Rupture Farms.

After Abe left, the Big Face appeared and created a bird portal. He told me to follow. I obeyed. Being in a bird portal is like being in an upside-down train made of pudding and molasses while eating a candy cane flavored like orange jello. I flew out of the bird portal - i'm not used to traveling in them yet - and i slammed into a Mudokon. I appologized and looked around: there were Mudokons everywhere! This must be where they go after they're saved by Abe I thought to myself.

There was a large group of Mudokons crowding around the Big Face that brought me here. Seeing me, the Big Face pushed through the crowd and came over to me. He grabbed my hand, bringing me to the inside of the group. It was then that I gazed upon a pool of black water with an image of Abe running from countless slogs. I looked at the Big Face, my eyes burning for an explanation. He told me that Abe had to get to Rupture Farms and shut it down. He left me under the ledge so that I wouldn't get hurt, he was going to come get me later. I wanted to know where Abe was, and the Big Face told me that he was in Zulag 3 and almost to the power switch. I went and sat with a few Mudokons that i had met on my journey. They offered me some food, and i gladdly took it. We all talked for awhile, until suddenly a gasp was heard and all the Mudokons rushed to the black pool of water. It was there that we saw a Gluckon - Mulock the Gluckon to be exact. Mulock was standing next to a laughing Slig. It was then that I saw Abe, hanging over a meat grinder on a single rope. Fear struck me, and I looked to the Big Face for comfort. He locked eyes with me, then closed them and began to chant. The other Mudokons followed along chanting. I didn't know what to do, so i just watched the black water with the image of Abe. The chanting stopped, and the image in the pool dissapeared. Suddenly abe jumped out of a bird portal with a surprised look on his face. All the others cheered, so did I.

Abe and I are finally together with the other Mudokons, together in the Mudokon Lines. All of the Mudokons that Abe saved are here too: everyone is happy. I have one last thing to tell you, Amy. You see, fate has brought Abe and I together in ways you can't understand! He saved me, and we spent time together. I've decided to stay here in the Mudokon Lines with Abe. We are getting married! Some of the Mudokons think it's bad that i am here: they don't seem to like humans very much. It doesn't matter though because I am happy here with Abe and my new pet Paramite Lemonjello (pronounced ley-mon-gge-low) - I didn't realize that some Paramites are tame.

Thank you for almost coming to save me, Amy. I will always remember you . . .

Your Friend,

The author's comments:
This is my last one....


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