Getting Help

March 5, 2010
By kai fujita BRONZE, Cavejunction, Oregon
kai fujita BRONZE, Cavejunction, Oregon
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Getting Help
By Kai Fujita

My first memories are of my parents. Crying, my mother stowed me away in some kind of spacecraft and launched me. Becoming drowsy, I drifted away through space, watching my planet explode. Then, I nodded off becoming lost in time, part of the universe.

Thousands of years later I awoke. Immersed in water, it was like a new birth. Right off the coast of Mexico, I was drowning in the ocean. Luckily, some Mexican men on a boat had seen me. All of them wore black on black Armani suits, with slicked back hair, and sun glasses.
A few days later I awoke in a bath tube filled with icy water. As I surveyed my surroundings I noticed a dead man with a look of horror on his face. At the time I was puzzled by the red ooze caking on his skin by the bullet hole. As I became more aware I tried to get up. I struggled and heaved, but with no success. For she shock of my internal secretion spraying out of my opened chest scared me, and I slipped. When I got a closer look at my chest I noticed my organs were out and laying in the bath tub, but were still intact. Grabbing hard, on my chest flaps pulling them together, I began to spit my healing saliva onto my it.
“Wait a second, before you go any farther I have a few questions.” the shrink insisted. “Mr. Smith was it?”
“Yes what?” john smith replied.
“Okay, from the sounds of your story you were but a child when you were, so you say, was put in the space craft that held you in suspended animation.” He stated.
“Yah, okay.” John Smith said.
“So why then would the Mexican mafia try to harvest the organs of a child?” the shrink asked.
“Well when given the time to actually look at myself and have rational thought patterns I noticed I had aged much from the time I was put into the spacecraft. The only explanation I can concur to understand this phenomenon is that my space craft aged me to a certain point and stopped. So, when I were to awake, I would be would be old enough to thrive on an alien planet.” John answered.
“Oh, I see. Well that’s about all the time we have left for this weeks visit. Here is some sleeping medication, for the dreams, and you can pay in the front.” Dr. Jenkins explained.

The author's comments:
had to write a time travel story for creative writing

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