The Adventures of the Crescent Wood Tree

March 5, 2010
By alexis stanton BRONZE, Whitman, Massachusetts
alexis stanton BRONZE, Whitman, Massachusetts
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The Adventures of the Crescent wood Tree!
THe wind was harsh, much like the people in this school. Of course, there were the occasional bumps from the idiots who have nothing better to do. The stares by the evil dictators, I mean nice cheerleaders. And always, the one teacher who just seems more like a substitute teacher then a real teacher.

I was a no one at Hemming High; I was practically invisible, or just conspicuously alone.

“Watch where you’re going, freak.” Some random person yelled, when he almost knocked me to the ground with his huge foot-ball-playing-bicep. I smiled at him, my small hand waving him off, “No big deal,” I groaned to myself then started walking to my class again. “Can you ever just be cool for once? Just pull yourself together, you have two more AP classes to go then you can leave. You can do this Savannah.”

In class, I dreamed of what it would be like, to live in un monde parfait. In my perfect world, there were great things that just did not exist in such a materialistic world. For instance, I was not myself. I had big beautiful eyes, my hair swayed just how I wanted it to, and everyone seemed to admire my beauty. I was the queen in such a world as this. I was the leader, who lived in the crescent wood tree.

Adventure 1: Battling the evil creep from next door:

I needed to put an end to Mr. Woodcutter. I always watched him cut down all his trees for no obvious reasons. He had asked me to join him for company once, and I nicely declined, and ever since then I have had no real enthusiasm when addressing him. He was the kind of person with a lot of time on his hands, a lot of random ambitions, the type of person who probably goes crazy when the kids are having their annual soccer games, and no, not his own kids. For all my years living here, he has been all alone. No visitors’, the only person who comes in and out of that house is himself. Today would finally be the day I would face him.

His small truck backed into his driveway, and I was already in my perfect world. When I imagined him in, he was the same, though less intimidating. In my world, he had been wearing a lumberjack outfit, his black hair masked by a lumberjack hat, the same color to match his outfit.

I no longer feared his vacant, black eyes, or the way they looked at mine. I smirked at him, and with that, I charged at him. He stood there while I attacked, and quickly succumbed to my authority.

“You will no longer cut down trees. You will no longer be the evil creature you are; you will now be a part of the crescent wood world.” I smiled at him and when he smiled back, he was simply wearing a dress shirt and black pants. His eyes lit up, and they were no longer clouded with black, but smothered in a warm green.

Adventure 2, Controlling the Himalayan Horn Beast:

She stalked me periodically, I was always her prey and depending on her mood, she would approach me. When I had food with me, her innocent eyes would smile up at me, just longing for a taste of human food. I fell for it every time, and I always ended up handing her a piece of whatever I seemed to have. Buying her was a big, big mistake. I wanted a dog, a cute, fuzzy little lover, but no. A cat seemed far more precious than any old dog.

In my world, she had been a beast that I could not contain. She had been more powerful then I have been, and controlling her would have been a bigger accomplishment then Mr. Woodcutter. The Himalayan’s horn rammed against my tree, just like every other day. Today would be the day I defeated her, and got rid of her horn.

I jumped out of the tree with grace, landing on the creatures back. I tugged on her long hair, smirking when I heard her howl. I pulled back the strands as far as I could, her head leaning back, her horn in my peripheral vision. I smoothly glided my hands across her horn, holding on as tightly as I could. I knew she would try anything to shake me off, and I seemed more than ready. I stood up as slowly as possible, holding her horn back, as if I were going to tear it off. My hands held around it more tightly, and with one yank, I had taken it off.

I felt sorry for the Himalayan and gently rubbed where her horn once was. She stopped fussing, she let me touch her wound and let me fix it. With one blow of air on the bald spot, she was fury again, and her wound completely healed.

I jumped off her back and started to pet her gently, while her soft purr started. “You now belong in the Crescent Wood world, welcome home.” I whispered in her ear knowing she could not understand me.

Adventure 3, standing up to the one I call friend:

In Hemming High, I only had one true best friend. Sophie probably was not the best of friends, but she tried and so did I. We had been friends for eight years, and you think that she would always be a friend, that is until her bipolar attitude got in the way. I did not quite mind the fact that she drank alcohol, smoked, and had parties without me. I was not that type of person, and when she asked me to one, I was excited.
I spent all day getting ready, hoping I would not be labeled the loser, but the nice girl who people liked to talk to. I called her around five, to see what was happening, and to get the full details.

“Hey, Savannah, I’m sorry but there isn’t going to be a party. We decided that there were too many people coming. I could not invite two people, so I am taking Peter instead. Hope you understand, call me, bye!”
I wanted to scream, but instead went to my perfect world. I wished her into my world, and like all the other creatures, I would do all the things to her that I could not do in real life. When she entered my world, I pictured her to be wearing what she probably was wearing at the party. Just looking at her made my blood boil, and made my body shake, as if I were afraid. In here, she was considerate, thoughtful and genuinely nice, everything she had not been while in the real world.

“I’m always nice to you, and I always do everything that you ask me to I never complain, and what do I get in return? A backstabbing friend who would rather have fun with some boy she met a couple months ago, than having fun with her friend of all eight years. I hope you have fun at your stupid party, I would rather NOT go.”
Instead of defeating her with fighting, words seemed to hurt twice as much. The Sophie in this world cried when someone yelled at her, the Sophie in real life would just beat you up.

“I’m tired of you always leaving me out of things; I always listen to you and even help you when you’re having problems. I am sick of helping, I am sick of just being a void that you use to fill a boring part in your life. I am twice the friend that you are, and I wish that you would put more effort into our friendship.”
She stood there and nodded, whispering an apology under her breathe. I jumped down from my tree and hugged her tightly. I was happy we were friends again, and that I was no longer mad at her.
To Be Continued:

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