The Poetry cord *Chapter 1 Continued*

March 4, 2010
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He shook his head and pounced at me. I fell back wards again.
"You know for someone who just about lost their life, you're awfuly violent." he laughed pinning me to the ground. I flipped him over so I was pinning HIM to the ground.
"What do you mean 'almost losing thier life'?" I asked eyes still black. "I mean. I fought for you." I realesed Eric and sat down beside him. I don't even know the dude why would he fight for me?
"Why I don't even know you." Eric sta up, then stood. " 'Cause. I just did. If you want I can go get your almost-killer so he can kill you." Eric said sarcastically. "No that's fine." I shook my head, a small smirk gleaming off of my face. "How do you move so fast?" I asked as if I were a little kid asking how kids were made, along with trying to stand.
"Uh...what...what do you mean?" He answered with a question. Eric backed away then turned facing away from me. "Like you were over on one side of the room then, seconds later you're right in front of me." "Oh. know you must've hit your head really hard. Do you want some ice for that or something? 'Cause I can go get it." I finally stood up up limping over ub front of him so I could see his face.
"I know." I took my hand and placed it upon his sholder. "I know what you're...a vampire." I said dramaticaly. His eyes widened, he looked down at me his entire face flat an straight. "A vampire? Psh..vampires aren't real." I rolled my, now back to red, eyes. I opened my mouth wide and showed my teeth to him, letting my fangs show. "See. I know. I'm a vampire too." I mumbled my mouth still open.
"Oh. But I thought... you were human?" "Uh.. really cause I thought you were human. Well that was until I saw how fast you could move then I knew you weren't human. Besides do I really look human to you?" Eric began to smile. "Actually you do." To be continued....

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